Manduka PRO Long Yoga Mat 85" 6mm Extra Thick Reviews
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Manduka PRO Long Yoga Mat 85

Manduka PRO Long Yoga Mat 85" 6mm Extra Thick Reviews

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4.5 star rating (22 Reviews)

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  • 5/15/2016 Too Hard!

    1 Review stars By kcyogi

    I purchased this mat directly from Manduka about a year ago. I loved the size and color (purple), but it was way too hard. It was actually distracting to my practice. The thing that infuriated me, though, was that I tried to leave a negative review on the Manduka website (twice), but they never posted it. I thought it was suspicious that all of their posted reviews were 5-star rave reviews and most of them were posted on the same date, but I truly would not have thought that they were screening negative reviews. So, I thought I would try to help others that were making a decision about which mat to try. I ended up giving this mat to a tall friend of mine, and it doesn't bother her as much as it did me, but she does usually have a towel under her knees.

    Westchester County, NY


  • 1/14/2015 Nice thick mat

    4 Review stars By Gertrud

    This mat was a gift for my husband, who with his 6'4" doesnt quite fit on a reguar mat. He liked the extra space, as well as the thickness.

    Costa Mesa, CA


  • 11/12/2015 take some time to break it in and you may eventually love it

    4 Review stars By grammy

    when initially opened and tried, the mat is very smelly. i had to put it outside for a couple of days to air out. then, it's slippery when you first use it. the instructions say it has to be scrubbed with coarse salt and a stiff brush to get the coating off. The worst thing about this mat is that it is so heavy. I decided to keep it around the house but for class i can't even imagine hauling it so i also bought the thinner version. so now i have two.

    It's a very good and comfortable mat to practice on, just need to be aware of the break in.

    houston, tx


  • 1/28/2015 GREAT

    5 Review stars By roy safanda

    product terrific  --  but you need a carrying device because it is HEAVY

    roy safanda
    san anselmo, ca


  • 10/20/2014 Good investment for a quality mat

    4 Review stars By Julie Fuller

    I went with the Manduka PRO Long because I was sick of landing off my mat during jump-backs and other similar sequences. I am not exceedingly tall (5'8"), but I am happy that I went with the long mat as opposed to the standard size. I have plenty of room now to really stretch out in savasana and I don't have to adjust my position back to the top of the mat during sequences as I had to do before. As other reviewers have mentioned, this mat is HEAVY. I had to buy a mat sling in order to facilitate bringing it to and from class--it was just too awkward for me to carry in hand with the rest of my belongings.

    The mat itself is sturdy, doesn't slip and provides a solid, very supportive base. I can tell the difference in quality between this mat and previous cheaper mats I've had just based on how it feels beneath me. The only reason I am giving this mat 4 instead of 5 stars is because the surface coat that is supposed to wear off still remains after many weeks of using the mat. Nothing I've done (rubbing with salt, scrubbing with soap, spraying with tea tree oil, practicing and sweating on it, etc.) has reduced its slickness, so I still resort to using a YogiToes when practicing because if not, I will slip and slide as soon as I start to sweat. Otherwise, I feel good about this mat and consider it a worthwhile investment in my yoga practice.

    Julie Fuller
    Jacksonville, FL


  • 10/31/2011 Bigger IS Better

    5 Review stars By Jes

    After some online research, I decided on the Manduka Pro and I am so glad I did.  I have a very prominent spine and tailbone and always had pain and dificulty with any postures on my back or balancing on my sit bones.  That is all a thing of the past with my new mat.  I am 6 ft tall and really appreciate more room to work with the longer mat.

    San Diego, CA


  • 11/30/2017 Great Yoga Mat

    5 Review stars By Selym

    There is a coating on the Mat when you first get it, but after constant use (about 3 months), this wears off and then sticky city.



  • 9/14/2017 Used Everyday

    5 Review stars By nonbinarystar

    This mat is fat. Like really, really fat. So fat that it permanently stays rolled out on my floor. With this comes freedom to roam and kinda be all over the place, which is a nice change from having to basically stay in the same spot and double dip your sweat.

    When I first purchased this I had considered returning it and even used my previous mat on top, but I kept thinking "Taj Mahal of yoga mats". A 30-day yoga program was what it took to get this mat to become one of my prized possessions. It's now a life partner and even has the shorter sibling for company.

    Buy this and commit to using it everyday or as much as possible as quickly as possible to unlock the full potential for life. #blackmagic

    Don't forget this this is fat like 9lbs fat. At first I brought it with me to class, but that didn't last long.



  • 7/12/2016 Excellent Long Mat

    5 Review stars By John Andrew

    Like the durability!

    John Andrew
    Sebastopol, CA


  • 7/13/2015 Still breaking it in

    4 Review stars By Kpies

    I received this mat for my birthday, after using cheap mats for the past few years.  It's definitely heavy, and while it's thick, it's quite hard, so for poses where you are "pressing your head into the mat" like in bridge or shoulder stand, it takes some getting used to.  

    I have used it in a few regular classes and one hot yoga class, and it surprisingly was fairly sticky even with the sweat.  

    I didn't break it in with coarse salt but I imagine that that will help bring along the stickiness even more!

    Overall, I'm happy with the mat, and its lifetime guarantee.



  • 6/10/2015 Best mat on the market

    5 Review stars By Yoga Danny

    Just that little extra length makes it easy to offset yourself from your neighbor when the arms start flying out :)

    Yoga Danny
    Jupiter, FL


  • 11/25/2014 Love this mat

    5 Review stars By antigoneDcat

    I recently purchased a second one of these mats for practicing at a second location.  I've used the first one for about a year now and love it.  I like that it is eco friendly, durable, good padding with not too much give, stays clean easily, and is LONG enough to fit me.  :)



  • 8/28/2014 Worst mat I've ever used!

    1 Review stars By Nicki

    This has been the worst yoga mat I have ever used. The first time I used it, even after salting it to break it in quicker, I slipped around and almost fell on my face so much that I had to leave my yoga class! One would think that spending a lot of money on a product would mean it is of high quality and safe to use, but I feel highly unsafe while doing anything on this mat. Normal amounts of hand and foot sweat while at rest are enough to make me slide around on this mat. Along with the sea salt, they say to use daily to break it in...but how can I use it daily, when I'm afraid I'll get hurt!?. Would not recommend; will probably have to sell on ebay =(

    Fargo, ND


  • 8/14/2014 Great customer service, Mat is too Hard

    1 Review stars By 52Man

    The mat is large enough (I am 6"3") but is uncomfortably hard. I have 5 standard size yoga mats from various manufacturers that vary in "firmness". This is the only yoga mat I have used that is actually too hard to lie on comfortably. I returned the mat and received great customer service.



  • 10/9/2013 Perfect mat for my knees

    5 Review stars By David

    I'm glad I went with this longer, wider mat; it's perfect.  Yes, it's heavier to carry to class than a regular mat, but it gives great support to my knees and that makes it worth it.  I also like the tackiness of this mat.
    My order was acknowledged, filled and mailed within hours of my placing the order.  Great service.

    Kauai, HI


  • 9/13/2013 The best even better

    5 Review stars By George S.

    I have owned the standard length model for a little while and really liked it. I decided treat myself to the longer version of the same mat and now instead of really liking the mat I really love the mat.

    George S.


  • 5/22/2013 Bought this for the wife

    5 Review stars By KK

    Although I'm not the one using this mat, my wife is ecstatic about this mat I bought her. She loves the extra length that allows her to have more freedom of movement all while not having to worry about  re-positioning herself to stay on the mat. She's constantly raving about how nice it is and how it does not slip on the wood floor we have. I'm a firm believer that most times you get what you pay for, and I think my wife finally agrees with me.

    Gardena, CA


  • 1/18/2013 This is definitely a PRO Mat!

    5 Review stars By Swooping Eagle

    I am a big guy who loves his yoga practice! This mat is the best! Great grip for my feet, cushioning just right, too. I love the added 2" to the width and the added length that helps me keep on the mat in Savasana!
    The "Like New" smell out of the wrapper seems to wear off quickly enough with use. A beautiful product with deep color and simple logo in the corner. My fellow yogi/yoginis are jealous!


    Swooping Eagle
    Great Falls, MT


  • 7/12/2012 Big Mat!!!

    5 Review stars By 23's Dad

    Really like this mat!  The length and width allow me to freely move between postions and not be concerned with adjusting to stay on my mat.  The firmness is good for balance poses.  It could be a touch softer under my knees, but it's not painful.  Since it is firm, I can take standing poses without having to move onto the bare floor.

    I'm a fairly good sized guy (6-0, 220), and can get pretty sweaty.  This mat does need to be broken-in, and I use rosin under my feet and hands to hold a non-slip Down Dog.  The first couple of outings without the rosin got a little slick.  The mat is very sticky on dry/damp skin, but when you're sweating droplets off your eyelashes, look-out!    

    I'd rather have this mat, with it's closed cell construction, than a cheap mat that just soaks everything up.  I can towel it off quickly during my practice, and cleanse it when I get home.

    Gotta let it air out unrolled for the first couple of weeks, all rubber products do have a smell.

    23's Dad
    Tustin, CA


  • 1/20/2018 Manduka Pro long

    5 Review stars By Reggie

    The  best mat I ever used for yoga. I got the Manduka Pro long 85" 6 mm . Excellent grip and good on the knees and  for balance. ECO friendly, closed cell to keep moisture and  bacteria out. Also a  little bit of a status owning one.
    I'm 6' -2" 215 lbs muscular

    Highly rerecommend! A little pricey but  no more wasteing money on  inferior mats.  Get the strap to carry.
    6 mm on the heavy  side but not a problem for me.
    This mat may have improved my practice.   Also they say lifetime,  we will see!

    Long Island NY

    Fit: Feels true to size

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