How to Choose a Women's Practice Suit
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How to Choose a Women's Practice Suit

Women's practice swimsuits need to be fast and durable enough to handle intense swim practices, but flattering and fun enough to wear to the pool. Because practice suits are used for everything from lap swimming, to diving, to water aerobics, to aqua jogging, most practice suits aim to blend high-end performance technology with style. From traditional, thick strapped suits to tiny workout bikinis, your options are nearly endless. This guide explains how to find a practice suit that best meets all your needs.


Traditional Workout Suit

Traditional workout suits are one-piece suits with thick straps and fairly modest back and leg cuts. They are made of stretchy, comfortable fabric. Traditional workout suits are popular among older women, indoor swimmers, and open water swimmers because of their comfortable fit. Common features of traditional workout suits:

  • The thick straps and coverage will provide more support than minimalist cuts, cutout backs, or two-pieces.
  • Suits come in LYCRA® fabric (forgiving and comfortable) and polyester (durable and colorfast).
  • Traditional workout suits are extremely versatile and can be used during lap swimming, open water swimming, swim racing, diving, aqua jogging, and water aerobics.
  • Because of the thick straps, lower-cut legs, and less-revealing back style of this suit style, outdoor use will result in more noticeable tan lines.

Minimalist Workout Suit

A favorite style of young or outdoor swimmers, minimalist workout suits feature a sleeker, more revealing silhouette. With skinny straps, high-cut legs, and cut-out backs, minimalist suits lead to more exposed skin and therefore fewer tan lines. Because the open style of these suits creates drag, they are not used in competition. Many swimmers buy a size smaller than they normally would to ensure a tight fit. Features of minimalist workout suits include:

  • Minimalist workout suits provide less support and are more revealing than a traditional lap swimming suit.
  • Minimalist workout suits can come in LYCRA™ fabric (forgiving and stretchier), but are more commonly made with polyester (durable and colorfast).
  • Minimalist suits are used mainly by swimmers who swim outdoors, as skinny straps and cut-out backs result in smaller tan lines.
  • These suits come in a wide variety of back styles, from minimalist to traditional keyhole backs.
  • Minimalist suits often come in funkier, brighter colors and patterns than other suit styles.
  • This style of suit is popular as a training suit with swimmers who don't mind a revealing cut.
  • Minimalist suits are typically used during lap swimming, open water swimming, and diving.

Workout Bikini

For the woman who truly isn't afraid to bare it all — and she who wants to avoid tan lines at all costs — there are many different styles of workout bikinis. Features of workout bikinis:

  • Lap swimmers should be sure to get bikini bottoms that have a drawstring waistband. This will help the bottoms stay on during push-offs and dives.
  • Bikini top options range from sports bra-like to triangle top, but all are designed to be hydrodynamic and stay on throughout a workout.
  • Most workout bikinis are designed to create minimal tan lines, but there are styles with thicker straps, more support, and greater overage to accommodate different body types and preferences.
  • Workout bikinis are typically used during lap swimming and aqua jogging.

You've Got Options

Women's practice suits come in a wide variety of colors, graphics, and patterns. Now more than ever it is possible to find attractive and durable practice swimsuits at affordable prices. Always remember to consider your own body type, how much money you want to spend, and the type of activity you'll be doing when choosing a practice swimsuit.

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1 month ago.
Hi! I'm intrested in one of your competition suits. I usually buy a suit with a padded bra built in, but they show alot of cleavage, and I like to be very active swimming in the water and ocean. My bust measures 40". Are the suits meant to be worn alone, or is there something I can purchase to use with the suit for more support?
1 month ago.
Hello Kelsea,

Competition suits do not have any kind of chest support. We do have some laps suits that are very similar to competition suits but they do have some sort of bra in them. Here is an option, this suit has a shelf bra as well as sewn in soft cups.
1 month ago.
Hello i'm new to swimming and i don't know what size to get in swimwear. My bust size is 36 in, my waist size is 28 in, and my hips size is 41 in. What size would you recommend and which swimsuit? (it's for competitive swimming)
1 month ago.
Hello Melody,
In the Sporti brand, you will be a size 38. In the Speedo brand, you will be a size 36. And in the TYR brand, you will be a size 36. You can view our competition suit options here:
3 months ago.
I'm needing to return suit because it's too small. I'll reorder but feel I need insert bra for good coverage. Does any suit have cups?
3 months ago.
Hello Susan!
The TYR Solid Aqua Controlfit One Piece Swimsuit dose have removable contoured cups.
Please view the item here:
5 months ago.
i wish to buy the arena carbonite or the arena directus, and am wondering which one to buy. And also, what size will be good since my chest is 70 cm, my waist is 61 cm, my hips are 78 cm and my torso is 135 cm
5 months ago.
Hello Ranger!
Either one of these suits would work just fine. You would be a size 28 in both suits.
4 months ago.
I wear a size 32 in Speedo would I wear that in a TYR racing suit as well?
4 months ago.
Hello Holly,
When changing to a different brand, it is always best to take your measurements and go off of the product specific sizing chart. Sizing does vary from brand to brand.
Linh Doan
5 months ago.
Hi there, i'm looking for my first competitive swimsuit but my bust does matter, really. I'm 30H and i really like the TYR Avictor but what size does i need? Thank you.
5 months ago.
We need your chest measurement (around the fullest part of your chest in inches) as well as your waist and hip measurements in order to give you an accurate suggestion.
Linh Doan
5 months ago.
My chest is 41", my waist is 27" and my hip is 33.5".
5 months ago.
We recommend a size 34.
8 months ago.
I am an obese water lover who needs a fabric that won't strangle all my body parts..while stretch holds you in, it leaves no place for the extra stuff to fit! Doesn't anyone make a modest swimsuit that is comfy and free feeling?
8 months ago.
Hi there!
We suggest choosing a suit that is made mostly of Nylon or Lycra. these materials have more stretch and less compression than a Polyester suit does.
8 months ago.
Hi, I am just wondering if a v- necked one piece would be ok to wear at swim practices.
8 months ago.
Hi Nicole,
As long as the suit fits correctly and won't increase drag, a v-neck suit is perfectly fine!
11 months ago.
I am 5 ft tall ( so short torso) with 32D bust size. I'm new to swimming and not at all comfortable with my current (not speedo)swimwear. please help me to find the right speedo swimwear for my size. thanks.
10 months ago.
Hi Nancy! Swim suit sizes are not standard and will vary from brand to brand and often depend on the style and materials. My best advice when choosing a suit is to compare your measurements to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer for each suit you are interested in. Often swimmers will wear multiple sizes in different suits. We do offer suits that are specifically for D-cup and up:
1 year ago.
I am looking for a very supportive suit to do water aerobics in. Large bust...I would like the compression fit of a high impact exercise bra, but one that will hold up in the water. Is there such a bra to wear under a suit or a suit that has great support............
1 year ago.
Hi Christine,
I would suggest a Speedo swimsuit that has the hydro bra. The hydro bra offers a high level of support with the underwire-like support without discomfort to reduce bounce and shifting for a better workout. Here are some options we offer that have this:

Please refer to the size chart to check which would work best for you. I hope this helps!
1 year ago.
I'm looking for a good practice suit with heavy- top support.
Body type: short trunk & curvy w/
Dimensions: 30 D/E bra (34/35 bust circumference, 27 waist and 37 low hip).

Do you have recommendations?? thanks!
1 year ago.
Hi Artemis,
The Penbrooke Krinkle Active Back Chlorine Resistant One Piece Swimsuit (D-Cup) Product Code 45771 could work out for you. Your measurements fall into a size 10. The material is polyester which is durable and long lasting.
1 year ago.
is there a bikini for 32DD that keeps them under wraps?
1 year ago.
I have just started lifeguarding and I was looking at A TYR Guard Maxback Workout Bikini. I do not know what size I should get. I normally wear a xs in bikinis and I wear a 26 in practice onesies. The only size that I see is available is a xxs. I was wondering if that might still fit because I have heard that TYR runs big.
1 year ago.
Hi Laurel,
The majority of our customer's advise the TYR Guard bikinis run true to size, therefore the XS should be your fit. I hope this helps!
2 years ago.
curiosity i just wanted to know when getting a water polo suit should i get my actual size or a size smaller because im a 36B so should i get a 34?
1 year ago.
Get the smaller size
2 years ago.
Hi, I would like to do some more regular recreational lap swimming. What would be a nice suit (1 piece or tankini) for a hourglass body/large breast. Thanks! Jessica
2 years ago.
Hi Jessica,
Please see the links below for recommendations. I hope you find one that works for you. Please let us know if you have any questions. Have a great day!
3 years ago.
Hi, I am getting into lap swimming, doing a lot of practice, lessons and training...and now searching for a long torso suit to fit my frame. I have worn 2 piece suits for as long as I can remember. I would like something with a higher leg cutout for movement. I am 5'8, 150lbs 34B, athletic muscular build (Crossfit). Any help in this search would be MUCH MUCH appreciated. Going nuts on the web trying to find one, open to all brands, speedo, tyr, whatever.
3 years ago.
Hi Lynn,

We do not have a lot of long torso suits but we the ones we do have can be found in the link below. I hope you find one that works for you. Have a great day!,1129,1606,1167&viewall=no
3 years ago.
Hello, i am a fitness swimmer, mostly pool lap swimming, and am looking for a conservative to moderate one piece suit, with wide straps and a moderate, not too high of a leg cut - while in the same time hoping not too look like I am from the 1920s... Average female height and normal BMI, size 6-8 for clothes
What would you recommend?
Thank you
3 years ago.
Hi Andrea,

Here is a link to our suits in the Fitness section that will have a conservative to moderate cut and wide straps.

You can use the filters on the left to narrow your search results. I hope you find a suit that you like. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Have a wonderful day!
3 years ago.
I'm getting new practice suits but I have only got the speedo brand I wear a 28/30 with them what size would I need in a Nike or TYR suit. I am also buying a new tech suit which do you prefer?
3 years ago.
Hi Dana,

Sizing would depend on the type of suit and the cut as well. We do have size charts for each suit that you can compare your measurements to. As for tech suits, we do have many. Is this going to be your first tech suit? The Speedo Female LZR Elite Recordbreaker Knee is one of our popular well liked ones. The link is below:

The Speedo Aquablade Female Recordbreaker also got really good reviews:

And here is a link to the rest of our tech suits:

Hope you find one that you like. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Have a wonderful day!
3 years ago.
I am a size 32-34 girl that competitily swims 7-9 practices a week. I am looking for a cut out back styled swimsuit. I tried an Adidas but it got worn out very very fast and no longer fit my body it was so stretched. What material/ brand will last the lomgest but still have a cut back?
Thanks in advance:)
3 years ago.
Hi Emily,

You would want to go with a suit that is made out of polyester if you want it to last longer. You also want to make sure you care for it properly. Rinse out the chlorine after every use. I found a couple poly suits that have a cut out back. The link to those suits is below. I hope you find one that you like. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Have a wonderful day!
3 years ago.
Hi -
I'm looking for a swimsuit that is minimal in back coverage and still a one piece. I currently own a Nike cut-out suit and am pretty happy with it, but it has stretched out, and I was wondering if there were other similar minimalist styles in other brands that I could consider looking at to purchase?
3 years ago.
Hi Catie,

Below is a link to some suits with minimal back coverage. I hope you find a suit that you like. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Have a wonderful day!
4 years ago.
I am a college swimmer. My body is kind of disproportionate: my bra size is 32DD but the rest of me can fit in a size 28. If I order my competition suit for my bust, then it hangs off the rest of me, but if I wear a 28, i have to wear a bikini top underneath. This got me DQ'd at my last meet, and I would very much like to not flash people during my race. My polo suitwworked, but it does not allow the freedom of movement I need for racing. Do you have any suggestions?
4 years ago.
Hi Brittney,

Have you tried going with a size 30? You may also want to go with a suit that has a higher neck. Below are a couple links to those suits. I hope you find something that works for you. Let us know if you have any other questions. Have a great day!
4 years ago.
I had to quit my local US Masters team due to an injury. I had my ACL reconstructed and was out of work (I am an EMT) and unable to excercise for several months. Needless to say, I have gained quite a bit of weight from being inactive. I intend to go back. But, I am having trouble finding a suit in my new size (approx 42). What type competition suit would be best for me? Before my injury, I had planned to compete in Auburn with a teammate. This search has been very depressing especially because I was a swimmer in college! Thanks in advance for your help.
4 years ago.
Hi Melanie-Ann

Below is a link to some competition suits that we have in a size 42. I hope you find something that you like. Let us know if you have any other questions. Have a wonderful day!
4 years ago.
I'm looking for a suit that has the most bust support. I am a 34H after having my son and I my usual speedo just squishes my chest, and does nothing for support.
4 years ago.
I'm looking for a suit that has the most support in the bust. I'm extremely busy (34H) and since having my son, the regular speedo suits dont seem to give me any support, they just squish.

Any suggestions?
4 years ago.
Hi Amber,

Have you tried looking in our D-Cup and Up section? The link is below. I would also recommend getting a suit that has soft cup bra as that would provide the most support. I hope this information is helpful and that you find something that you like. Let us know if you have any other questions. Have a wonderful day!
4 years ago.
Women's Swimwear one piece suits. Are there brands that run longer than others? I see the Sporti tends to run small and short. Would like to stay in the Women's Swimwear category, rather than the limited conservative group.
4 years ago.
Hi Linda,

Each brand will have a slightly different fit. Speedo and Sporti tend to run about the same. Were you looking for a suit that is long? We do have a section for long torso suits:

You may also want to go with a suit that is made out of Nylon/Lyca vs a polyester suit for the stretch. I hope this information is helpful.
4 years ago.
am look for 1piece bathingsuit zip up one cant wait to wear it want it bad
4 years ago.
Hi Ryan,

Here is a link to a couple front zip bathing suits we currently have:
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