About This brand

Tommy “the Bomber” Bonacci founded Bomber Eyewear back in 1997. The six-time World Champion Jet Ski Racer made his first pair of floating sunglasses from torn off pieces of foam padding from jet skis. Now, our family-run company uses this patented foam lining technology to offer water sports enthusiasts, fishermen and everyone in between eyewear that is comfortable, durable, stylish and able to float.

We know everyone has their favorite pricey sunglasses from some hot designer brand. We are not here to replace those favorites. Instead of risking your faves when fishing, cycling, boating, paddling, doing construction – pretty much anything that requires thrashing around in - put ours on. It's kind of like 'insurance' against both eye injury and breaking or losing your favorite pair of sunglasses in the water. Just saying.

We offer our shades in several varieties. With categories including polarized, paddling, fishing, and kid's sunglasses--something for everyone. All of our eyewear comes with our patented snug-fit floating technology and hard coatings to protect them from scratches. We're pretty much just a mesh of fun, function, safety, and water.