Poolmaster Nose Clip Reviews
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Poolmaster Nose Clip

Poolmaster Nose Clip Reviews

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2.5 star rating (30 Reviews)

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  • 10/17/2013 a great nose plug to use as a paper clip

    1 Review stars By LuAnn K.

    could not even begin to get on a nose.... so tight they would not even open. Not good for anything.

    LuAnn K.
    Quincy, IL


  • 5/8/2012 nose clip for elf

    1 Review stars By Elizabeth L.

    Could not pry the clip wide enough to fit my small nose.
    Not as pictured. Unuseable - not great.

    Elizabeth L.
    Alpena, MI


  • 7/19/2014 not good

    2 Review stars By tom

    stiff hard to fit for kids

    nj usa


  • 7/11/2014 a customar

    1 Review stars By Karin

    Not useful. Frankly a piece of junk. Molded plastic does not have elasticity. Besides the initial image you show to sell the product does not correspond to the actual product.

    Reston, VA


  • 3/6/2013 Perfect

    5 Review stars By Jennifer

    Locally we have only 1 style of nose plugs and if it falls off in the water you can't find it. These are less expensive and have the rubber that goes around your neck so you don't lose it. It is tight fitting so even my children can wear them.
    Shipping took forever (or so it seemed).

    RATHDRUMathdrum, ID


  • 5/15/2012 Material too hard

    1 Review stars By Mario M.

    The nose clip material is too hard and uncomfortable.

    Mario M.
    Bayonne, NJ


  • 4/27/2012 Not good

    1 Review stars By CE.

    I bought this for my daughter. When she tried it, it was so stiff that it hurt her nose. Called Swim Outlet immediately for replacing it with other nose clip.



  • 6/7/2016 Poolmaster junk

    1 Review stars By Al egan

    This product has NO lasting pinch quality if you do laps don't waist your money

    Al egan
    Kilmarnock va


  • 12/14/2015 Probably works better for people with a thinner nose

    3 Review stars By plattwear

    My nose is short and wide so the nose clip felt like it was meant for a child's nose instead of an adult.  It hurt quite a bit and slipped off easily. I guess I need a bigger nose clip.

    Lufkin, TX


  • 8/11/2015 a little disappointed

    3 Review stars By AttaGirl 1969

    They work as expected once I get them to stay on.  If they are not the right way up, they pop off.   The nose piece is very hard plastic, and it's hard to get on.

    AttaGirl 1969


  • 9/28/2017 Stays on

    5 Review stars By Lynn

    You need to stretch it out but it stays on better then the more expensive ones. Use nose plugs and save your hearing! I used to think it was a sine of a bad swimmer to wear nose plugs but I was loosing my hearing and my ENT Dr. said i need to wear nose plugs as when you get even a little water in your nose it can go to the inner ear and cause permanent hearing loss!



  • 8/28/2014 nose clip

    5 Review stars By cheryl p.

    i dont like water going up my nose so i saw this nose clip i thought i would ry and it does work thankyou so much for this product

    cheryl p.
    San Jose, CA


  • 8/14/2014 Not the best

    2 Review stars By Sallie Smith

    I initially liked this nose clip because it was orange with a white strap and the strap ends came through little holes at the bottom of the nose clip itself. About the third wearing, the strap ends came out of the clip and I had to tie them myself. Now it looks like large boogers are hanging out the end of the nose. Additionally, this is a very small and tigh nose clip so it might be useful for a child but you definitely have to adjust it and a child can't do that...it's too hard. I'd say the design needs to be reworked.

    Sallie Smith
    Alburtis, PA


  • 8/7/2014 lots of issues with this nose clip

    2 Review stars By Sallie S.

    i give lessons to adults and kids. I gave this nose clip to a fearful adult because she wanted to guarantee her nose would not get water in it. This clip is so tight on her that her nose turns blue wearing it. The second time she wore it the straps came out of the holes of the clip and I had to retie them and now it looks like there are things coming out of her nose. All in all, it's too hard to loosen and adjust. Even for kids, it's not flexible enough for them to use themselves. I like the orange color because you can see it when it comes off and goes in the pool but othewise, the design needs re-doing.

    Sallie S.
    Alburtis, PA


  • 8/3/2014 Hard to use

    2 Review stars By Cy;s Grandpa

    Used by 5 year old. Hard to  clip.  Spreading helped a little. Un sure if it will break.
    If other nose clip  had strap, i would've purchased them.  Patience is needed when putting on these clips.

    Cy;s Grandpa
    Albq, NM


  • 6/19/2014 DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY

    1 Review stars By bud I.

    Hard plastic and WAY too tight. I threw it away immediately.

    bud I.
    Santa Rosa, CA


  • 6/17/2014 Nose plugs

    1 Review stars By Pat

    A little disappointed with the nose plugs, I bought a few nose plugs for my granddaughter to use in our swimming pool, she is 9years old and the plugs are so tight they barely will stay in place.  I ordered them as they looked a bit like the plugs from years ago but they are not at all, very uncomfortable and I have 5 of them.

    Homer Glen, Illinois


  • 6/16/2014 Nose clips

    1 Review stars By Helen

    Really disappointed in nose clips!  Purchased 5, am returning them, as I can't get it on my small nose!  The big photo they show are the rubber ones, these are plastic!  I should've read the reviews before purchasing, not a positive review! They are worthless!

    Phoenix, Az


  • 6/4/2014 Do not buy

    1 Review stars By malissa

    Nota the same as main picture. Look at all. It's the hard plastic one.



  • 4/25/2014 not as shown in picture.

    1 Review stars By Jan

    It is just a toy not a useful nose plug. It had the plastic tip not the rubber coated I expected. Just not useful for my needs.



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