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Solmar Suit Saver 2.2oz Solmar Suit Saver 2.2oz

Solmar Suit Saver 2.2oz

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Preserve the life of your swimsuit with Solmar's suit saver. This quick and easy solution removes 99% of harmful chlorine, its odor, and keeps the fabric looking new.

  • Water-based.
  • Nitrate-free.
  • Phosphate-free.
  • Perfume-free.
  • Dye-free.
  • vSafe for the environment.
  • Lasts for approximately 50 washings.
  • 2.2oz (65 ml).

  • For more information on water aerobic gloves, read Intro to Water Aerobic Gloves


  • 4.5 star rating (Based on 55 Reviews)

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  • rating star
    By from
    on 1/23/2014

    I love this product.  I teach water aerobics about 18-20 classes per week.  I have a chlorine resistant swim suit, and Suit Saver gets the rest of the chlorine out.  I have had my suits since last July and they still look brand new because of this product!

  • rating star
    By from
    on 7/21/2014

    You only need a little bit. This suit saver works very well , very easy to use and now I know my suits will last longer.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 12/26/2013

    I like this product. It does take out the chlorine
    smell from swim suits.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 11/15/2013

    My suits were stinky from the chlorine, and after 1 or 2 times of using Suit Saver, the odor is gone.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 3/20/2013

    This product is very easy to use.  It's good that the water doesn't feel soapy and my suit is easy to rinse.  I've only used it once, so I can't comment on fading of color.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 2/23/2013

    when I get home from water aerobics I fill a bowl with cool  water and a tiny squirt of Suit Saver, stir it with my fingers, plop my pretty new swimsuit in it, and leave for a few minutes to let it do its work. Come back later, rinse suit, squeeze gently and over a rod to dry. No chlorine smell, gotta love that, and should keep my suit beautiful.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 1/10/2013

    I have used this product for over a year and I'm sure my bathing suits last longer.  Before my suits were wearing out every 4 months.  I now have 2 suits for over a year.  I swim everyday for over an hour in our outside heated pool so I'm convinced it works

  • rating star
    By from
    on 12/15/2012

    I use Suit Saver at least 3 times a week to wash out a bathing suit I have used for water aerobics on that particular day.  It's very easy to use, since all you do is squirt it in the washing water and then rinse.  I cannot smell the chlorine when I'm done and the three bathing suits that I have appear to be lasting longer than those I purchased in the past.  I have confidence in this product and will be ordering more.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 11/24/2012

    i watch the video of the product 4 or 5 years ago and bought a bottle. i rinse my suit in just water first, then i spin it in the water extrator. then fill the sink again and add just a quick squirt of suit saver to the water. let it set a min. or two. then spin it again. and that's it. things that are great about, well i can't say enough. i have all my friends convince now, cause they look at my suits some are new and some 4 years old and still have the bright colors they had when they where new, they can't believe it. also it's great cause it's a small bottle and you can carry it in your gym bag. when i ordered 11 bottles to get the free shipping,(which by the way is a great deal) i had 9 people that wanted it. one trip to the gym and they were gone, another thing the directions are real easy for us seniors to read. and last, i can't say anything bad about something so good.thanks again for asking me to do a survey, i've been wanting to tell somebody how absolutly great SUIT SAVER is.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 3/19/2012

    Great product!  Works like magic.  I use it at least 4 times a week.



Scientifically tested and developed Solmar Suit Saver is designed to protect and extend the life of your swimsuit.

The easy-to-use, quick and economical formula is an excellent choice for any water enthusiast. All you need to do is squirt Suit Saver in a sink full of water, immerse your swimsuit, drain, rinse and then dry.

Solmar Suit Saver is the best solution for removing chlorine's lingering odor and keeping your swimsuit bright.