Running Safety & Reflective Gear

Safety & Reflective Gear

Running before sunrise or after sunset can be unavoidable, especially in the business of our modern lives. While there may be less people and vehicles out on roads at these hours, those there will have a more difficult time seeing you if you blend into the shadowy surroundings. For your own safety, and that of drivers, invest in some reflective gear if you run in lowlight conditions.

Reflective gear comes in a variety of forms. Many running garments have reflective elements or piping, but you often need more than a small detail to ensure your visibility. Luckily, we have supply multiple options to let you increase your reflectivity. We offer vests, and sleeves in neon colors designed to reflect any available light. We also have several types of lights that easily clip on to your clothes, illuminating you to passersby and what’s on the path ahead.

Browse through our selection of reflective gear to find garments and equipment to suit your needs and preferences. All our items come trustworthy brands like Nathan, Nike and Nite Ize.