Speedo Teamster 2.0 Backpack: Hands-On Review

August 17, 2021 | By

The New and Improved Speedo Backpack Has Arrived 🎒

Every swimmer loves a good backpack that is lightweight, sleek, durable, and fully functional. The evolution of the iconic Speedo bag to the Speedo Teamster 2.0 is vast. This bag has features that every swimmer needs to be prepared for practice. With a newly upgraded design, plenty of storage space, hidden pockets, durable abrasion resistant material, and a front panel for your name or team customization anything is possible. In addition to these new features, the bag comes in a wide variety of bold colors and fun patterns, meaning everyone can find the perfect bag.

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All New Design

The new design of the Teamster 2.0 sets itself apart from any other swim bag, as the base of the bag has an increased water resistant material and can easily stand tall with or without anything in it. Get creative with the bonus feature of name customization. This bag includes a large space on the top flap, perfect for spotting your name. This way everyone will know who has the coolest bag on deck.

Check out the different prints and colors in our fun TikTok Vid 🌈 



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Roomier Than Ever

A must for any good swim bag is the large open top which allows for easy access to every swimmer's gear. This space is large enough to fit everything a swimmer needs, yet doesn’t max out the zipper and keeps the bag slim and sleek. To maximize swim space, swimmers should place large bulky items at the bottom of the bag followed by medium and smaller items toward the top. This will create more stability at the base of the bag while keeping everything organized. With all of these new updates, such as the self standing base, the bag won’t fall forward, which means all the swim gear stays where it should.

See how much gear this bag fits here 🙌



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So Much Storage

Side pockets are essential to any bag and the teamster 2.0 has all the pockets you would need to store all swim practice essentials. The right side of the bag features a top and bottom pocket that can hold shampoo and sunblock while perfectly zipping closed. The bottom pocket includes a separate pocket on the inside for even more organization.


Durable Sleek Zippers

The left side of the bag also contains a top pocket which fits more items necessary for every swimmer such as lotion, deodorant, hair ties, and even swim caps. An added feature to the top pockets is an outside durable strap that can hold suits or bag tags for easy visibility. The low profile zipper also keeps everything close to the bag and reinforces the sleek design while providing a space for every swimmer's needs. This bag also has a deep breathable pocket to hold almost any size water bottle firmly to the bag without stretching the pocket.


Separate Wet Compartment

One of the coolest features to this bag is the hidden wet compartment. Located on the front of the bag, this compartment is great for holding any wet items such as suits, goggles, or even caps. The pocket is clean and hidden but also has a ventilated opening to ensure every swimmer's gear doesn’t soak up through the bag. Separating dry gear from wet gear has never been easier.


Comfort Meets Style

With all these cool features the bag has, the Speedo Teamster 2.0 does not disappoint in comfort when wearing around the pool deck. Durable shoulder straps that are soft and a clip buckle attached to the bag ensures that the bag not only has comfort but remains strapped in place to the swimmer's body. When looking for a bag that has comfort, sleek design, maximum storage, and durability the teamster 2.0 does not disappoint and is truly a bag every swimmer will love.

We've also highlighted the features of the Speedo Teamster 2.0 Backpack in this video:

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