September 09, 2020

San Jose, CA (March 9, 2015) -, the web's most popular swim shop, unveiled its popular 2015 Expert Tech Suit Reviews today on along with its new 2015/16 Official Racing Suit Technology Guide. The industry-leading review is SwimOutlet's third annual and biggest one to date with over 16 suits tested by independent reviewers Mark Gangloff and Julie Stupp. In addition, the technology guide provides an accompanying break down of the top race suits and brands, TechTalk video interviews and a discussion component for swimmers to share opinions and ask questions about the latest suits.

Suits covered in the 2015 Tech Suit Reviews include traditional swim brands such as Arena, TYR, blueseventy and Dolfin, as well as relative newcomers to the U.S. market Hammerhead, Jaked and Rocket Science Sports.

"These independent reviews by Mark and Julie have gotten bigger and better with each year," said Alexander Sienkiewicz, CMO at "To go with it, the new Racing Suit Technology Guide will be an important portal for swimmers to keep up-to-date on the latest technology innovations. We want to ensure our shoppers are getting the right information before spending hundreds of dollars on a tech suit."

Since its launch in February 2013, the Tech Suit Review has helped over 100,000 swimmers learn more about sizing, materials and performance of a variety of leading top-of-the-line tech suits. Two-time Olympic gold medalist Mark Gangloff reviewed men's suits during several weeks of testing, while 11-time NCAA All-American and Olympic Trials finalist Julie Stupp oversaw the women's reviews.

"Our world class reviewers put hours into testing to provide detailed, unbiased opinions on the performance, fit and feel of each suit," said Jill Klein, VP, Merchandising & Buying at "New technology is developed every year and our customers have come to rely on these reviews where experts provide independent opinions, sizing suggestions and an overall comparison of the top quality tech suits that are available at Tech suits are so specific to each individual user's body and swim specialty that the more useful, practical information you have when making your tech suit selection, the better chance you have at finding the right suit for you."

The new Official 2015/16 Racing Suit Technology Guide provides several features for the visitors, consolidating race suit information all in one place, including:

  • Tech suit introductory promo video and links to all the elite tech suits
  • Public discussion board for shoppers to ask questions and discuss suit technologies among the swim community
  • TechTalk video series featuring interviews with brand reps (new videos added monthly)
  • Portal to continually add new technologies and information on the latest top racing suits
Official Links
  1. 2015 Tech Suit Reviews:
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  3. Race Suit Promo Video: 2015 Tech Suit Reviews – Featured Suits (alphabetical)
  1. Arena Carbon Air
  2. Arena Carbon Flex WC Edition
  3. Blueseventy neroFIT
  4. Dolfin Titanium
  5. Hammerhead Silver Armor
  6. Jaked Jkatana
  7. Rocket Science LIGHT2
  8. TYR Avictor