12 Thoughts Swimmers Have While On the Blocks

2016 Mar | By

We've all been there: the swimming jitters. You know what we're talking about-- those pre-race rituals where you give yourself a pep talk while sizing up the competition, splash yourself with water and then nervously catch a glimpse of coach from the other end of the pool.

But what actually goes through a swimmer's mind when they're standing up on the block, in front of the cheering crowds, waiting anxiously for the cue from the referee to dive in? 

Here are 12 thoughts swimmer's have while on the blocks;

1. Here we go again

2. I hope my goggles don't leak when I dive in

3. I can't wait to eat after this

4. Remember what coach said-- wait, what did he say again?

5. I'm going to get a PR, I'm going to get a PR, I'm going to get a PR

6. I wonder where my teammates and parents are?

7. I have to pee

8. Let's get this show on the road

9. Wow, the swimmer in lane 4 looks fast

10. I am fast, smooth like a dolphin, I can't be touched

11. Whatever you do, don't false start

12. I've got this

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