September 09, 2020

The Fitter & Faster Tour Presented by

Quote startOur philosophy has always been to support interaction between swimming's stars and the young swimmers out there who participate in the sport.Quote end, the web's most popular swim shop, has partnered with the Fitter & Faster Tour as the presenting sponsor for the upcoming year. For the term of the partnership, the tour will officially be called the "Fitter & Faster Swim Tour Presented by"

The Fitter & Faster Tour launched in 2009 and is in its third-year of bringing Olympic swimming champions into neighborhood pools and local swim clubs across the country. The events enable swimmers and swim teams from all around the U.S. to meet and swim with the best swimmers in the world. Participating Olympic medalists have included Ian Crocker, Peter Vanderkaay, Christine Magnuson, Matt Grevers and Jenny Thompson, among others.

"The Fitter & Faster Tour Presented by provides a great promotional platform for us as both a national retailer and an enthusiastic supporter of grassroots swimming," said CMO Alexander Sienkiewicz. "Our philosophy has always been to support interaction between swimming's stars and the young swimmers out there who participate in the sport -- so we are excited to partner with Fitter & Faster this upcoming year as swimming champions across the country begin their preparations for London over one year from now."

In the past two years, the tour has had over 100 events in cities throughout the United States and more than 10,000 families in attendance. The Tour has featured over 30 elite-level swimmers including 20 Olympians, who have combined to win over 60 Olympic medals, hundreds of national and NCAA titles, All-American honors and other distinctions. Events over the next year will be held across the country and announced online.

"The Fitter and Faster Tour is a great series of events in which young athletes can interact with some of the world's greatest swimmers," said Olympic champion Peter Vanderkaay. "It gives them the opportunity to meet them, learn from them, and most importantly, have fun. I love participating in the events because I am passionate about giving back at the grassroots level."

As the presenting sponsor, will also help promote the tour in a variety of ways, including promotion for the tour to its large customer audience and across its social media platforms with updates, videos and news. A new landing page has been unveiled at: /fitter-and-faster-tour. will also provide free promotional items and giveaways at Fitter & Faster Tour events across the country.

"The primary objectives of our events is to reward grassroots swimmers with a fun, inspirational day swimming and learning from the best athletes in the world," said David Arluck, President of Arluck Promotions, the event's founder. "Seeing a sport performed at an elite level inspires participation. Elite level swimming traditionally doesn't provide the same type of in-person and media access the way other professional sports such as baseball, football and basketball do. The best swimmers in the world are generally these mythological figures, who only exist on the web and once every four years on TV. To get the chance to swim and engage with multiple stars of the sport who have life experiences we can all learn from, makes our tour a truly unique experience that significantly impacts the kids and their passion for the sport."

One unique part of the tour is that individuals and teams can request events by going to: Last year a request in November was fulfilled in less than one month for an event in Denver before Christmas.

"Our events re-inforce personal goals," said Arluck. "In swimming as in life, the goals of each and every person are important and not judged based on their ability level. If that personal goal is to make a relay on a JV swim team, that's just as important as the goals set by Olympians. And when this message is given by an Olympian – it is powerful. It motivates kids, their parents and keeps them in the sport."

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About the Fitter & Faster Tour

The Fitter & Faster Swim Tour presented by is produced by Arluck Promotions and was founded by the company's CEO David Arluck. The tour connects the grassroots of swimming with the elite stars of the sport. The Fitter & Faster Tour™ is a series of exciting events featuring many of the world's greatest swimmers – individuals who are champions in the pool and out of it. Over 30 Olympians participating in the Fitter & Faster Tour have combined to win over 60 Olympic medals, hundreds of national and NCAA titles, All American honors and other distinctions. Also touring with the Olympians are several "up-and-comers" who are contenders to make the Olympic team in 2012. All of the athletes who participate in the tour have been carefully selected. They are not only great athletes, but they are a pleasure to be around – they make the events truly special and memorable for participants. All the elite athletes who are part of the tour come from different backgrounds and have different stories and experiences that attendees can relate to. Many of the featured athletes have graduated at the top of their class in college, have been Rhodes Scholarship finalists, attend medical school, and are pursuing careers that inspire them as much as their swimming. For more information, visit

Coach's Testimonial – Ray Willie, Age Group Coach Three Village Swim Club

"As a coach and parent the fitter and faster tour has been a great asset to both my club and my children. Their memories and lessons will last a lifetime. I truly appreciate the way the athletes speak to the swimmers about their swimming career. My swimmers come back from each clinic with an enthusiasm for swimming that is unmatched. It is the best motivational tool I as a coach and parent have to keep my swimmers performing their best."