8 Reasons Why You Should Keep Swimming This Fall

2018 Oct | By

It’s not uncommon that it gets harder to commit to the pool when the season takes a turn for autumn. The days get shorter, the temperatures get colder and, with it, the motivation dwindles. We all know that to stay fit, consistency is key, and that’s especially true when it comes to swimming—regardless of the season. No matter how hard it is, making the effort to get out the door and to the pool is extremely important for both your mental and physical strength.

Still need convincing? Here are 8 reasons why you should keep swimming this fall.

1. The pools are less crowded – Now that the summer heat waves have come and gone, so have most of the recreational swimmers. The nice thing about swimming in the fall season is that you can avoid the crowded lanes and bystanders on the pool deck. This makes it easier to get in a quick and efficient workout with minimal distractions.

2. It will help to build discipline – We know how hard it can be to leave the comfort of your warm couch to go jump in a cool pool, but you should do it anyway. By making the conscious decision to leave your house to go swim, when it’s the absolute last thing you want to do, you’re building discipline. This new sense of mind-over-matter will take you far, and not just in the pool.

3. It’s actually still warm (in most places) – Luckily, there’s such thing as an Indian summer. While we may be in the thick of fall, the temperatures outside might be more favorable than you’d expect. Pick the warmest days of the week to hit the pool, and take advantage of the nice weather when its forecast.

4. You get a phenomenal view of the sunsets – Is there anything better than a front row view of cotton-candy skies from the water? The answer is no. Now that the sun is setting earlier in the evening, you’ll likely be able to catch a good glimpse towards the tail end of your practice.

5. It’s a great form of cross-training – Even if you prefer the running trails or biking in the fall, swimming acts as a great form of cross-training year around. Because of it’s low-impact nature, swimming works as a nice recovery exercise for all athletes.

6. The pools are often heated – Contrary to popular belief, the pools are often actually warmer than the temperature outside in the colder months. If you think it’s too cold for a swim workout, consider the heated or indoor pool and take the plunge.

7. It’s a good way to get a jump-start on your 2019 fitness goals – It’s no secret that come January 1 the gyms and sports clubs will be jam-packed with resolution enthusiasts. Get a jump-start on your 2019 fitness goals by starting now, and avoiding the New Year rush.

8. Keep up that base you built this summer – Sure, your summer workouts were warm and sunny and you could bask on the pool deck after. And you probably built a nice training base, right? So don’t throw it all away by not swimming now that the weather has cooled down. Cut back on your days, and your distance, but make sure to keep your regime up. If you can get out there and spend at least 65% of the time in the pool that you did during the summer, you’re in good shape.

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