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Speedo Silicone Aqua-V Medium Swim Cap

Speedo Silicone Aqua-V Medium Swim Cap Reviews

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3.5 star rating (23 Reviews)

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  • 1/27/2014 Toddler sizing!

    1 Review stars By Kath L.

    Bought this swim cap for my 16yr old son who has a normal size head and short hair. To say it is too small for him is an understatement. My son swims competitively and has owned many speedo caps over the years so this one is a real puzzler. There is no info on the package to indicate sizing nor does the website give any guidance on whether to go for medium or large. I have now bought the large for my son and it fits as expected. Be warned, unless you have a head the size of a toddler's buy the large.

    Kath L.
    Chagrin Falls, OH


  • 5/12/2013 medium is Extremely small. Sent it back for store credit.

    2 Review stars By David

    Bought the Tyr dome cap, one size fits all, very comfortable. Competitive swimmer, I double capped and the Tyr worked great. Convers ears.



  • 3/29/2009 good

    4 Review stars By swimmer

    well the cap was great, perfect on flip turns, great on under water stream lines, felt awsome on starts but i aways recomend on getting the large if your in high school or oler because i got the med. and lets just say its little



  • 9/21/2015 Cap is Well-Constructed, but Size Medium is Way Too Small

    3 Review stars By WJJ

    I ordered four different colors of the Speedo Silicone Aqua V Medium caps which were way too small for my head. Couldn't get the cap to cover my ears. The medium size is okay for children with smaller sized heads. Despite the size, the cap is well-constructed and durable compared to other swim caps I owned in the past. I will go a size up, a large, which would be more suitable.

    San Diego, CA


  • 2/17/2015 Nice Cap, Smaller than expected

    4 Review stars By David

    Great Cap, Good Quality, just be weary of the size. I thought a medium may fit better and not be much smaller than a regular one, however it was smaller than expected. I believe I can make it work, as it's a nice quality cap.

    Wilmington, OH


  • 10/8/2013 Good color, good fit

    5 Review stars By penny k.

    Useful for being spotted in open water swimming.

    penny k.
    New York, NY


  • 1/21/2013 Awesome Cap!

    5 Review stars By Eric

    Awesome cap. I have bought 3 in the past 6 yrs. (2 for my son / 1 for me) Fits snug on purpose. Will not wrinkle-up like other caps. Very fast and streamline. High speed / Low drag. Made for competition. Will keep buying them as long and Speedo keep making them!



  • 1/1/2013 Runs small

    4 Review stars By SuziB

    Got my 14 year-old son a medium and it's a little too small. He likes to use double caps in meets, but he won't be able to do that with this cap.

    Moscow, ID


  • 9/7/2012 Much too small.

    2 Review stars By dinzee

    This was a good product, but it was way too small.

    alexandria va


  • 7/27/2012 Runs Small

    3 Review stars By mark d

    Go 1 size up, runs small

    mark d
    Oakland, Ca


  • 4/6/2012 speedo silicone aqua - v

    3 Review stars By Deb

    This cap is too tight for me. I have shoulder length hair and I can just barely get it all under the cap. I thought that a medium would be OK... guess not. Nothing is wrong with the construction of it, I just need another size.



  • 11/20/2011 speedo silicone aqua-v medium

    1 Review stars By swimmer

    I swim 2 x at week at the local Y. I needed a good swim cap to keep my hair somewhat dry. This product damaged my hair getting it on and off and didn't keep my hair dry. Waste of money.



  • 11/15/2011 too small

    1 Review stars By S

    the cap was too small for a long hair girl . it was not mentioned so it did not work for me.i ttok it for the purpose of covering ears along with hair but is too small. maybe it is only for boys?



  • 7/13/2011 Aqua V

    4 Review stars By Jose C.

    Very good product, before asking for a review right sizes because the size M is for children from 6-10 years depending on the size of your head

    Jose C.
    Laredo, TX


  • 4/30/2011 Decent

    4 Review stars By Paul

    it was a great cap but I recommend going with the large, I have a very small hard and it was still a very tight fit. Also it gets slippery during your race hindering your streamlines. But overall it is a good buy for someone wanting to add a little extra speed.



  • 4/23/2011 Not good for women with long hair

    1 Review stars By Paula

    Too tight for women with long hair. Gave it to a friend with short hair.

    Malibu, CA


  • 9/24/2010 I recommend

    4 Review stars By Jay

    true to size durable



  • 4/16/2010 Amazing!

    5 Review stars By Alex

    I have a big head, and after reading the reviews i was a little nervous about purchasing this cap because a lot of people said it was too small. But i needed a cap that would decrease drag, and help improve my performance, and this one looked like it could be the one. So i purchased a large. I got to admit, it was tight, but it's supposed to be! It sits on my head without a single wrinkle, and helped me drastically drop time! I recomend this cap to every swimmer because of its great ability to reduce drag.

    Old Bridge, NJ


  • 12/20/2009 Medium is for kids

    4 Review stars By John H.

    I ordered 4 larges and 2 mediums for my relay teams (high school). Only one boy (no girls) were able to wear the medium. The larges worked well. They are very tight and I would only recommend for sprint events. The common complaint from my swimmers were that they were very hot and they waited til the last minute to put them on.

    John H.
    Miami, FL


  • 12/13/2009 Speedo Aqua-V

    5 Review stars By jake

    To Joseph S.: These caps are supposed to be small! Being a wearer of one, I find that, although tight, these caps are very effective!



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