Stand Up Paddle Boards

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Paddle boarding's beginning goes back to the early riders of Polynesia and has grown into a popular sport worldwide. SUP boarding has developed into a competitive sport with stylized boards made for racing. Recreational SUP boarders use wider, more stable than sleek boards. Some people even practice yoga on their boards. 

To accommodate all the varieties of paddle boarding, boards come in different sizes and designs. Sleek ones aim at speed while wider ones shoot for stability. Even the rider's height factors into the board he or she chooses. Shorter people, for example, would not want a too-wide board that would force them to expend extra, unnecessary energy paddling around it. 

We offer paddle boards in all widths and sizes. Find one that suits your build and whether you ride competitively or leisurely. All our boards come from quality brands like Surftech, Solstice, SUP ATX and Lakeshore