Sporti Antifog Swedish Goggle + Bungee Strap Reviews
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Sporti Antifog Swedish Goggle + Bungee Strap

Sporti Antifog Swedish Goggle + Bungee Strap Reviews

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  • 12/16/2016 My dream googles for $3

    4 Review stars By Liar

    These are the googles I have always wanted. I am 65, and I have swam most of my life. I have tried numerous googles, and found the old style like TYR with the adjustable nose piece have worked the best for me as far as not leaking, and being comfortable; that is until the Sweds. I am Swedish and have the high cheek bones, so I thought I would gamble $3 to see if they  fit. Well I got lucky. I didn't give them a five because I had to redo the nose piece with a piece of flurocarbon fishing line because the original nose piece kept slipping. Because there is no padding to wear out, and the strap can easily be replaced,  these googles could be the last ones I'll ever need. When the anti-fog goes bad, I will soak it off with rubbing alcohol, and use a dab of baby shampoo to keep them clear (just an old guy tip for you younger swimmers put the tiniest bit of baby shampoo on your google lenses when your done swimming, and lightly rinse  the next time you swim to keep them from fogging. I have had my bottle of baby shampoo for 26 years, and it is still almost half full.).



  • 9/23/2014 Good Goggles

    5 Review stars By Dagger1504

    I have already loved Swedish Goggles and I love these.  I got the green/blue ones and they make for a really clear/clean visual.  I also am trying out the bungee strap and think it is great and easy to use.



  • 11/22/2013 Best goggles ever!

    5 Review stars By Linda

    I swim 2000m most every day.  I used other more expensive goggles, but they always fogged up.  These goggles are very reasonably priced and best if you use the bungee cord.  They don't have to fit tight to work.  They fog somewhat, but never where I can't see.

    Long Beach, Ca


  • 11/24/2010 What did I do without these?

    5 Review stars By Steve

    Who needs all that padding? In 30 years of lap swimming, I have never worn a better pair of goggles. Surprisingly, they don't leak at all.

    New York


  • 6/8/2016 llafon

    5 Review stars By llafon

    Product exactly as described.

    Dallas, TX


  • 5/1/2016 Good for Elastic Nosepiece

    4 Review stars By Max

    The holes for the nosepiece are larger than the original Swedish Swedes, so it wont potentially tear up the elastic when you install it. If you are like me and need to use the headband material as opposed to the string and tube, this will be your preferred option to the original. I will concede, a fresh elastic nosepiece will tend to slide sometimes due to the powdery, antimoisture deposit on the elastic band. Within a week of using the goggles in the pool though, the nosepiece will have been exposed to the chlorine enough to eliminate this problem. And of course, the elastic seems to be good for a couple of months. The bungee straps last a long time, so after the initial goggle sanding (typical for swedish variants), the only maintenance will be the nose piece swaps. Certainly can't beat the price on these.

    Atlanta, GA


  • 8/30/2015 Best goggles I've ever had!

    5 Review stars By Abernathy & Jung

    This is an inner-eye goggle without gaskets. They are comfortable, inexpensive and work great in non-diving swim workouts.

    Abernathy & Jung


  • 12/9/2014 100% Rad

    5 Review stars By Collegiate Swimmer

    Some say padding is important, but not with these goggles.  I've been racing them for 3 years now and I couldn't be happier.

    Collegiate Swimmer
    Rochester, NY


  • 4/21/2011 Great, but too big for my eye sockets

    3 Review stars By Katie K.

    Everyone seems to love these, and I had high hopes for them, but they were too big for me.

    Quality product, though, and worth trying at that price.

    Katie K.
    Scottsdale, AZ


  • 11/13/2010 Good leak-free goggles, good price

    4 Review stars By Limey Di

    Easy to fit, these goggles haven't leaked on me yet.  Like all Swedish goggles, they can leave marks under the eyes if worn too tight.  I bought "green" which is actually more like a deep aqua.  Great price and a good choice overall for me for daily recreationl lap swimming.

    Limey Di
    Chatham, NJ


  • 3/24/2017 sporti swedish goggle

    5 Review stars By Jeff Styrt

    good fit for my face. Goggles do not fog.....awesome..

    Jeff Styrt


  • 3/16/2017 Sporti Antifog Swdish Goggle + Bungee Strap

    5 Review stars By George

    I like this due to the fit and comfortable ,They stay on perfect in the eye and the opportunity to change the straps to your liking .Price is reasonable
    Main use is for my swim workouts and swim events

    Los A ngeles


  • 2/22/2017 Never tried this type of Goggle - unusual feel but I love them

    5 Review stars By KP in Tennessee

    Never tried Swedish goggles before.  Was skeptical that they would leak.  To my surprise, once I fitted them correctly, they don't leak at all !  The feel of these goggles fitting literally in my eye socket with no soft gasket  took a little while to get used to, but once I used them for a while and learned how to adjust the bungee tension, they were extremely comfortable for my daily 1 mile swim.  Clarity is excellent and there is no distortion at all.  Antifog coating is great so far.  We will see how they hold up.  For the extra low price, they are an excellent value if you want to give Swedish goggles a try.

    KP in Tennessee


  • 2/12/2017 Better than expected

    5 Review stars By Greg raz

    Better than expected, I thought it would be tight on the eyes but have loved these!

    Greg raz
    Muskoka, ON


  • 2/7/2017 good product

    4 Review stars By mike

    For a few dollars, these a really good deal to keep chlorine out of your eyes, for wading and going under water and gentle swimming. I wouldn't use them for lap or aggressive swimming.

    las vegas


  • 12/14/2016 Unsatisfied

    1 Review stars By MAM

    Goggles feel hard against nose bridge, don't feel like they will actually work for competition.  Will not purchase this product again.

    El Paso

    Fit: Feels too small

  • 11/8/2016 Lenses are great, bungee is cheap and doesn't stretch well.

    3 Review stars By Farah

    Lenses are great, bungee is cheap and doesn't stretch well.

    Pax river md

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 5/18/2016 No raccoon eyes!

    5 Review stars By Aed

    Love these. No raccoon eyes after long swims, although I'm not sure I would use them in open water.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 5/17/2016 Great swim goggles !!!

    5 Review stars By diane patrice

    Love them.
    They keep the water out better than the plastic goggles.

    diane patrice
    Oceano, CA


  • 3/9/2016 comfortable and long lasting

    5 Review stars By Alfie

    These goggles are more comfortable and last longer than much more expensive goggles. The anti-fog lasts a long time. They do take a bit of fine tune adjusting to get them to seal correctly, so be prepared to be patient the first time you use them. I found using the string rather than the elastic for the nose piece provides me with a more reliable seal once it is adjusted correctly. If they are not sealing, it is likely the nose strap length, so adjust that first. They do not need to be tight against the face to work.

    Amherst, MA


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