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SwimSpray Continuous Chlorine Removal Spray 6 fl oz. SwimSpray Continuous Chlorine Removal Spray 6 fl oz. SwimSpray Continuous Chlorine Removal Spray 6 fl oz. SwimSpray Continuous Chlorine Removal Spray 6 fl oz.

SwimSpray Continuous Chlorine Removal Spray 6 fl oz.

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SwimSpray uses a patent-pending vitamin C technology to immediately neutralize the chlorine on your body – eliminating... Read More
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Product Details

  • SwimSpray uses a patent-pending vitamin C technology to immediately neutralize the chlorine on your body – eliminating the residual chlorine that can damage and irritate your hair and skin. SwimSpray is the first product that removes the chlorine from your hair and skin in a safe, gentle, and all-natural way.


    • 400x more effective than traditional anti-chlorine soaps and shampoos for hair and skin.
    • Vitamin C – SwimSpray uses a patent-pending vitamin C technology to immediately neutralize the chlorine on your body –eliminating the residual chlorine that can damage and irritate your hair and skin.
    • Hair and skin – SwimSpray is the first product that completely removes chlorine from your hair and skin.
    • Soft and moisturized hair – SwimSpray prevents discoloration and leave your hair sift and moisturized.
    • Soothed skin – SwimSpray keeps your skin from drying out and becoming itchy or irritated.
    • 100% natural – Swimspray is 100% natural, fragrance free, sulfate free and free from artificial colors.

    Country of Origin

    • Made In The USA

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  • 4 Review Stars (18 Reviews)

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  • 2/15/2019 Can't get the spray to work

    1 Review Stars By Pattycake

    I cannot get the can to spray.  Followed directions, moved little dial to open.  However no one can get the top to spray.  Pushing on the pad at the top does nothing.  Called about this and person I talked to did not know how to get it to spray and offered no help.  Had several people look at it and no one could get it to work.
    Will not reorder.

    Syracuse NY

  • 8/27/2015 WOW! SwimSpray really works!

    5 Review Stars By Pool Hound

    I've tried virtually all the other swimmers anti-chlorine products.  SwimSpray is noticeably better and getting the chlorine off my hair and skin--you can literally smell the difference!
    While I'm showering, I spray it up and down my body from head to toe, then spread it around, then rinse it off.
    For me, the only downside to this product is that it doesn't lather or smell like anything.  But, I just use shampoo with it, which works well.
    Overall I'd highly recommend trying this product because it's really amazing how well it works.

    Pool Hound
    Seattle, WA

  • 11/25/2018 Body spray

    5 Review Stars By Eat my bubbles!

    I use it before the pool and it keeps the chlorine off. I love it!!??

    Eat my bubbles!

  • 5/5/2016 It works

    5 Review Stars By JEB

    One bottle lasted 2 months when used 3 times a week.


  • 3/24/2018 It works

    4 Review Stars By Grandma

    This really works to take the chlorine smell off of the skin. The only down side is that when it dries, your skin feels really dry. If you are showering right away, this is great.


  • 7/24/2015 Really Works!

    5 Review Stars By jazzman0096

    I have used the pump spray SwimSpray and always loved it. However, it seemed small and didn't last all that long. I felt like the continuous spray would get the product on quickly, evenly, and possibly use less product. So far so good. Also, my wife knows when I run out because I smell like chlorine again.

    Minneapolis, MN

  • 2/28/2017 Disappointment

    1 Review Stars By RudyG

    I had high hopes that this product would work. I've been doing water aerobic workouts for the past 2 years, 2 hrs per day, 3 times a week. The pool's chlorine attacks my skin, leaving itchy rashes over numerous areas of my body. Nothing I've tried has given me relief (showering before/after swimming; coating my body with vaseline; using other sprays & ointments), except staying out of the pool for 2 weeks. According to reviews, this product has helped some swimmers. Perhaps my skin is too sensitive. Just know, that after 4 months of continual use, it hasn't helped me at all. Dermatologist, here I come.

    Denver, CO

  • 5/10/2016 Does what it claims to do.

    4 Review Stars By Natalie

    This has greatly helped ease skin discomfort and chlorine odor from swimming in a public pool. I am sensitive to chemicals and many strong smells, so this was the thing that enabled me to keep swimming. The product works. I had issues with the spray devices twice, though. It would be nice if they made a larger size and/or refillable bottle. Working out the kinks on the spray mechanism would be great too.

    Charlotte, NC

  • 2/27/2017 No more itching and pool smell

    5 Review Stars By Dan

    Since I started using this my chronic itching from the Chlorine has stopped.  In addition, my wife says I no longer "smell like a pool."  This is a great product.  My allergies seem better as well (maybe because I am not chronically itching?)


  • 7/8/2016 This really works!

    5 Review Stars By DSW

    Swim Spray was easy to use.  You just get wet in the shower and spray.  Wait about 15-30 seconds and rinse it off.  I like to rub it in before I rinse.  This really takes the chlorine smell and residue away.

    Cherry Hiil NJ

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About This Brand


Dr. Andrew Chadeayne invented SwimSpray in 2010, because the chlorine from swimming pools was driving him crazy. Dr. Chadeayne has been a swimmer his entire life.Like many swimmers, Dr. Chadeayne wasn’t bothered by the smell of chlorine: “I actually liked the smell, because it reminded me of swimming.” However, after earning his PhD in chemistry from Cornell University he became concerned about what that chlorine smell meant: “You smell like chlorine, because you are covered in chlorine. It’s like walking around covered in bleach all day. That’s not good for you.”

Dr. Chadeayne solved swimmers’ chlorine problems by using his chemistry background. After several months of testing, Dr. Chadeayne arrived at a unique vitamin C formulation. His wife named it SwimSpray. “At first, I only shared it with my friends. But soon, we all noticed that SwimSpray was really amazing. The chlorine smell was 100% gone. Our hair felt soft. Our skin stopped itching. It was absolutely incredible - a night and day difference. That’s when we realized that we should share the formula with other swimmers.” Dr. Chadeayne joined up with several of his former Princeton Swimming and Diving teammates to turn his invention into a commercial product.

SwimSpray has received widespread praise, because it solves swimmers’ number one problem with the sport - chlorine. “I think people just gave up on this problem,” says Dr. Chadeayne, “Swimmers’ shampoos have been notoriously ineffective since I was a little kid. Once folks use SwimSpray, they are shocked at the difference.”