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Daktronics Wireless Horn Start System Package

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The Daktronics Wireless Horn Start System Package is a complete starting solution for aquatics and track. Signal the start of a... Read More
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    The Daktronics Wireless Horn Start System Package is a complete starting solution for aquatics and track. Signal the start of a race with a distinct start tone and simultaneous flash. The HS-200R horn start can be programmed to sound a typical start tone or emulate a gunshot. The included microphone makes announcements, sends start/recall signals, and changes internal settings. Smart Start and Recall features can be enables or disabled depending on the officials' preference.

    How It Works

    • 15 hours of battery use on full charge and 5-year life span (with regular charging after each meet).
    • Internal 40-watt speaker sounds voice and start signals.
    • 360° strobe light is easily viewable indoors and outdoors for all athletes and officials.
    • Smart Start detects a connection from the timing console to eliminate the possibility of a missed start.
    • Dedicated outputs to auxiliary and lane speakers for maximum performance and flexibility.
    • Two sealed volume controls for independent control of main/auxiliary speakers and up to 10 lane speakers.
    • Start output provides both normally open and normally closed contacts to accept multiple timing system brands.
    • Practice Mode allows coaches to signal starts with as little as 3 seconds between athletes.

    Design Details

    • LED indicators display start and recall and battery status.
    • Color-coded jacks for quick setup.
    • Durable, lightweight aluminum.
    • Dimensions: 12''H x 8''W x 14''D.
    • Weight: 13 lbs.
    • Power: 120/240 VAC or rechargeable battery.

    What’s Included

    • Daktronics HS200R wireless horn start.
    • Backstroke flagpole mounting bracket.

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About This Brand


Daktronics™ is a leading supplier around the word in scoreboards, timing systems and video displays for large and small athletic facilities. Their LED technology and sounds systems enhance spectators' experience and make it possible for competitions, meets and events to run smoothly. Since 1968, Daktronics products have been welcome additions on pool decks during swim meets, at water polo games, on playing fields and more.

Daktronics products are high-quality, durable scoring systems designed to facilitate officials, players, and spectators. Daktronics scoreboards and timing equipment comes in a wide variety of models, making it easy for each team or facility to find the package that best fits their needs. Basic versions are perfect for facilities that need simple time and scoring displays, while more complex models can be used across a variety of sports. Especially in the worlds of swim meets and water polo games, Daktronics scoring and shot clock packages are increasingly popular choices.

Daktronics horn start packages and scoreboards are perfect for starting and announcing needs at swim meets, while their scoreboards and desk setups make it possible for pools to run multiple water polo games simultaneously, if needed. Accessories in the form of announcement systems, Daktronics shot clocks, wireless capability, Daktronics tripods and Daktronics speaker systems make it possible for users to customize a setup that works best for their needs. Daktronics technology continues to hold its ground as reliable, durable equipment that gets the job done.