Haute Hats You Can't Live Without

2017 Apr | By

The days are getting longer and we couldn’t be more excited for the warmer weather that is sure to follow. This change in seasons has us craving all of that balmy summer goodness. You know, like bright white sands, lush palm trees, fruity drinks in tropical cabanas and the salty ocean breeze.

Whether you’re dreaming of a week in the Bahamas or a lazy day by the pool, we’ve got you covered (literally) with our favorite hats of the season. After all—beach hair, don’t care. Are we right?

Rhythm Coastal Hat

We never met a straw boater that we didn’t like, but the Rhythm Coastal Hat is undoubtedly one of our favorites. Is there a better way to top off your favorite ‘kini? (the answer is no). 


Billabong Here And There Straw Hat

We love a good straw hat, and the Billabong Here And There Straw Hat is no exception. This little number, in cool whip, is a must-have mix of classic and chic. Win-win!

O’Neill Bliss Anchor Trucker Hat

Nautical, but nice—the O’Neill Bliss Anchor Trucker Hat is perfect for long days on the water. The denim detail is simple and on-trend, and we’re totally onboard with it!


Volcom Untamed Trail Hat

Shake things up a bit with the basic silhouette, yet cheeky embroidery of the Volcom Untamed Trails Hat. Here’s our advice: sit back, relax and shake your palm palms.

Billabong Surf Club Trucker Hat

This hat says it all: coastlines and sunshine. The Billabong Surf Club Trucker Hat is a season staple, and rightfully so. It's the epitome of summer! 

O’Neill Back Bay Corn Husk Hat

How many straw hats are too many straw hats? Answer: the limit does not exist. The O’Neill Back Bay Corn Husk is equal parts bohemian and beachy, which makes it a necessity in our book.


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