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Arena®'s Swedix Mirror Goggle is a sleek, minimalist goggle with Arena's revolutionary split lens that allows swimmers to... Read More
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    Arena®'s Swedix Mirror Goggle is a sleek, minimalist goggle with Arena's revolutionary split lens that allows swimmers to see forward and down without moving their heads.


    • Revolutionary split lens design allows swimmer to see forward and down without disrupting head position.
    • Mirrored lens reduces glare.
    • Low-profile design reduces drag.
    • Some assembly required.
    • Split Rubber strap.
    • TPR coating seals.

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  • 3/29/2021 Great Goggle

    4 Review Stars By Sean P

    I had a pair of these for a couple years when I swam in high school and I just bought another pair when I decided to start swimming on my own again. Great goggle but I did have an issue with the hard plastic nose piece; mine broke after a couple weeks of use. It was definitely weird, I haven't had that kind of problem with these goggles in the past. Besides that break, I would highly recommend.

    Sean P
    Orem, Utah

  • 3/27/2013 Great goggles!

    4 Review Stars By Jeff

    I used to use speedo vanquishers, and these increase my field of vision so much. I can look ahead without lifting my head to disrupt my stroke.
    The only small complaint is the line where the goggle lens is angled messes up my depth perception sometimes off walls. But I may just need time to get used to them.

    Irvine, CA

  • 3/14/2020 Won't be wearing these

    1 Review Stars By Jen

    These goggles have a convex shape to them. It messes with my vision and makes it hard to see the wall


  • 3/21/2014 Love these goggles

    5 Review Stars By Luke W.

    I love the swede style goggles and how they fit on my eyes.  Adding the bent portion really helps keep my body in line and prevents me from looking for the walls.

    They take some getting used to and have a blind spot (only when submerged, normal vision above water) if you look straight through the crease in the goggle.  But since that's not the direction you will be looking to see where you're going anyways.

    Luke W.

  • 5/10/2018 Worth a try

    4 Review Stars By Klopsicle

    Daily competitive swimmer: life time swed user: these googles provided a new view under water and were fog free for about 5 practices (25,000 yards): they look cool as the pic: i swapped the nose piece for a regular swed piece for a better fit.


  • 3/29/2014 AMAZING

    5 Review Stars By Stephen G.

    These r amazing, they don't leak at all after you adjust them and they have great fit! i race club and high school and they haven't failed me!!!

    Stephen G.
    Richfield, UT

  • 12/27/2017 Fantastic

    4 Review Stars By Nick

    Definitely different goggles than I'm used to using, but the vision is great and you can see very clear.  They allow you to see a little in front of you as well as down without the need to move your head which is also cool.  A lot of my teammates wanted to try them and had the same opinion.  Anti fog is holding up decently.  Only complaint is that the straps gradually loosen so I am tightening them before every practice or sometimes during practice. Other than that, quality goggle.

    North Waterboro, ME

  • 5/12/2014 Great

    5 Review Stars By coastline0

    I didn't know I could actually get excited about a pair of goggles.  They're great.  Forward visibility is superb.  The crease in the lens take a little getting used to (as in 2 days of swimming, then fine).  I wasn't used to seeing so well and my flip turns trended too early for the first couple days.  Fantastic goggles for swimming laps.  Couldn't be happier.  If you're looking for goggles for something other than laps, I'd recommend a different pair as (at least for me) the crease would get annoying.

    Denver, CO

  • 5/18/2016 Adib

    3 Review Stars By Adib

    I've seen a lot of people get great results out of these (my coach swears by them) but I still haven't been able to get mine to fit right. Maybe my face is shaped wrong. I plan to keep trying periodically, but the fact they're not optical means I only wear them if I have my contacts in, which isn't very often.

    Kansas City, MO

  • 5/27/2014 Not for OW

    4 Review Stars By Jennifer D.

    Very comfortable but once out of the pool the cool design becomes a problem- at least for me, the crease is exactly where I need to see to sight a path in open water.  Will not put in OW bag but will keep for pool.  Also really nice on cloudy days but not as good in sunlight as old fashioned mirror swedes.

    Jennifer D.
    Boston, MA

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