AquaJogger Active Belt Reviews
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AquaJogger Active Belt

AquaJogger Active Belt Reviews

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4.5 star rating (78 Reviews)

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  • 8/17/2013 Just what I wanted

    5 Review stars By Birgitta

    Great for water exercises, comfortable.

    Williamsville, NY


  • 3/22/2010 I love the AquaJogger Active Belt!

    5 Review stars By Jessica

    I ordered this because I am a runner with stress fractures in my calcaneus (heel) and metatarsal (3rd toe).   My Dr. told me that I am only able to swim and aquajog for 3 weeks so I ordered the AquaJogger Belt.  It is GREAT!  I am still getting a great workout.  It is comfortable and I can *jog* in the deep end of the pool and it does not bother my injured feet at all.



  • 8/14/2009 Aquajogger

    5 Review stars By Sandy Garman

    This is my second Aquajogger.  I've worn out the first.  It finally split at the slot where the belt goes in.  I bought the original set (including the Delta Bells) after recovering from my double bilateral hip replacements in 1995.  After my recovery I started doing water aerobics in the pool because that form of exercise does not stress painful arthiritic joints (knees, shoulders, hands, wrists, and feet) in addition my spine is also affected with degenerative arthritis.  I am determined to keep moving and will not give in to pain.  I cannot take pain meds because  they caused kidney damage.  This Aquajogger is a life saver and the Delta Bells have held up very well.  I am in the pool exercising with the outfit three times weekly and look forward to each session because I feel good after.  Thank you for this great product.  I prefer your belt to others I've seen.  Yours has that large back brace portion which I turn upside down so it supports my lower back where the biggest "bend" in my spine is.  Thank you and I hope when my new Aquajogger wears out I can still get another one.  Of course since my old one lasted 14 years and since I'm almost 82, I may not have to worry about that!!   BUT who knows?

    Sandy Garman

    Sandy Garman
    Alpine, CA


  • 6/12/2009 BEST PRICE

    5 Review stars By AL




  • 9/13/2015 Perfection

    5 Review stars By Ruthie

    I used the product this week to swim in the ocean.  It gave me the confidence to exercise as I do in a pool.

    Santa Cruz Island, CA


  • 9/1/2015 Aquajogger is the answer!

    5 Review stars By Margaret

    Jogging in the water allows for full range of motion which has alleviated a long standing knee injury. I LOVE my aquajogger!



  • 8/14/2015 very bad

    1 Review stars By pat

    the thickness was so heavy, it was too hard to get a tight fit.
    it ridded up so often I couldn't wear it.

    columbus, NJ


  • 11/2/2013 swim belt- aqua jogger

    5 Review stars By frances k.

    i've been using this belt for many years - always fits properly

    frances k.


  • 9/16/2013 Works great!

    5 Review stars By GolightlyHolt

    It was everything I expected based on previous reviews. Fits well, provides adequate support and buoyancy, easy to use. I bought the tether to keep myself stationary and find it works much better. You can really zone out and just run without overheating in the Texas sun or worrying about what you might run into, trip over, etc. I use weights in the water as well, for a great overall pool workout. I Brilliant invention!

    Katy TX


  • 5/17/2013 But too high/hits my shoulder blades

    5 Review stars By Nancy W.

    It is probably a 5 star if you're tall.  I happen to be an adult 4"10" sad to say and the height of it hits my shoulder blades and would make it painful to swim with.  But the company has been very very understanding and cooperative in helping me with the returns.  Too bad.  I might try the kids one.... If only I could try it first before the hassle of having to return it if it's not right either.

    Nancy W.


  • 5/1/2013 Aqua jogger flotation belt

    5 Review stars By Faye Mowry

    The aqua jogger exceeded my expectations . It was adjustable to my frame and didn't ride up under my arms during exercising.

    Faye Mowry



    4 Review stars By TrueVision

    I wanted to sprint in the water, using the PACE or Burst method of high intensity intervals. Its been in the 90s and sprinting in the heat was not appealing to me, nor was pounding my joints. I have used the device several times and I'm surprised at the great workout I get, which brings me to the workout I didn't like .... trying to figure out which size  to order. I had read reviews by others complaining of slippage and not being able to return it, and almost decided not to buy it. I think it is a great product, so I will try to help out some other potential buyers. First, there really should be a photo of how this is suppose to fit on the body. If you're petite, there is a model for petites, however, for the rest of us, you're on your own. The model I ordered said it would fit someone 5'.7 and support 187 lbs. Well, I'm 5'8 and weigh 184 lbs. My waist is 31 inches. The circumference of the model is 25 inches ( foam part only) then the belt begins.  . The wings do not wrap all around your torso. For me, there is a 10-inch gap.  The strap goes around the rest of  the front of your body. Now, some people may think that the ends should be longer,  but the booklet that came with it had a rough drawing of a person with the wings ending where mine fits (about 10 inches a part). There was no mention of where the wings should end. The wings of the device are 4 inches wide and  sit on my hip bone and stop were my rib cage ends. The width between my hip bone and rib cage is 4 inches. The height in the back is 10.5 inches. The point is to stay as straight as possible to allow your stomach to hold you up, giving you an additional workout on your abs. The high back does give you extra support to do this.  However, it is not an issue with me, as the belt holds the device securely in place. But, what might be an issue for someone, is if you have a longer or shorter ratio between your hip and rib cage than 4 inches wide. Also, if your waist is bigger or your stomach protrudes, I'm not sure the belt would hold the ends in place, as obviously the  ends would be even farther a part in the front. My suggestion is to get the dimensions of how long the entire model is, and then find out how wide the ends are. They do say you can use it backwards. I think if your waist is larger than 31 inches, you might go up to the next model. I really do like this product, it is built well, they just need to assist more in making a selection.

    Los Angeles


  • 4/25/2010 Love my aqua jogger

    5 Review stars By spiro

    I can't swim and my joints can't take the pounding of running or treadmills. The same for aerobics classes. And since I tore my ACL I haven't been able to play basketball which used to keep me in shape. I tried stationary bikes but even that stresses the joints. So, I was left with jumping in the pool as the only way to get in shape and stay in shape. "Swimming" with my aqua jogger gives me a full body workout. Muscles are getting bigger and my heart and lungs get plenty of exercise.

    Silver Spring, Maryland


  • 12/20/2015 I love the AquaJogger Active Belt

    4 Review stars By Runner by the sea

    I have been a runner for 35+ years.  I turned 50 this year, and my knees said "that's enough."  So, I needed a solution for my long Sunday runs with my girlfriends (where the running is important, but the chatting is paramount)!  I got 3 belts and now my girlfriends and I are able to continue our Sunday morning run/chat ritual in the local swimming pool!  BTW - even though all of us are "active" and fit runners, I went with the "regular" (blue) model after reading some complaints about the other (purple).  The blue belts have been working perfectly, so I'm pleased with this decision.

    Runner by the sea
    Manhattan Beach, CA


  • 10/31/2015 Aqua jogger

    5 Review stars By Janice Grammatico

    I love this

    Janice Grammatico
    Grandvile, MI


  • 9/16/2015 Cool Product

    5 Review stars By Vickie

    Wow!  it really works, and the best part is I don't get my hair wet!

    Santa Barbara


  • 8/31/2015 Like This Belt!

    4 Review stars By Bec

    I use this belt in the swimming pool when doing part of my exercises.  It does a nice job of holding me up.  The only reason I did not give it a 5-star rating is because it is hard for me to get the belt to stay down around my belly button as described in the directions.  It may just be my problem getting it to the correct size as I seem to be getting better with it all the time.  Overall, I would recommend this to friends.

    New Smyrna Beach, Fl


  • 8/22/2015 Perfect for Aquajogging!

    5 Review stars By Alyssa

    Fits perfectly, good quality and is an ideal product for anyone looking to aquajog!

    Chicago, IL


  • 8/12/2015 Aquajogger

    5 Review stars By Deee64

    The Aqua jogger kept me perfectly stable, safe and comfortable. It's easy to put on, adjust and wear. I use it for rehabilitation so needed a product that I could trust to keep me stable in the water. This product is perfect. I haven't tried any others to compare it, but I have needed to try anything else!



  • 7/10/2015 Love It!

    5 Review stars By Blue Hawk Runner

    Excellent product to use in the water when unable to run on land. Great for rehabilitation after and during injuries.  Highly recommend it.

    Blue Hawk Runner
    Haliburton, Ontario


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