Women's Triathlon Tops

Triathlon Tops, Tanks, and Singlets

Tri Tops

After all the training you put in for your race performance, all that’s left to do is pump yourself up, and nothing does that quicker than a killer tri top. Not only do we offer high quality designs from a number of renowned brands, we have a selection wide enough for you to find one in a style you like. Full-zips, no-zips, pockets, thick straps, sleeves, tanks or crop tops, we have them all and everything in-between. You know what works best for you, and we provide the options.

Select based on material: Spandex for something flexible and stretchy, or Polyester for durability. Or go off color—a girl shouldn’t deny herself a shot of confidence from her favorite shade, whether it be imposing black, bright pink, or a fun multicolored pattern. Pick whatever amps you up for your race.

Find the best brands for ventilation, sun protection, support or even those that provide storage pockets for fuel on-the-go. We host products from TYR, Zoot, 2XUPearl Izumi, and more--enough for anyone revving up to race.