Finding My Lifesaver - A Swimmer's Journey Through Success, Burnout and Finding Balance Reviews
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Finding My Lifesaver - A Swimmer's Journey Through Success, Burnout and Finding Balance

Finding My Lifesaver - A Swimmer's Journey Through Success, Burnout and Finding Balance Reviews

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  • 2/11/2010 A Good Read...

    4 Review stars By JMO

    Having been a swimmer from childhood through young adulthood and having felt the incredible pressure that this sport and others can frequently place on young athletes, I felt compelled to read Kristen's story of motivation, success, and ultimately burnout. It offers a fantastic account of a very successful career as a prominent young athlete. Although the narration and recount of events can be less than poetic at times...that in itself is the wonderful thing about this story. It was written not by an accomplished author or professional sports writer but rather the person who actually lived the events that are described. Kristen's story is definitely an easy read yet provides incredibly valuable insight into the pressures often felt by young talented athletes. I would reccommend this book to young athletes and parents alike. The story may help you understand your child, your star breaststroker, or yourself just a little bit better.

    Washington, DC


  • 11/30/2009 I had to read this book!

    5 Review stars By Zach

    I had to read this book. I have been boggled down with the stress of law school and despite all the late nights of studying and tons of reading, I just knew I had to read it. Kristen has been a good friend of mine for nearly 10 years after we trained together prior to the Olympic Trials in 2000. She has always been someone I have looked up to and I have held her in the highest regards most of my career. Not only because she was an excellent swimmer, but she was also an excellent friend and individual. This book is incredibly important for all athletes and parents to read. It helps athletes and parents recognize the most important aspects of life, how to keep a balanced life and what benefits can come out of healthy athletic competition. Kristen did a wonderful job at describing her experience and it is easy to relate to. I too suffered from serious problems in swimming, as my senior year in college I was diagnosed with over-training syndrome and later found out it could have been classified as exercise addiction. I wanted so badly to make the Olympic Trials and re-qualify for the NCAA championships that I put everything on hold and let swimming rule my life. It tore me to pieces and I progressively got worse. I swam through a sprained back, the flu, multiple colds and all the bad practices to me meant that I had to push even harder. By the time we recognized what was going on, it was too late in the season. The only way to recover was to stay out of the water. How I wish I would have read this book before my senior year. I couldn't put this book down because it's something I can relate to. It's something I've experienced and I've tried so hard to communicate to others the importance of not letting swimming, law school, or any other activity define them. As for Katie's comment, I think she missed the whole importance of the book. It seems as if she was looking for flaws from the get-go. This isn't a fiction, it's not Twilight. This is a real life story. We get to look into the eyes and heart of Kristen and really feel what she was experiencing. This history is beneficial to any athlete, as it can help stop someone from going through similar experiences. I wish that I had read this book before my senior year of college, as I would have avoided at lot of problems. I like to think of it as a biography and a self-help book at the same time. This book was incredibly beneficial and if you don't believe it is, you've missed the mark. Or maybe you just can't relate. If all you got out of it was "I swam here, I felt this..." then you weren't reading into the whole message of the book and were not open to what it really had to offer. It offered what the problem Kristen's problem was and how she was able to turn around through looking to God and finding that proper balance. Thank you Kristen for writing such a powerful book. You have so much to offer to the sport, to athletes and to parents.

    Mesa, AZ


  • 10/15/2009 Sink or Swim?

    2 Review stars By Katie

    This book was an interesting tale about a swimmer's journey through life, finding what made her happy and so on.  However, this author lacks story line, and focuses more on how great she was, or how awful her life was.  Indeed, her story is qutie remarkable, and I am sure that anyone would have loved to make it as far as her.  It WOULD be nice to have someone else besides Kristen speak inside this memoir, and have a little more of a plot than just "I swam here, i felt this, blah blah blah".

    Lancaster, PA


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