Compex Wireless Muscle Stimulator Compex Wireless Muscle Stimulator Compex Wireless Muscle Stimulator Compex Wireless Muscle Stimulator Compex Wireless Muscle Stimulator Compex Wireless Muscle Stimulator Compex Wireless Muscle Stimulator

Compex Wireless Muscle Stimulator

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  • Take your workout to the next level with the Compex Wireless Muscle Stimulator. As the first FDA-cleared wireless electric muscle stimulation device, it gives you all the benefits of top-of-the-line devices without the hassle of wires, giving you freedom of movement during your workouts like you've never experienced before.


    How It Works

    • Electrostimulation device meant to stimulate nerve fibers by means of electrical impulses transmitted by electrodes.
    • High quality electrical pulses that offer safety, comfort, and efficiency.
    • Nine different training programs to suit your specific athletic needs.
    • Endurance Program
      - Helps you cope with long-duration aerobic activities and increases muscle resistance to fatigue by building slow-twitch muscle fibers.
    • Resistance Program
      - An all-around program for endurance and strength, building both slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers.
    • Strength Program
      - Increases sheer muscle strength better than conventional weightlifting alone, with less risk of muscle-tendon injury.
    • Explosive Strength Program
      - For developing short bursts of power without the traumatic or violent movements associated with conventional training.
    • Potentiation Program
      - Warms up muscle faster without psychological, muscular, or cardiovascular fatigue.
    • Active Recovery® Program
      - Facilitates relaxation of muscle and reduces muscle soreness and stiffness following competition or demanding workouts.
    • Recovery Plus® Program
      - Does not contract the muscle. Helps clear lactic acid and increase blood flow at lower frequencies--perfect for muscles that are fatigued after a vigorous workout or competition.
    • Pre-Warm Up Program
      - Does not contract the muscle. Runs at a frequency  specifically targeted to increase blood flow that oxygenates the muscle prior to a workout or competition. This program is recommended if there is any risk of cramp.
    • Massage Program
      - Electrostimulation develops the blood capillary network of the exposed muscles. This improves irrigation and oxygenation.



    • The Compex Wireless Muscle Stimulator helps balance your muscles from side to side, reducing the likelihood of injury.
    • Increases blood flow up to 600% faster and reduces lactic acid in 4-6 minutes. This means faster recovery and more time for activity.
    • Wakes up dormant muscle tissue and allows you to re-engage more of your true potential.
    • Wireless:
      - All the benefits and programs of the Compex Sport Elite, while delivering the freedom of wireless.
      - Wireless pods replace bulky cables to offer maximum mobility during muscle stim sessions (both active and passive).
      - Pods connect to the electrode pads with paten pending easy-snap application.
      - Smaller, sleeker, and lighter design than wired versions.
      - Easy-to-use individually controlled channels for targeted therapy of specific muscle areas.
      - Ultra-sleek docking station for easy, self-contained storage and charging of control unit and electrode pods.


    Design Details

    • Casing: Dual-texture.
    • Dimensions: 4.25 x 2.75 x 0.75 in.


    What's Included

    • Compex Wireless Muscle Stimulator.
    • Wireless Modules (4).
    • 2 x 4" Easy Snap Gel Electrodes (2 packs of 2). 
    • 2 x 2" Easy Snap Gel Electrodes (2 packs of 4).
    • Docking Station and Carrying Case.

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Compex is a Swiss brand that has built up unparalleled expertise over a period of just over twenty years in the areas of physiotherapy, pain treatment, and sports training. Over the years, Compex’s flagship electrostimulation technology has become essential to health care professional and the most demanding athletes. It is now a widely known training technique coming from an unparalleled expertise, used for physical preparation, muscular recovery, injury prevention and pain treatment.