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FINIS Pulling Ankle Band

FINIS Pulling Ankle Band Reviews

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  • 9/13/2014 Solution for the "too loose" complaint

    4 Review stars By Former Gator

    I use the band around my ankles placing a pull buoy down by my ankles too to lift my legs to a more neutral position and it creates a little more drag.

    Go online and search for a 1.5" plastic buckle, like what you find on backpacks.

    Cut the Finis band and thread it through the buckle. I had to shave a little plastic out of the buckle to make enough room for the band to fit properly on one side, approximately 1/32".

    Now you have an "adjustable" Finis band that's easy to get on and off.

    I swim 3,000 to 5,000 yds/m a workout and have pulled over 2,500 yds like this short course, long course, and open water.
    Super comfortable, and the Finis band will not wear out like the Speedo's velcro band.

    Good luck.

    Former Gator
    Winter Park, FL


  • 3/27/2014 Pull Band

    5 Review stars By mobymelville

    I use this to keep my knees tight in breast stroke kick. My improvement is drastically better. The band so comfortable that I wear it all the time to keep me nice and streamlined.

    Sarasota FL


  • 7/12/2014 Fixing a poor kick

    5 Review stars By Mropus

    Had a masters coach look at my kick and said I was dragging my legs and had a deep kick with too much knee bend. Started using the band with my pull buoy. Then left it in place when I started my kick drills. Shallowed my kick and started a much needed fix to my kick and now I'm flying through the water. Love what the band does to control my kick and I encourage others to try it.

    Holly Springs. NC


  • 7/7/2014 Nice Tool!

    4 Review stars By Boomerang

    This band is useful to challenge maintaining body position. I twist band a couple of times to ensure a tight fit around ankles; then just start pulling. It's definitely more of a challenge than with a buoy since there is no float! Your legs drag unless you focus on body position - nice tool!

    Cincinnati, OH


  • 2/9/2017 Finis Pulling Ankle Band

    2 Review stars By Dottie

    The pulling ankle band is just too big to stay around the ankles while swimming. It could be half the size and be very effective. I have to improvise and place it around my thighs just above the knees. But then that defeats the purpose of why I bought it: to keep from kicking my legs when using the pull buoy.

    Baltimore, MD


  • 8/2/2014 ankle band finis

    2 Review stars By Eric C.

    Thought came in different sizes. thought i was getting a blue one the small size but got a yellow one would like a smaller ankle band and a blue one like the picture shows not yellow i seen no yellow ankle band when i ordered it is showed blue. when it arrived at my house it was yellow and a lot bigger than i expected. If there is a smaller band size other than the yellow one that seems large it would be great to have a blue one not yellow whether the sizes are the same i order blue because that is what the picture had shown. If the blue one is smaller in size than the yellow one i would gladly exchange the yellow one for blue but it they are the same size then there is no sense. you might just want to change the picture to yellow ankle band because it shows blue in the picture and didn't give size or color options.

    Eric C.
    Bay City, MI


  • 10/4/2009 Great tool: a little big for small ankles

    4 Review stars By Swimster

    This is a great tool to be used in addition to or independent from a pull buoy for training. However, it will be too big for juniors or kids (had to wrap it around one foot twice for a smaller swimmer the other day). Durable and sturdy.

    New York, NY


  • 12/25/2016 Exactly what I needed

    5 Review stars By Swimmergirl27

    This corrects your kick and allows you different workouts. It is great!



  • 12/9/2012 a headache product

    1 Review stars By lily

    it doesn't work as said and always fall into water. so, just give up .



  • 5/31/2017 Better than a bike tube but needs twists

    3 Review stars By 3Swords

    I used to use a bike tire tube but have always found the knot annoying. This FINIS version is a bit long so you have to put two twists in at ankle level if you want your feet together. Slightly better than the knot but still annoying and a bit clumsy. Too bad they don't have more than one size. Rubber seems to be thick and durable enough to last at least a year - only time will tell. I've also seen swimmers with straps made from a small trailer/cart tire innner tubes, cut into slices. If you find the right size tube, you don't need the twists.

    Victoria, BC


  • 12/8/2015 Good tool for engaging the core and focusing on finishing each stroke by the hip

    5 Review stars By savillara

    Put it around your ankles and forget about using your legs. Power up with your core to rotate side to side and move your arms fast if you don't want to sink!

    Seattle, wa


  • 9/26/2015 Pull strap

    5 Review stars By J.Ray

    These straps work perfectly. They are comfortable and long enough to twist for smaller people or keep open for larger people. They are easy to see in your bag and to mark your name on the surface.



  • 5/22/2014 Way too big

    1 Review stars By Marty

    I got this thinking it would work well but it is terrible. Even if I put it in a figure 8 it will not work. I use the Speedo Ankle Lock I got from Swim Outlet and much prefer it. I put this in a drawer and will never use it. I use the Ankle Lock everyday. I don't recommend this at all.



  • 12/18/2012 Great for working on high hip placement in the water!

    5 Review stars By Sara S.

    I would recommend using the ankle band with a pull buoy until you get used to having your feet completely drag.

    This will make your pull stronger, a definite plus for triathletes, in saving your legs for the bike/run!

    Sara S.
    Reston, VA


  • 4/27/2012 challenging

    3 Review stars By Aimee M.

    I was hoping for smaller to actually use around my ankles, but they do work for their intended purpose. I'm still getting used to them as I break from "pull bouy dependance". The help you in remembering bouancy and technique. I got these for my daughter who is swimming unattached right now and she loves it, but for myself, I'm seeing how the ankle band will make me stronger.

    Aimee M.
    Travis AFB, CA


  • 3/25/2012 Great

    5 Review stars By Swimandscience

    I use it about 2x a week and it works great during practice. It seems like it will last unlike the speedo ankle lock band that rips really easy.

    Northridge ca


  • 11/16/2009 band

    1 Review stars By paula s.

    it is to large and keeps slipping off. would not purchase again

    paula s.
    meadowbrook, PA


  • 12/22/2008 More Than A Pulling Ankle Band

    5 Review stars By Andy

    I have been looking for something which can be used above the knees to keep them together when swimming breast stroke and butterfly. When I saw this and the price is very reasonable, so I ordered one and tried it on my son (10 years old) by putting it just above the knees it when doing the dry-land with stretchcordz for the frog kick. It works quite well in dry-land and I am sure that it will work well in the water. You can also use it when doing squarts, side steps in dry-land too and anything you can think of. More importantly, it is only $5.39 and more than just an ankle band for pulling!

    Chicago, IL


  • 2/4/2021 Easy on Easy Off

    5 Review stars By D. Stew

    This product is strong and keeps your feet from moving. The goal is to make your arms work harder. It works.

    D. Stew
    Franklin, Ma


  • 2/3/2021 Keeps my pull buoy in place

    5 Review stars By Tfit

    I have a hard time keeping my pull body from sliding out while I’m swimming, especially on flip turns. Using this band really helps keep it in place.

    Sonoma County


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