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Electrolytes include certain minerals essential to human health—ones no other dietary nutrient can replace. The body only accepts that product. Electrolytes play a role in properly hydrating the body. They direct water and nutrients to the area that need it most and maintain the balance of water inside cells. Additionally, electrolytes help muscles relax and contract and aid in transmitting nerve cells. 

Different electrolytes provide different functions. Sodium assists in balancing fluid while potassium works to prevent cramping. Calcium regulates muscle contraction and heart rhythm and magnesium, an important electrolyte for athletes, relaxes muscles. Bicarbonates may delay fatigue and increase endurance. 

Replacing lost electrolytes can be crucial to athletic performance. Plus, since they are minerals the body needs to function effectively, you benefit from them on inactive days too. To increase your electrolyte intake, we offer supplements to take or mix into liquids. All our items for electrolyte hydration come from brands devoted to athletic performance like Nuun, Skratch Labs and Saltstick