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The beach exposes goers to brighter, more direct sunlight, increasing the chances of sunburn. Keeping your child well-protected can pose a challenge. When you can't rely solely on sunscreen, hats and visors provide a great extra layer against the sun.

For younger kids, hats that stay on in the water help immensely. You worry less knowing they can splash around without losing their source of shade. Older kids might not want a hat with a chinstrap. Fashion-focused hats still give adequate shade if they come with a bill. Whatever the age of your kid, we have hats designed for function and looks to fit their heads. 

Browse our selection of kids' hats and visors to help keep your child's skin safe. Find a hat that shades the face and neck, offers warmth or works as well in the water as on land. All our hats come from quality brands like Billabong, IPlay, Platypus Australia and Swimlids.