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AquaJogger Shape Pro Belt For Men

AquaJogger Shape Pro Belt For Men Reviews

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4.5 star rating (14 Reviews)

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  • 11/1/2012 For Females, too!

    5 Review stars By Working on it

    I ordered this belt for the extra thickness and buoyancy after speaking with a very in-tune rep. I am a 5"2" female, in my 60"s, size 18 with a way-too-large middle and I don't swim AT ALL. This model belt is not too long, thick or high; it fits very well with the elastic strap and feels comfortable and secure. I can see how just about any shape and size can wear this model belt. I'm am starting at zero physically after a very long medical issue, and with this belt I have been able to expand my rehab program quite a bit. After exploring a ton of belts and after using some thinner belts at the pool I settled on this one and I am thrilled with everything about it. To me Aquajogger products are the best and swimoutlet is an awesome company for outstanding prices and service.

    Working on it
    North Georgia


  • 3/11/2010 Aquajogger

    5 Review stars By Kathleen B.

    I have severe spinal stenosis and degenerative discs. I can only exercise in a pool. I had been swimming laps 5-6 times a week and felt like my body was getting to used to that routine. I had researched the Aquajogger and purchased it ~ 4 weeks ago. I absolutley love it! I am now deep water running with it 3xweek and right from the start could feel my muscles working differently. I have the Pro series unit and it is great in helping me keep my spine straight and tightening my abs while i"m running. I also purchased the Aqua runners and will start using them next week for additional resistance.

    Kathleen B.
    Fort Collins, CO


  • 1/11/2020 Perfect for running in the pool

    5 Review stars By Lawrence

    As a fitness instructor and massage therapist who was recently rear ended in a motor vehicle accident, the aqua jogger has helped me in my own rehabilitation and shift to training and massaging clients and patients in the pool



  • 8/7/2014 Better for my larger clients

    5 Review stars By Jean Chesley

    The males and my larger women clients will choose this belt because of it's length. Would like to have this belt a bit wider. My larger, more water fearful clients, will choose this belt last thinking it's to narrow, though it's not.
    This product works great.

    Jean Chesley
    Nashville, TN


  • 8/6/2014 Nice size

    5 Review stars By Sacramento, CA

    The size works well for my husband. We both wish the belt was a nylon strap instead of the elastic. He thinks the nylon strap on the belts offered by the gym were more comfortable, but there was never enough equipment for everyone so we bought our own equipment.

    Sacramento, CA


  • 7/17/2014 works wonders!!

    5 Review stars By Amber

    This belt is awesome! My husband couldn't go to deep water to exercise
    because his shoulders bother him. With the belt he can "swim" out to
    deep water and do all the excercising he wants to! We had tried to use the normal weight belts at the YMCA , but they weren't made to hold 260 lb. men, so I
    decided to try this one and he loves it.

    Appleton, WI


  • 7/10/2014 AquaJogger Pro Belt

    5 Review stars By Don Smith

    I could stand a little more floatation. I turned it to the front.and it barely keeps my head up enough.I have recently had a knee replacement and am a little slow but am working on it. It fits well and I am Well pleased. Thanks for the followup.
    Don Smith

    Don Smith
    Kelowna British Columbia V1Y3C3


  • 4/23/2014 Men's Water exercise belt runs small but good quality

    4 Review stars By NiftyNonny

    The size is supposed to fit up to a man's 44" waist. It almost is to small for my husband and his waist is less then 44".
    Good quality

    Augusta GA


  • 8/15/2013 as promised. great for sinkers

    4 Review stars By thomas l.

    i lost a lot of weight and was sinking during water exercise. this keeps me floating properly. very good.

    thomas l.
    pelham manor, ny


  • 2/2/2011 Works well.

    4 Review stars By John

    The pool is only 5" @ the deepest, the belt helps to hold me up enough to do many of the aerobic exercises. The reason I purchased this particular belt is, my waiste is 44" and the rep. I spoke with told me this is the largest belt for someone my size. The plan is to get back down to 38". I can not do much out in the gym because of arthritis, in the pool I can do just about anything.

    Toledo, Ohio


  • 6/22/2010 aqua jogger shape pro belt

    5 Review stars By Roxane F.

    Just started swimming about 4 yrs ago. Hurt shoulder so had to go to deep water jogging. Really not comfortable in water over my head, but with the aqua jogger, I am more comfortabe every time I use it. Try to jog 5 days a week. Once my shoulder is fixed I still plan to aqua jog 2 or 3 days a week. It gives me a really good workout. I am 68 yrs old

    Roxane F.
    Fort Collins, CO


  • 6/13/2010 Ocean use

    3 Review stars By U‘i

    The belt is used in the ocean, which may be why it is somewhat unwielding. The awkward use is somewhat difficult to master in the currents. However after some use this seems to be less of a problem. If I use it in deep water it is a very adequate as a flotation device.



  • 5/3/2010 Excellent Belt

    5 Review stars By Barbara C H.

    This belt lives up to the advertisement. It is comfortable, stays in place and makes jogging an easy exercise. My blood pressure has come down as a result.

    Barbara C H.
    Hooper, CO


  • 10/11/2009 very good belt for men too.

    5 Review stars By MarkG

    I'm recovering from a running injury and forced to water jog in the swimming pool. I did purchase the Aquajogger pro belt for men, but the blue belt wasn't long enough and the smaller black belt was putting pressure on my stomach. I called up Aquajogger and they said the Aquajogger Shape belt is longer (i.e. the blue portion of the belt). They also said the shape belt was unisex and not specific for women. Swimoutlet needs to change the name of this belt on their website. My girlfriend also tried this product and she is very small, and it worked well for her too. I'm very happy with the shape belt!



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