FINIS AXIS Medium Size Pull Buoy FINIS AXIS Medium Size Pull Buoy FINIS AXIS Medium Size Pull Buoy FINIS AXIS Medium Size Pull Buoy

FINIS AXIS Medium Size Pull Buoy

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Boost your training with the FINIS AXIS Buoy. The dual-function design helps to improve your body position in the water while... Read More
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    Boost your training with the FINIS AXIS Buoy. The dual-function design helps to improve your body position in the water while building upper body and core strength. This pull buoy features ergonomic keyholes to function as both an ankle float and a leg buoy.


    • FINIS pull buoy.
    • Lifts hips and legs: For proper technique.
    • Immobilizes legs: Helps to build upper body strength.
    • Streamlined contours: Fits comfortable between the legs.
    • Ergonomic keyholes: Easily transfer the buoy between ankles and legs.
    • Lightweight EVA foam: Smooth design with a slightly textured surface for a secure grip.
    • Improves hip rotation: Focuses on the hips while pulling to build core strength.

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  • how to decide the size?

    Some people require more buoyant pull buoys than others. Anyone with large legs, heavily-muscled legs, or legs that have a tendency to sink should look for a larger pull buoy. To that end, there is some variety when it comes to choosing the size — and therefore buoyancy — of a pull buoy. Buoys with thicker, wider, and more generous ends keep even the heaviest legs at the surface of the water. Too-small pull buoys won’t keep the legs high enough, and can reinforce an incorrect body position.

    Children and petite people should get pull buoys in smaller sizes; either ones designed specifically for juniors, or merely in a smaller size. Although smaller people can still use large pull buoys, they won't be as balanced in the water and the large pull buoy can prevent some of their body's rotation as they swim. You can read more about selecting a pull buoy size at this link.

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    Answered by on 6/16/2017

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    Answered by Chelsea on 6/22/2018

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  • is there a size component to this

    There is a medium and a small size. I bought the medium and it works well. It's forcing me to firm up my core while I'm pulling, something a standard pull buoy does not do. I use it on both my feet and between my thighs and both are more comfortable than the usual kind.

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    Answered by keith on 8/6/2017

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    Answered by Chelsea on 6/22/2018

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  • What is a pull buoy used for?

    This is a great buoy for freestyle training.   You can use it to float your body position up by placing it on your ankles or you may use it as a typical training buoy.

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    Answered by on 8/18/2016

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  • 4.5 Review Stars (16 Reviews)

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    4/5/2021 Great alternative to regular pull buoy

    5 Review Stars By Tri Swim

    When placed around my ankles, it helps me focus on body rotation and upper body strength. Pairs nicely with swim paddles. Good to mix it up as it also serves nicely as a regular buoy.

    Tri Swim
    Dallas, TX

  • 11/9/2015 Novel idea but poor implementation

    3 Review Stars By Underwhelmed1

    Novel idea but the implementation was poor. When used just above the ankles it tended to not fit snugly and therefore tended to "move" in the opposite direction of rotation. This was somewhat unsettling and tended to contribute to a feeling of greater drag / resistance when swimming. I will continue to use but find myself defaulting more and more to a regular pool buoy.

    When used elsewhere on the body ( thighs, knees, arms) the device functioned adequately.

    Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

  • 3/17/2021 Best tool for improving body alignment

    5 Review Stars By Sasa

    Keep between your ankles and swim working on body alignment . Using this tool increases awareness of body stability in water.

    São Paulo

  • 6/22/2016 Great addition to my swimming routine

    5 Review Stars By lisadramsey

    LOVE how using this on my ankles helps improve my focus on keeping core engaged during my stroke!  Awesome invention!


  • 1/14/2021 Versatile

    5 Review Stars By George Serbia

    Innovative, clever design. You can vary your pull sets by either attaching it to your ankles or using it the way you normally use a buoy.  Especially if you want to get to where you can do a pull set with a buoy and an ankle strap.

    George Serbia

  • 3/18/2016 Awesome

    5 Review Stars By Carolyn S.

    My swim instructor suggested I try Finis Axis buoy and I  fell in love with it! It gives me more stability and balance. I can see improvements in my swim as a result of this product

    Carolyn S.
    Atlanta, GA

  • 12/24/2020 axial pool buoy

    5 Review Stars By Heidi

    I love it! Helps swimmer rotate on the longitudinal axis.

    Pottsboro, TX

  • 6/2/2016 Works well for average size swimmers

    4 Review Stars By Ref_Ron

    As a larger body swimmer, my ankles don't fit completely in the slots. This makes it difficult on lap turns keeping the buoy on.

    San Jose, CA

  • 7/30/2020 works well but hard to put on at ankles

    4 Review Stars By Bob STARKEY

    Purchased strictly for use at ankles, never used anything similar.  When used as normal pull buoy between thighs - nothing special.  When I used it around ankles found I was pulling much better except my legs tended to drift when doing one arm pull drill.  I can't stand jumping into the pool and always put on equipment standing in the pool.  It is not easy to clamp your ankles into this standing upright in the water, the body  is so buoyant. which makes it great in use once you get it on.t

    Lynchburg, VA

  • 10/1/2015 Very cool!

    5 Review Stars By Jen

    I love this product!  So many ways to use it!  Well done, Finis!


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FINIS is Latin for "The End" or "Finale", and it signifies in the name of this company both the developmental goals that swimmers have and the end that they strive to reach—the finish line. Founded in 1993, FINIS provides highly technical competition suits, training equipment, child water-safety products and high end goggles. Their very popular SwiMP3 water-proof digital media player is revolutionary in its streamlined design, enabling a swimmer to listen to music while practicing laps and other exercises in the pool.