Beach Blankets

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Beach Blankets & Mats

Having a blanket at the beach completes the image of a perfect picnic by the seashore. Not only do you have a space to eat protected from the sand, you can also stretch out post-meal or swim. Beach blankets and mats make going to the beach a little cleaner and help keep sand contained to one spot instead of all the nooks and crannies of your bags and bathing suit.

Beach blankets differ from those you would sleep on because of their thickness. They are typically constructed with a more impermeable fabric to keep sand from seeping through the bottom. Unlimited by the measurements of a bed, beach blankets and mats vary in size from one large enough to fit a party of sun bathers to a narrower piece for solely one person. 

We offer a selection of quality beach blankets and mats in different shapes, sizes and styles. We even have full picnic sets—including the blanket—for an equipped meal on the sand. Find one that suits the number in your group and beach plans from amazing brands like Big Mouth Toys, Picnic at Ascot and Tuffo