Stand Up Paddle Board Wax

Paddle Board Traction & Wax

Paddle board successfully by staying on your board. The surface of your board, on its own, becomes slippery from the water. Adding traction ensures your feet can grip enough for proper balance and steering. the type of traction you use depends on your preferences. 

Two options exist for paddle board traction: pads or wax. Traditional surf wax works effectively and benefits the competitive paddler because of its lower weight. Wax can handle changing weather conditions better as well, as it doesn't become slippery with frost in the cold. Pads are undeniably more comfortable, and they don't require constant clean-up and replacement. If you paddle recreationally or on mostly flat surfaces, pads provide an easy, ready-to-go option. 

Whatever paddling you do, competitive or only once-in-awhile, we have traction supplies for you. Wax, pads and even clean-up supplies are available from quality brands like Blocksurf, Ocean & Earth and Creatures.