How to Care for a Swim Cap
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How to Care for a Swim Cap

Swim caps are the most frequently-replaced pieces of swim gear, mainly because they simply can't last more than a few months. After all the stretching, pulling, and chlorine/sunlight exposure they see, the material simply breaks down. However, there are a few easy steps you can take to extend the life of your cap.

While Wearing the Swim Cap

Remove any clips or bobby pins from your hair when wearing a swim cap. The sharp metal ends and edges can puncture your cap. If you need to adjust your cap, use your fingertips — not your fingernails — to pull it into place.

After Swimming

Rinse your cap off in non-chlorinated water, and then dry the cap off gently with a towel or allow it to hang dry. You can sprinkle talcum or baby powder inside the cap and distribute it evenly — this absorbs moisture that can otherwise lead to bacteria growth and keeps the cap from sticking to itself (not necessary for LYCRA™ or mesh caps). Between uses, keep the cap in a case or a soft compartment of your bag to protect it from sharp objects.

When to Buy a New Cap

With proper care, caps can survive many months of regular use, but those that develop stretched-out areas or small holes will need a replacement soon. The wear areas get bigger each time you put the cap on. Once a cap starts to stick to itself, has black mold spots, or discoloration, it is time to replace it.

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4 months ago.
I have a tons of swimming caps and I was wondering if I can put flour on them
4 months ago.
You can sprinkle talcum or baby powder inside the cap and distribute it evenly — this absorbs moisture that can otherwise lead to bacteria growth and keeps the cap from sticking to itself (not necessary for LYCRA™ or mesh caps).
8 months ago.
I have a favorite silicon cap that is getting mold in it is there any way to get it out?
7 months ago.
Hello Molly,
When you see mold, it is best to throw this away and purchase a new one. If the cap has sentimental value, you can try to use baking soda and water or maybe bleach but this could break down the material of the cap.
8 months ago.
How can I make my cap bigger and loose
7 months ago.
Hello Kayla,
Swim caps will stretch out over time but if you feel like the one you have currently is too tight, you might want to purchase a long hair silicone cap which provides more room, or something like the Speedo Silicone Aqua-V Large which accommodates up to a 21 in circumference head.
1 year ago.
How can I label a rubber swimming cap for school?
1 year ago.
Hi Anne,
Many people use waterproof labels to label swim gear. Here is one company that does this, check out They have variety of sizes to choose from. I hope this helps!
1 year ago.
can you macine wash the swimming caps
1 year ago.
Hi Leyla,
No, you cannot machine wash the swimming caps.
1 year ago.
So a little off the wall, but would appreciate any advice. My daughter recently volunteered at an Arena Pro meet and got a cap with about 6 Olympic medalists signatures during the meet and greet after the meet was over. Any tips on the best way to (in priority order) 1) preserve and 2) display it?
1 year ago.
Hi Jac,
First, I'd suggest a Plexiglass display case and make sure it's sealed tight. Second, to help prevent fading when displayed, you can try a coat of clear fabric paint over the signatures (please test this on another cap of the same material to see how well it responds). I hope this helps. Have a great day!
2 years ago.
i have a mattal locker and some of the rust got on my white racing cap and i don't know how to get it off
3 years ago.
A much loved swimming cap had split, no longer available and matches a costume. Has anyone ever tried repairing a hat?! I'm thinking bicycle repair kits or waterproof adhesive....??
3 years ago.
Hi Helen,

Unfortunately theres no ideal way of fixing a swim cap. We recommend buying a new one. if you can let us know which cap you have we would be happy to see if we can find it for you. Have a wonderful day!
3 years ago.
I too have a favorite cap that recently took a hit. And you no longer carry it. Will you really try to get them back in stock? I would buy several!
It's the black and white skull and cross bone pattern (big and small) all over the entire cap, silicone from Sporti.Please oh please restock this cap, I love it so much!!
Sebastian G-E
4 years ago.
im on a tean and there are tons of different methods to putting on caps which one do you recommend, and what will be best for my cap?
4 years ago.
Hi Sebastian,

To put a swim cap on, we recommend that you hold the cap open with both thumbs on the inside of the cap. While looking down place the front end of the cap on your forehead. The crease of the cap should start at your forehead and end at the nape of your neck. Pull the cap back until the back of the cap is down below your hairline. Please remember that swim caps can easily be torn so handle carefully if you have long fingernails. So swimmers wet their hair before putting on a cap to make it easier. I hope this tip helps.
4 years ago.
I used to have so many silicone caps and now I only have one. They break when I try to pull them tighter what should I do?
4 years ago.
Hey Alyscia -

Have you ever tried a latex cap?

Catherine Weiss
5 years ago.
I hava arthritic fingers and cannot pull a cap wide enough to get it on my head.
what other types of caps do you recommend?
5 years ago.
Hi Catherine,

Try using Lycra swim caps because they are made of a more stretchable material and are softer than silicone or latex swim caps.

You can view our Lycra swim cap collection here:

Thank you,
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