10 Reasons Why Swim Meets Are Better Than Practice

2015 Jun | By

Face it, 7 times out of 10 going to swim practice seems more like a chore than a fun extra-curricular activity. Everyone has those days when jumping into a cold pool and swimming back and forth for two hours is the absolute last thing they want to do. So, why do we do it? Two words-- swim meets. It goes without saying that swim meets are what keep us motivated, interested and coming back for more. When it comes down to it, meets are better than practice. Here's why;

1. At meets you swim about 1/10 of the yardage that you normally would in any given practice.

2. There are hours of downtime between events, which means quality team bonding-- a.k.a., plenty of time for building forts out of towels, writing on eachother in Sharpie, braiding hair, or getting lost while exploring the aquatic center.  

3. The snack bar. Need we say more?

4. After months of neglecting your razor, you finally get to shave.

5. Team pride comes out in full-force. If one person is swimming an event, the rest of the team is on the side of the pool cheering. 

6. Pre-meet carbo-loading. I mean, who doesn't love an excuse to eat an excessive amount of bread and pasta?

7. There's a good chance that you have friends on opposing teams, and regardless of the competition it's always fun to see them at meets.

8. You get to cut the tags off of your team suit, tech suit, or new racing goggles-- which is always a small victory in itself. Take the bench, drag suit. 

9. Post-meet pizza parties with your team. 

10. Win or lose, you get to see all of your hard work and dedication pay off. 

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