TYR Women's Hurricane Freak of Nature Triathlon Wetsuit

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The TYR Women's Hurricane Freak of Nature Triathlon Wetsuit is made entirely of Yamamoto 40-cell SCS coated neoprene. This ultra... Read More
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Product Details

  • The TYR Women's Hurricane Freak of Nature Triathlon Wetsuit is made entirely of Yamamoto 40-cell SCS coated neoprene. This ultra buoyant, stretchy and hydrodynamic material allows unrestricted movement through your swim stroke. No corner was cut in the design of the revolutionary Freak of Nature.


    • Top-of-the line, industry-leading technology for ultra-competitive triathletes
    • 360 stabilization system targets specific muscle groups to sustain core strength for long swims
    • V-GCP Technology: Flattens the forearm for greater pull and maximizes your power in each stroke
    • Range-of-Motion Zones: Meticulously calculated and calibrated to allow for the maximum range-of-motion
    • Speed Wrap Paneling: For optimal body positioning and for reducing drag
    • Elevation Panels: Offers perfect body positioning in the water for optimal stroke efficiency
    • Quick-Release Ankle Cuffs: For fast, easy transition
    • Form-Fitting Wrist Cuffs: Prevents water intake while maximizing energy output
    • Chest, Core, and Legs: 5mm Nano SCS-Coated Yamamato #40
    • Neoprene thickness ranges throughout suit up to 5mm
    • 100% 40-cell Nano SCS-Coated Yamamato: Allows for a stretch over 7x its static state, exceptionally buoyant Nano SCS-coated rubber and sleek, hydrodynamic design


    • Fabric: Neoprene
    • Care: Hand wash
    • Closure: Back zip

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  • 3.5 Review Stars (4 Reviews)

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  • 9/27/2020 Wetsuit fits great. So comfortable to wear.

    4 Review Stars By Stephanie

    The Hurricane Freak of Nature wetsuit is much easier to put on with grocery store bags [OPENBRK]not the thick California bags[CLOSEBRK] on your feet and hands. It is much easier to slip the wetsuit on. You must wear gloves to pull it on as to not rip the delicate suit.  It is a wonderful high performance triathlon wetsuit. I would buy it again but unfortunately TYR discontinued it several years ago.  I purchased mine from the swimsuit outlet April 2020 not knowing it had been discontinued for a few years.  I called the company and they cautioned against me on ordering it[OPENBRK]after I already did[CLOSEBRK] because the wetsuit material could be old and dried out. I went ahead and bought it anyways. Unfortunately they were right. It’s been 5 months and it is already starting to rip in the areas where it was folded for several years until I bought it. It had minor cracking or crays lines when I bought it from being folded.   It is a very expensive suit to only have gotten 5 months of use out of it.   I gave the suit four stars because if it wouldn’t have been stored in a warehouse somewhere and I had bought it several years prior it would be a fantastic suit.  The swimsuit outlet should say on their website that it is an older discontinued suit. I just don’t understand how they could pass that on to customers knowing that it will crack . I would caution buyers and would highly recommend getting a newer TYR wet suit and not this older model. TYR is truly a fantastic brand.

    Fullerton, CA

  • 6/8/2020 LOVE THIS WETSUIT!!!

    5 Review Stars By TYR Freak of Nature wetsuit

    I absolutely love this wetsuit for so many reasons. Not only does it look awesome on, its so lightweight compared to my other wetsuit. It’s a lot easier to carry around even when it’s soaking wet. The fit is great and i really do feel like i can swim faster and glide through the water more easily. I was worried that because it is a thinner material, that it wouldn’t offer as much warmth in colder temperatures but no. It still keeps me warm while in the ocean water.

    TYR Freak of Nature wetsuit
    Ventura County, CA

  • 5/31/2016 My skin is afraid....

    4 Review Stars By Adrienne

    My skin jealous of this suit and fearing it will be replaced. Not likely, but if I ever find myself skinless, I need not worry as long as I have this suit handy!  

    Seriously, though, this suit is pretty darn bad@ss!  Is it enough for me to pay a grand? Well, that's not likely going to happen either.  My suit actually found me, sort of.  Honestly, I was shocked that I had acquired a suit that was so far out of my realm. I was almost a bit intimidated by the idea that a suit really could be all that. Let me just say.....I AM DOLPHIN!  Well, no, not really. But it does make me feel as if I could be!

    The other comment mentioned water "pooling" in the suit. Ummm, you either bought a suit that is WAY too big or you were incredibly rough getting it on/off and ripped it. (Which is a hard thing to do, since it is 5mm on much of the suit!) Heck, I have to really work at getting water inside the suit if I need to "adjust" quickly!

    Los Altos Hills, CA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 7/30/2013 freak of a waste of money!!!!

    1 Review Stars By jkc

    after ONE USE ONLY, the wetsuit let in so much water, it felt like i was carrying another person through the water! water was POOLING in the arms AND the legs!!! as if IRONMAN competitions weren't hard enough!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!! orca makes a way better product for only $200

    new york, ny

    Fit: Feels true to size

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About This Brand


Founded in Southern California in 1985, TYR™ has since developed a reputation for high-quality products and equipment. TYR competition swimwear and triathlon gear have been a dominant force in their respective industries. The company is also known for its TYR goggles, swim apparel, triathlon wetsuits and a wide variety of swimming equipment.

TYR was the first company to introduce a pair of goggles designed to fit a woman's face (the TYR T-72). TYR was also responsible for the famous red bathing suits featured on the hit television series "Baywatch." TYR consults with current and former athletes when developing its products. Swimmers know that TYR is a leader in swimsuits, warm-up suits, and swim training equipment. The TYR Tracer Series is one of the most advanced technical suit lines on the market. The TYR Hurricane wetsuits and the TYR Torque collections include top-of-the-line suits for the competitive swimmer.

TYR has also moved into competitive running equipment. From running shirts to shorts, its apparel is designed with the runner in mind. Built with moisture wicking fabric and antimicrobial material, TYR running apparel is designed to give the athlete the most comfortable, dry clothing on the market.

The name "TYR" is derived from the Norse god of warriors, who is said to have embodied victory and glory. Much the same can be said about the athletes who started TYR. Executive Vice President, Steve Furniss, was an Olympian who competed in the 1972 and 1976 Summer Games, and captained the 76th U.S. Olympic Swim Team.