Yoga for Swimmers: Meet Warmup

2018 Jan | By

Are you looking for a way to awaken and mobilize your major muscle groups before your swim meet? This yoga routine will warm the body and bring mobility to your shoulders, back, hips, neck and legs before you race while activating a strong core connection to bring power to your swimming. Finish the practice with a guided race visualization.

Throughout this workout, try to maintain a steady breath count to ease any pre-race nervousness!

Ready to get started? Before you begin, you'll need a yoga or exercise mat. Make sure you are wearing comfortable workout clothing. Women tend to prefer semi-tight fitting attire so that shirts or shorts don't rise up (or down) during inverted poses like downward dog. Men usually like loose fitting clothes so they can move freely. Last, it's always a good idea to keep water close by for easy hydration. 

Now, head to the pool deck for this 30 minute warm up! 

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