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Speedo Long Hair Silicone Swim Cap

Speedo Long Hair Silicone Swim Cap Reviews

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4.5 star rating (395 Reviews)

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  • 1/21/2014 Rating

    3 Review stars By itsinme/Etsy

    I swim every night for both exercise and for therapy. I have long very curly hair. I was hoping that this swim cap would not only cover my hair but keep it fairly "dry" in hopes that washing my hair every night would not be necessary. The cap holds my hair under it but because it exposes my ear lobes, it allows water to seep under it and my hair looks as though I had no cap on it at all after my swimming routine. I like the fact that it "contains" my hair while I am swimming. I do not like the fact that it isn't "large or long" enough to pull down over both my hair and my ears to keep my hair dry.

    Blairsville, GA


  • 10/31/2013 Perfect Fit

    4 Review stars By swimkim

    I have really thick, shoulder length African American hair. The cap fits perfectly over my hair and stays put throughout my entire swim lesson. It's snug but doesn't squeeze my head or pull my hair out. I highly recommend this to anyone needing more space in their swim cap.

    Jamaica, NY


  • 8/4/2017 Great cap for long hair

    5 Review stars By Jessica

    I have two of these caps and love them. They are really easy to put on and they stay in place really well. My hair goes about half way down my back and the cap is large enough that I still have room to grow it out more. I rinse my hair and put some conditioner in it before putting the cap on and it has helped my hair with the chlorine.

    Hodges, SC


  • 1/25/2014 Great product

    5 Review stars By Dom

    I am an african american girl and have had Marley twist and individual braids with added in hair and this cap fits perfectly. I barely had to keep pulling it up and it stayed on pretty tightly when i dived in and did my flip-turns. Overall its the best cap for my type of hair.

    Clinton, MD


  • 4/12/2014 Not just for long hair!

    5 Review stars By Trixie

    I have shoulder length thick hair and a big head and this cap is just what I needed. The regular caps creep up my head and come off, but not this one. Additionally, it does not stick to itself if it dries folded. It was a very good purchase for me.

    Northern Virginia


  • 12/24/2018 No more hair pulling

    5 Review stars By Aqualady

    I have a bigger than average head for a woman (23.5 inches) and medium long thick hair. I have had problems with other regular swim caps that were so tight that I pulled so much hair out just trying them so. This one is great that it is snug but not tight, it is easy to put on with enough room for my hair. It’s big enough that I can easily use it to cover my ears if I want to. Worked out well!

    New York, NY


  • 12/19/2016 Stays on Great

    5 Review stars By afw430

    If you have a big head or long hair this cap works super well on staying on your ears.

    Orlando, FL


  • 12/24/2013 Love this cap!

    5 Review stars By HBB

    Lap swimming in highly chlorinated public pool, good for larger girls with bigger heads or a lot of hair. Stands up very well. Pretty white. I've ordered this in multiple colors. Great price.



  • 10/4/2007 FINALLY, the right one

    5 Review stars By Anonymous person

    I've tried the regular silicone cap, the dome-shaped silicone cap, and THIS is the one to use, if you have long hair. GREAT fit, does not need adjusting every few laps, it just does what it's suppose to do.

    Anonymous person
    Arlington, VA


  • 2/1/2014 Great for long hair

    5 Review stars By Satisfied

    Perfect for individuals with sisterlocks.

    Brooklyn, NY


  • 10/4/2007 Yay!

    5 Review stars By Anonymous person

    I have a large head (typically I wear L/XL in hats and helmets) and also a very large volume of hair. This cap fits comfortably over the whole ginormous entity and does not squeeze my head so tight that I get headaches. Two thumbs up!

    Anonymous person


  • 8/18/2020 Swim cap

    3 Review stars By Swimming laps

    Doesn’t fit my wife’s head well and still lets water in around her ears soaking her hair. She was hoping it would prevent most of the chlorine water from getting into her hair. Otherwise, it is a perfectly fine product, she just needs something more customized to her head shape.

    Swimming laps


  • 7/21/2018 Excellent fit for long hair

    5 Review stars By Samia

    This is my first swim cap i ever bought, i rally enjoyed wearing it during my swim, my hair were dry after my swim, i will recommend this product to protect long hair from chlorine damage.



  • 8/27/2016 Terrible it ripped in half the first time I tried it on

    1 Review stars By Rosemary

    Terrible the first time I tried to put on it ripped in half threw it away

    New jersey


  • 11/10/2015 Not Great for Long, Thick Hair

    2 Review stars By Amy

    My 12 year old daughter has such long, thick hair that she cannot wear an average sized cap. She has been wearing a long-hair cap of a different brand that has worked perfectly. We purchased this cap because she needed a silver cap to match her team colors and could only find the silver color in the Speedo brand. While it is larger than average, it is NOT good for long, thick hair. It is a good quality cap, but it is not roomy enough to cover her hair. It slides up easily and does not cover her ears well. It "popped" off before her warm-up session was over.



  • 7/6/2015 Ripped the second time I wore it

    1 Review stars By B.M.

    Not happy with this purchase, this is the second cap from SwimOutlet that's ripped...thankfully the others I purchased are more durable. I have very long hair that I wear in a bun, and it is difficult to get it into caps, but for some reason the caps that have worked are the regular ones (not special "long hair" caps).

    Falls Church VA


  • 2/10/2015 Wish it kept hair drier

    2 Review stars By Ronda

    I had hoped that my hair could stay drier with the use of a swim cap, but this has not been the case. I think I need one like we wore in the 60"s, that covered the ears and had a chin strap.

    Kansas CIty, MO


  • 10/25/2014 My daughter has a large head and the world's thickest, long hair.

    5 Review stars By george lincoln

    This cap held in all of her hair and covered her head- plus stayed on!

    george lincoln
    rockport, ME


  • 1/22/2014 Not As Advertised

    1 Review stars By Tanya

    This cap lets water in as any other. It is too tight to tuck long in but too loose to protect hair from water

    Atlanta, GA


  • 9/3/2013 Great cap :)

    5 Review stars By Ruth R.

    My 10 year old has long hair she wanted to protect while swimming in the team, and she is able to keep her hair healthy using this cap. It all fits in without a problem and stays in place while she does her hour of swimming 3 times per week.

    Ruth R.


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