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TYR Long Hair Wrinkle Free Silicone Swim Cap

TYR Long Hair Wrinkle Free Silicone Swim Cap Reviews

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4.5 star rating (130 Reviews)

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  • 4/6/2015 Perfect fit

    5 Review stars By raj

    Great fit, I have a 22.5" head plus long hair, the cap fits snug without cutting off my circulation and is long which allows it to fit over my ears and holds all my hair out of my face. I am no professional swimmer, and for laps in my pool this rocks. Nice heavy duty silicon, so it feels like it will really last.

    san diego


  • 3/17/2015 Perfect!

    5 Review stars By Suze

    Really well made cap, fits even my mid length dreadlocks in.
    I've only used the once and it stayed in place and kept the bloke of my hair dry.
    Would reconmend this cap

    Brighton, UK


  • 7/31/2015 Just ok

    2 Review stars By Jennifer

    This cap has plenty of space for long hair, however, it leaks around the ears. I have to make a high bun (instead of one at the back of my head/neck) so that the majority of my hair stays dry. After that, around 1/4 of my hair will be wet when I take the cap off. It also needs adjusting during laps which can be annoying. If they could improve this cap by correcting the leaking problems around the ears, it would be the perfect cap.



  • 12/30/2017 Full Coverage

    4 Review stars By Brianna

    Full coverage for long hair. Covers my ears completely when swimming. Stays on tight and snug. Very little wrinkle. Overall, wonderful product. Perfect for swimmers with long, thick braids, buns, etc. Non irritating to skin.

    bellingham, wa


  • 11/7/2015 Solid Cap!

    4 Review stars By Desiree Chase

    The weight/thickness of this cap is a plus compared to other caps I have used. I am not concerned it will rip or pop while stretching it on as other caps have.
    It fits all of my hair (clavicle length, very thick), room for a sizeable bun and comfortably sits to cover top portion of my ears.

    Desiree Chase
    New York, NY


  • 11/26/2015 Great fit and stays in place

    5 Review stars By Kristina

    I love the extra room for my hair, it easily covers the majority of my ear also. Definitely for people with long hair. It stays in place and is very easy to put on.



  • 7/25/2015 My hair is soaked

    1 Review stars By Sherri D

    It fits right and is tight but my hair is soaked I was wanting and needing something to keep it dry I swim several times a day. But it does hold my hair well .

    Sherri D


  • 10/14/2014 TYR Long Hair Wrinkle Free Silicone Cap

    5 Review stars By Nancy S.

    I have never worn a swim cap before and I find this one is easy to put on, stays on while I swim, and looks like a cap that is fun to wear. I love it THANKS

    Nancy S.


  • 11/8/2015 Perfect fit!

    4 Review stars By Wilson

    So far we love this cap! Fits my daughters long hair (past her shoulders) perfectly and creates a nice little 'bun' area in the back.

    Portland, OR


  • 9/19/2014 Silicone Cap

    5 Review stars By sbeckham

    Has extra space for long hair and fits well.

    New Orleans, LA


  • 6/1/2020 Super big.....

    5 Review stars By NB

    Unless you have hair down to your waist, you don't need this cap. Cap had excess material which takes in water unless fully expanded.

    Houston TX


  • 7/25/2014 Happy that I took a chance on this cap! Worth extra expense!

    4 Review stars By Teresa H.

    Put hair up first, wet , to avoid soaking any chemicals into your hair. The cap is not difficult to put on, like other latex or silicone cross. But keep fingernails and hair clips from breaking through it to cause rip. If you make a good seal, putting hair in a tie helps, then your hair stays virtually dry, which has been great! There is extra room in this cap for long hair, but it still fits snug enough to make a good seal. I haven't tried conditioning wet hair beforehand, but with the good seal, it might keep the conditioner from getting into the pool water. Very happy I tried this cap!!! Works as I hoped. My new everyday Lap-swimming cap.

    Teresa H.
    Wilderville, OR


  • 10/7/2020 Long hair swim cap

    5 Review stars By Ale

    Long lasting material. For the last 4 years, that’s all my daughter wears. She has long and thick hair. It stays in place all the time.

    Laredo, Texas


  • 6/1/2019 Why didn't I get this first!

    5 Review stars By banekl

    First - on latex caps: I was new to lap swimming last season and got some starter gear like a latex cap because I didn't want to spend that much. I ripped it by the end of the season and replaced with another latex. I was always messing with it at nearly every lap. It was always hard to put on. It hurt like hell to take it off, pulling wet hair. It never stayed over my ears. I know I have a big head, just seemed like I was trying to put a 10lb sausage in a 5lb case. It was just annoying. Also, second one I got I couldn't get in the color I wanted, which is a personal point, but I wished it was a different color every time I put it on. lol

    Second- on this silicone cap with extra room for bun/ponytail/HAIR: It's amazing!! I don't know why I didn't get one of these before. Covers my ears - I only mess with it rarely during my swim. It's way easier to get on. It's way more comfortable (fits my big fat head and my hair!). It's in the color I wanted. It doesn't hurt or yank my hair when I take it off. Best thing I did for this season in the pool. I'm expecting it to last this season and more.

    Columbia River Gorge


  • 7/5/2016 My daughter hair was totally wet time she took it off out came a puddle of water

    1 Review stars By Quise

    This cap was very disappointing my daughter hair was totally soaked with water time she took it off out poured a puddle of water that was held in that ponytail part of the cap😳Was not pleased now I haft to purchase another type of cap!



  • 9/3/2020 Great

    5 Review stars By Kathy

    Our 5 year old has long hair down to her knees. And a very sensitive head. We put a bun in her hair and flip her new swim cap on. It’s easy, it doesn’t pull hair and best of all, her hair stayed dry!!!

    Santa rosa


  • 8/29/2020 Yay! Finally a cap big enough for my head AND my thick hair!

    5 Review stars By Tahoe Tessie

    It even covers my forehead and ears. We swim in Lake Tahoe which is always cold and it is nice to have my whole head covered.

    Tahoe Tessie
    Reno NV


  • 11/3/2019 Cap

    5 Review stars By Pager

    Great for long hair. Stays in place!



  • 6/29/2019 Works great 👍 and easy to use

    4 Review stars By Jan

    No problem putting it on and it stayed in place



  • 6/16/2019 Great Product

    5 Review stars By Lovely

    Item fits well on my natural thick hair. Love it!

    West Palm Beach, Florida


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