TYR Ergo Nose Clip Reviews
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TYR Ergo Nose Clip

TYR Ergo Nose Clip Reviews

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4 star rating (81 Reviews)

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  • 8/5/2013 Does a good job

    4 Review stars By Swimmer

    Have used several nose clips and prefer this over others.  Would suggest you wash oil or makeup off nose before using to insure a secure fit.  Eventually will split in two so suggest order several to have a spare for when one gives up.

    South Carolina


  • 9/3/2016 Works great!

    5 Review stars By Dakota D.

    I absolutely cannot stand to have water in my nose when backstroke or flip turns, so ordered this hoping it would help and I couldn't be happier with it. I have a girly large nose but this is made to fit almost any size. It may slip off if you leave oils or makeup on but if you wipe it off it will not budge. I feel more comfortable in it and would definitely recommend.

    Dakota D.
    Cedarville, CA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 10/10/2014 I didn't get the ones that are shown on the picture.

    3 Review stars By Wendy T.

    I am a very competitive swimmer and my son is too. He needed a nose clip for his swim practices. When I ordered them I said to him that they great cool but when they got here they were so much different. This nose clip is ok but make sure you get the same product as it shows. And the plastic  that sticks up really hurts on your nose.

    Wendy T.
    Kansas City, MO


  • 6/23/2014 Big noses don't work with this clip

    1 Review stars By TL

    This product was highly recommended however people with a wider bridge may not find this effective. It popped off right in the middle of my son's swim competition.

    Northern Indiana


  • 9/5/2013 Very comfortable

    5 Review stars By Terry W.

    I got this for an upcoming backstroke event and it fits great and very comfortable

    Terry W.
    Crossville, TN


  • 4/28/2013 best noseclip

    5 Review stars By synchro teacher

    I use this myself for synchronized swimming.  Seals out water perfectly for underwater work. Also works well for my students as young as 6 years.  Easy to find in pool if it falls to bottom. Mine is 2 years old and retains it's nostril pressure.

    synchro teacher
    Valley Forge, PA


  • 3/9/2017 Not overly tight, fits just right, but my flip-turns still bite

    5 Review stars By Matthew McClure

    This clip fits my standard tallish white guy nose fine.  It starts to pinch around 1500 consecutive yards, but nothing that can't be tolerated.  I thought I would need to tuck the bale of the clip under the bridge of my goggles, but that doesn't seem to be necessary for them to stay in place.  I''ve done several thousand yards with it on, and never got water up my nose.

    I originally bought it to help me do flip turns.  I''m still perfecting those.  My pool doesn't have floating lane lines, just stripes on the floor.  I get a straight push off of the wall about half the time.  I usually get out of the way of the swimmer in the next lane before anything too embarrassing happens.  If water got up my nose and I came up sputtering while simultaneously trying to perfect the flip turn, I''d be in trouble.  This clip does what its supposed to do without a second thought.

    Matthew McClure


  • 10/19/2016 Great for the money!

    5 Review stars By Lisa M.

    Exactly what I expect when I purchase something made by TYR ... excellent!

    Lisa M.

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 6/19/2014 Only nose clip I use

    5 Review stars By matt

    I swim at the D1 collegiate level and have been through many different nose plugs. Many don't stay on well without killing my nose being so tight.  The tyr ergo swim clip is the only nose plug that both stays on well and will not hurt my nose wearing it for the majority of a backstroke practice.  Strongly recommend this nose clip for all swimmers looking for comfort and functionality



  • 4/23/2014 It's pretty good.

    4 Review stars By Lafeth

    The nose pads have little bumps on them that can feel fairly sharp. It also does not stay on very well, but does the job adequately for short-term use.



  • 4/7/2014 love the look feel and coolness of this one

    5 Review stars By patricia t.

    Looks great and easy to place on my average size nose with no discomfort

    patricia t.
    valrico, FL


  • 2/4/2014 Not good

    1 Review stars By Bambu

    This product did not help at all . Very slippery it can in my nose
    I wouldn't recommend it.

    El Paso tx


  • 12/1/2013 TYR Ergo Swim Clip - Light Blue

    2 Review stars By Swim Dad

    One of five nose clips that won't properly fit my 6-year old competitive swimmer.  At this time, she continues to have difficulties using a Finis swimmer's snorkel without a nose clip.

    I'll store away the 5 different brands of nose clips until she develops and matures in +2 years.  Hopefully, one or more nose clips will provide a proper fit.

    Swim Dad
    San Francisco Bay Area


  • 8/24/2013 Fell off child easily

    2 Review stars By Canuk

    For 10 yr old, when diving into the water for synchro, this one tended to fall off. Luckily, the bright colour was easy to find. Ok for swimming.



  • 8/3/2013 Cute but PAINFUL!!

    1 Review stars By Alex

    I couldn't wear these for 3 laps.  So I tried to stretch them, and still couldn't.  And I am a very petite woman.

    Pittsburgh, PA


  • 10/31/2012 very good nose clips

    4 Review stars By Don

    I use these 3 mornings a week. They get the job done very well.

    The Villages Florida


  • 9/20/2012 Nose Clip

    3 Review stars By New Swimmer

    Does its job but when my skin is more oily at the beginning of my swim the clip won't stay on. After a few min letting the clorine dry my skin, the clip fits snug.

    New Swimmer
    Inland Empire, Ca.


  • 6/17/2011 Don't stay on

    2 Review stars By Joe O.

    Bought these on a recommendation. However, they slide off of my nose very easily. I need to readjust every 25-50m. I have a different brand that stays put.

    Joe O.
    Frisco, TX


  • 4/16/2010 Slippery

    1 Review stars By eme26

    These nose plugs slipped off my nose while swimming and were lost at the bottom of the pool after about five minutes of use.

    Orlando, Fl


  • 2/28/2010 Does not Float

    1 Review stars By Dr. Winston

    I could not believe this product does not float. Ridiculous.

    Dr. Winston
    New York City


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