15 Reasons We're Thankful for Swimming

2015 Nov | By

With Thanksgiving upon us, we're feeling extra nostalgic about the sport we love to hate. Despite all of the complaints, dreaded early mornings, and constant hunger-- we're forever thankful for swimming. Here's why;

1. It keeps us busy and out of trouble (most of the time)

2. We appreciate being outdoors

3. Our forever cheerleaders, our parents

4. Our coaches for believing in us even when we don't believe in ourselves 

5. Life long friends

6. Tapering—we feel extra thankful when taper season comes around

7. Time management skills

8. Although we could do without the tan-lines, we’re thankful for the year around tans

9. A sport that gives us dreams and ambitions

10. Pizza, we're thankful for pizza after a long swim

11. The swimmer metabolism (especially on Thanksgiving)

12. Our teammates who become family 

13. It's a lifetime sport—we're thankful for the ability to pick up the sport where we left off, no matter how many years have passed

14. We're thankful for blankets, parkas and beanies (can you blame us?)

15. For the ability to stuff our faces on Thanksgiving, and burn all of those calories (and then some) the next day at practice 

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