Saltwater Canvas Shower Bag Reviews
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Saltwater Canvas Shower Bag

Saltwater Canvas Shower Bag Reviews

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4.5 star rating (124 Reviews)

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  • 12/22/2014 Easy access

    4 Review stars By sunshine

    easy access to all you need.  Only wish i could stand up on its own if there is no handle

    Topanga, CA


  • 8/3/2014 I'm a fan!

    5 Review stars By Meghan

    This caddy is designed to be hung on a shower head or handle, and also stands upright if the main pocket is filled. It's also a reasonable size, and dries on its own. My caddy holds: body wash, shampoo and conditioner, and body poof in the main pocket and a tube of face wash, a tube of pre-swimming conditioner, and razor. Pretty sweet deal- as you can imagine, all of this is a bit excessive to keep organized within a shower room. You won't be disappointed.



  • 3/18/2009 Somebody was really thinking!

    5 Review stars By Alma R.

    This is a handy little shower bag...not too big...not too small...  I like the toughness of the fabric and the fact that the bottom is mesh so all the water just drains right through.  The handle is off-set so it hangs on a shower handle - which tells me that somebody was really thinking.

    Alma R.
    El Paso, TX


  • 8/17/2016 Love it

    5 Review stars By DD

    This bag can keep the shampoo, conditioner and body wash in place to avoid any spill and mess.



  • 12/3/2015 Perfect shower bag

    5 Review stars By Lynn K

    Durable, convenient compartments, easy to carry and hang. I not only use it for swim practice (Masters), I use it for traveling as well!  Great product!

    Lynn K
    Naperville, IL


  • 8/10/2014 Great Bag!

    4 Review stars By Water Girl

    I use this bag every day when I shower at the gym and it works out great.  Like that the whole thing is a strong mesh so the water can drain and it drys quickly.  The pockets on the outside of the bag are perfect for holding single items for easy access.  I will probably get the larger shower bag just to see which one I like best.  Just a little bigger might be nice too.

    Water Girl
    Orangevale, CA


  • 12/14/2017 Nice shower tote bag

    4 Review stars By C-Turtle

    I have been searching high and low, and have tried several mesh bags for the shower at the pool.  When I saw this one I thought I had finally found "the one."  I really like the design--open center compartment with smaller pockets around the outside, and the one handle.  I use a shower curtain hook on the shower shelf bar at the Y to hang the bag from; very handy access to all compartments that way and no tipping over.  It is made from a much heavier mesh than I was expecting, which makes it heavier/bulkier than I was expecting, which is not a big deal.  But what I really don't like about it is the mesh stays wet for a very long time.  Previously I was using a mesh laundry bag, the size for lingerie, that had a loop at the end of the zipper, which I hung from the shower hook.  It worked fine except I had to dig for things, so when I saw this Saltwater shower bag with the compartments I thought it would be the perfect solution.  But even hanging this bag from our bath bench when I get home from the pool, it stays wet for a good 6-plus hours, which I do not like, as I like to repack my pool bag for the next day after lunch.  Also, having it hanging from the bath bench for so many hours, it is in the way of other family members wanting to shower.  

    I recently purchased a bag from Swim Outlet for my gear (kick board, fins, towel, etc. -- the HYDRO-FITĀ® Wet Sack) which is all mesh as well, and it is literally dry by the time I get to the car when I leave the pool.  I had hoped the Saltwater Canvas Shower tote would be of similar quick-drying mesh.  

    So if you don't mind the very slow drying time, it is a good shower bag.

    Washington State


  • 8/22/2017 Great tote!

    5 Review stars By nikinou

    Not too big, not too small and not too "girly" looking for my son, the college freshman!

    Long Island, NY


  • 6/21/2015 excellent accessory

    5 Review stars By Allen D.

    Solves the problem of how to manage your stuff in the shower after swimming. Plenty of room for soap, shampoo, suit, but can fit in backpack or duffel wet pocket. Hangs on anything in the shower stall. Sturdy fabric and construction, excellent drainage. Was looking for something like this for years.

    Allen D.
    Boca Raton, FL


  • 5/16/2014 Shower bag

    2 Review stars By Southern gal

    The color (blue) was very vibrant and co-ordinated well with the Kelly green strap.  Although I liked the color, and quality seemed sturdy, I did return it because the bag only had one strap and would not work well in the gym shower setting.  I would consider purchasing this in the future if there was a new design with two straps.

    Southern gal
    Charlottesville, VA


  • 4/15/2014 Saltwater Canvas Shower Bag

    5 Review stars By Stephanie

    I love this for keeping my shower items separate from my swim items.



  • 4/5/2014 okay-does the job

    3 Review stars By Allison

    It only has one handle so a bit odd to carry.  Also won't really stand up and anything tall in the pockets - like shampoo - falls out pretty easily.  Wouldn't buy again.  Really too big - something smaller to carry shower stuff would be fine.

    Atlanta, GA


  • 4/25/2013 Pretty Good for the Gym

    4 Review stars By EdNLiz

    I really like the mesh and the pockets inside and outside for my toiletries for showering in the gym after aquacise class.  It dries pretty quickly and keeps my things organized.

    It could use a different strap or an extra loop with a clip or velcro on the strap.  Some gym showers (like the one I use) don't really accommodate shower bags.  I can't hang the bag on the shower head because it's angled and the bag slides down and diverts the water flow.  I had a key ring with a short strap and clip and I use that to hang the bag from the shower rod.

    Ocean County, NJ


  • 7/17/2017 This bag is a good size

    5 Review stars By Cindy

    This bag holds all my shower needs; soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. fits easily  on the hook outside of shower stall at the Y.

    Pittsburgh, PA


  • 4/1/2017 love it

    5 Review stars By DD Summer

    It keeps my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. in place to avoid the mess.

    DD Summer


  • 3/30/2017 It's ok.

    4 Review stars By LJ

    I could have used it a little bit bigger.  The canvas is very rigid so don't expect any stretch.  The center opening looks like the all black bag pic but NOT like the pics of the bags shown with multiple colors with the wider center opening.  It's big enough just for your basic shower supplies.  I tend to want to put my shower supplies and sandals and a small towel and my keys and my swim cap and goggles and my swimsuit detergent, and it just isn't designed for that.   I need something the size of a backpack with lots of pockets.  I think the pics represent it fairly well; I'm just not sure why it's sometimes referred to as the LARGE shower bag.  If this is large then the small would be, in my opinion, not worth having.

    Fargo, ND


  • 8/10/2016 Great for the gym

    4 Review stars By Mary

    Very functional

    Aptos CA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 9/4/2015 Best shower bag ever!

    5 Review stars By Pattie

    Made of strong plastic this shower bag is perfect!  Enough space for shampoo, conditioner, liquid body wash, nail brush and a washcloth. I have a soap case for a bar of olive oil soap to remove the chlorine after swimming and this fits inside the interior pocket.  There are also exterior pockets for a comb or toothpaste. But small enough to fit into my gym bag. When I get home I just hang it on a hanger to finish drying. I  have had  other swimmers approach me to find out where I purchased my shower bag. best shower bag ever!



  • 7/7/2015 Good.

    5 Review stars By Doris

    My daughter went over night camp and used it. She likes it and found it is very good .



  • 3/23/2014 Love it!

    5 Review stars By Maryann .

    It holds everything I need and doesn't add any more weight or bulk to may pool bag.

    Maryann .
    Long Island , NY


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