Huma Chia Energy Gel Plus (24 Pack) Huma Chia Energy Gel Plus (24 Pack)

Huma Chia Energy Gel Plus (24 Pack)

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  • Feel good and be healthy with the all-natural, Real Food energy gel ingredients combined with finely-blended, energy boosting Chia seeds. The tasty Huma Chia Energy Gel Plus 24-pack provide ample nutrition and energy to keep you going. The delicious formula features a blend of ground chia seeds which provide fiber content to help control the absorption of carbs for steady energy release. The unique recipe creates an incredibly smooth texture and awesome taste while helping to reduce physiological stress and lessen physical fatigue.


    • 24 pack.
    • Gluten & Dairy Free.
    • Vegan Friendly.
    • Berries and Pomegranate: Caffeine free.
    • Strawberry Lemonade: 25mg caffeine.
    • Great-Tasting: Savor the taste with flavor that comes from real fruit puree.
    • 100% All-Natural: Be healthy with Real Food ingredients combined with finely-blended Chia seeds.
    • Easy to Swallow: Consume Huma Gel smoothly and easily with our high water content/real food formula.
    • No Stomach Issues: Enjoy your gel without worrying about nausea or finding the nearest bathroom.
    • Long-Lasting Performance: 2:1 Glucose (short and long chains) to Fructose ratio combined with all 9 essential amino acids give you maximum boost.

    Ingredients List

    • Berries and Pomegranate: Evaporated Cane Juice, Brown Rice Syrup, Strawberry Puree, Water, Blueberry Puree, Milled Chia, Pomegranate Juice, Sea Salt, Blueberry Concentrate, Strawberry Concentrate, Coconut Water Power Citric Acid.
    • Strawberry Lemonade: Evaporated Cane Juice, Brown Rice Syrup, Strawberry Puree, Lemon Juice, Milled Chia, Water, Strawberry Concentrate, Sea Salt, Coconut Water Powder, Citric Acid, Natural Caffeine.

    Nutritional Information

    • Berries and Pomegranate (100 calories):
            - Sodium: 240mg.
            - Potassium: 60mg.
            - Magnesium: 18mg.
            - Total Carb: 24g.
            - Fiber: 1g.
            - Protein: 1g.
            - Vitamin C: 8%.
            - Calcium 3%.
            - Iron: 2%.
    • Strawberry Lemonade (100 calories):
            - Sodium: 240mg.
            - Potassium: 60mg.
            - Magnesium: 14mg.
            - Total Carb: 24g.
            - Fiber: 1g.
            - Protein: 1g.
            - Vitamin C: 15%.
            - Calcium 3%.
            - Iron: 2%.

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Huma is a brand new company that makes all-natural, great-tasting energy gels people enjoy eating. It was started in January 2012 by Ian McCollum and Kevin Sherbourne, two young grad-school students who were tired of awful energy gels. Huma gels were officially launched in November 2012 and have since seen their popularity expand like crazy!

The idea for Huma was born in the sands of Iraq. In the summer of 2009 a US Army soldier named 1st Lieutenant McCollum was charged with leading grueling missions throughout Iraq. At the time he was reading a book about the Tarahumara, a tribe of Mexican Indians who regularly compete in epic 100+ mile races as part of their culture. To fuel themselves on these ultramarathons, they use a special chia seed blend. He figured if it worked for them in Mexico, maybe it would work for him in Iraq.

It did. In fact, the stuff was amazing at keeping him going, and that discovery eventually led to the creation of Huma. Today, Huma brings together Tarahumara tradition, sports nutrition research, healthy ingredients and great taste as our best shot at helping you enjoy your gel.