Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel Reviews
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Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel

Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel Reviews

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4 star rating (21 Reviews)

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  • 9/2/2017 Not worth it

    1 Review stars By Kate C.

    As another reviewer stated, this towel is too large for the mat but that's not the worst part. I have used it for hot yoga when my Manduka towel (with rubber nubs on bottom) is in the wash. This towel bunches up - wet or not. It's VERY annoying when switching between Warriors or flowing Eagle, W3, etc. If I could return it, I would. I just ordered 2 YogiToes towels from this site, those should be better. PS: I also had bought the same brand hand towel at the same time. It's not that great or absorbent. My hot yoga is hotter than most - 105 degrees, 75 mins. A dish towel is better.

    Kate C.
    Commack, NY


  • 8/29/2017 Inadequate towel

    2 Review stars By LAmom

    I bought 2 towels and this one was cheaper in price. It is larger than my mat. It doesnt stick to the mat and is wrinkled during my class. The more expensive one, was far superior.

    Los Angeles


  • 2/5/2017 Great price and product

    5 Review stars By Addy

    Great towel for people who need a little extra grip or have sweaty palms like me. Only issue is the color bled the first time I washed it onto a white sock that snuck in with the towels. Washed them another time to make sure most of the color was done bleeding out. Otherwise nice and grippy.



  • 6/24/2016 My favorite for vinyasa class

    5 Review stars By Rose

    This towel is the smallest packing, lightest weight, most effective *nonslip* yoga towel available. If you want a towel that will absorb like a towel, buy a regular towel. This towel shines in its capacity not to slip, so if you do advanced asanas and need to know your hands and/or feet won't slide out from under you, this is the towel for you. I have several and couldn't be happier with their performance and durability.

    Boston, Ma

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 11/22/2017 YOGA MAT TOWEL

    5 Review stars By EXOR COTE

    What a difference a YOGA MAT TOWEL makes during class! feels soft and secures to YOGA MAT and really helps to prevent feet and hands from slipping during class



  • 10/10/2017 very very good

    5 Review stars By MM

    as expected well fitting and functional

    oakland, ca


  • 10/4/2017 love it!

    5 Review stars By lin

    love it!

    vancouver, bc


  • 8/18/2017 Slip 'n slide solution

    5 Review stars By Vanessa

    Love my heated Vinyasa classes, but didn't love the (very real) possibility of slipping and falling in my own perspiration! My Manduka eKO Lite mat and these towels have solved the problem and removed the distraction from my practice. These become grippier when damp, so I find it helpful to spray with water before class.



  • 7/21/2017 Great towel

    5 Review stars By Colleen S.

    I use mine for hot yoga and it is really great.  No slipping!

    Colleen S.
    Mission Viejo, CA


  • 5/15/2017 Awesome

    5 Review stars By Edwin

    This was my first yoga towel and I could not be more satisfied with my purchase.

    Fort Lauderdale, FL


  • 2/6/2017 Fantastic for Bikram

    5 Review stars By Patrick

    I already have a Manduka mat so this towel fits it perfectly. I have three of the eQUa towels and they are a great value. Super soft and super absorbent.  I use them mostly for Bikram so I soak then with sweat. I had to learn to wash then several times first because they do bleed. Slipping isn't much of an issue in Bikram but I've used these for vinyasa classes and they're pretty solid for that as well. I don't think any towel is totally slip free but these are so soft you won't mind stumbling, if you do, which is good for your practice anyway.

    Buffalo, NY


  • 10/13/2016 Works like a charm.

    4 Review stars By Ally S.

    This product surprised my instructor. I told how well it held up during a hot yoga session and she was impressed because it does not have the rubber dots on the bottom to cling to the mat. I did not need them! Now, it's got four stars because I initially thought it came with the sticky dots on the bottom and was a little disappointed, but after my first use I figured I do not even need that feature! Great purchase and have already recommended this to friends.

    Ally S.
    Dallas, TX


  • 6/8/2016 Suede-like texture prevents slipping

    5 Review stars By Lindsay Hetzel

    I use the eQua towel with my new EKO mat and I love it. The towel prevents slipping during hot yoga, I usually spray it with water in the feet and hand areas, but after a few minutes of sweaty practice it is fine as well. When I started slipping on it I washed it and went back to being non-slip.  The mat doesn't budge during practice, compared to my old microfiber towel that would bunch and slip. This towel is a must if you do hot yoga.

    Lindsay Hetzel


  • 4/21/2015 Not the best Maduka yoga towel

    3 Review stars By Zoe

    I bought this because of the great price, but the quality was not as good as the Maduka mats I purchased from my yoga studio. I Don't think its counterfeit just close-out quality. I will use this but it will be a backup not my primary mat towel. I do hot yoga so I prefer a more absorbent towel.



  • 10/27/2014 I really like it!

    4 Review stars By Haas

    It works great! No slipping!  Only issue is during Hot yoga it gets so soaked that if I'm not careful it will make yoga farts.  Some may say that's ok, but i really don't want my neighbors thinking that how I roll or even worse I was holding back but....  That aside i really do like it!



  • 8/23/2013 Great mop

    5 Review stars By Sunsailer

    I originally bought this product for use on top of my yoga mat.  It was hard to find a towel that was large enough to cover my mat, but this does it perfectly.  It is absorbent, light weight and an overall great towel.  I intended using it strictly as a yoga towel, but I now use it for all of my personal 'towely' needs.

    Saint Petersburg, FL


  • 1/7/2018 Different color

    3 Review stars By Stefaniamaria

    It was a lot darker than the photo, and is a little large. Needs more traction. But it’s ok not bad quality. I wet it a little to be able to grip

    Las Vegas

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 1/24/2017 Not quite the same

    4 Review stars By Mother of seven

    The overlock stitching around the edge tends to curl, especially around the tag. The Manduka towel I received a few years ago does not do that.

    Mother of seven
    Las Vegas


  • 10/13/2016 Great towel

    5 Review stars By Kylee

    I was skeptical about this towel at first because right out of the package it felt slippery.  But I have used it several times in my hot yoga practice and found it to be the best towel I have ever used.  It is absorbent enough for me but I can see how other might have an issue with that.  My hands and feet don't slip and slide and I don't have to keep repositioning myself to get a good grip.  But best of all it does not slip and bunch like every other towel does and it is large enough to cover my whole mat.  I am really happy with this towel and plan to get another one.

    Salt Lake City, UT


  • 3/1/2016 Very Disapointed

    1 Review stars By

    I purchased 2 of these towels.  The material is SO THIN.  I used it yesterday for the first time at my bikram class.  Someone accidentally spilled water on the towel it never dried during the entire 90 min class.  I was very disappointed with its lack of moisture wicking performance.  I will try it today and see if I have the same results.  Otherwise I will be sending them back.  Manduka is known for their quality and this is not quality!
    Hollywood FL


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