September 27, 2022

They've called them a once in a generation dynasty - Alex and Gretchen Walsh are taking the swimming world by storm. An Olympic Silver Medalist and NCAA National Champion respectively, this dynamic sister-duo are the first collegiate swim athletes in history to team up with a nationally recognized swim brand for a co-branded collection following the NCAA NIL policy change last year.

Inspired by their sense of wanderlust, from the vibrant sounds of Nashville to the iconic streets of Barcelona, the Sporti x Alex + Gretchen Walsh Collection invites you in to explore the sisters’ world; transporting you from Music City to the European coast, without ever leaving the pool.

Comprised of three collections, each assortment showcases the sisters' respective individualities, while simultaneously highlighting their similarities.

Sporti x Alex Walsh Collection
"You can't really know where you’re going until you know where you have been." This iconic quote resonates throughout the Sporti x Alex Walsh Collection, with designs and prints inspired by the sisters’ hometown of Nashville. From Boho Bandana, inspired by the southern wardrobe staple, to Space Cowboy, a print giving nod to an unmistakable motif in southern culture - the cowboy boot - the Sporti x Alex Walsh Collection is vibrant and bold, providing a modern twist on classic prints that make Nashville such a dynamic city.

Sporti x Gretchen Walsh Collection
It was in Barcelona that the sisters competed together in their first international swim meet. For Gretchen in particular, this was a moment in time.

"The pool in Barcelona was my favorite of all time. It was even more significant because it is where we traveled together internationally for the first time, which was a huge goal for us," says Gretchen. "Swimming takes you to amazing places, and while we were exploring the world, I just fell in love with that city."

These memories come to life in the Sporti x Gretchen Walsh Collection. From Patchwork Tile, reminiscent of the countless tile patterns you see throughout Barcelona, to Beep Beep!, inspired by a piece of European culture Gretchen brought back to the states - her moped - each design reflects Gretchen’s unique character - bold, edgy and here for the win.

Sporti x Alex + Gretchen Walsh Collection
The sister duo has been making their mark on the swim industry for over a decade. Competitive without ever being rivals, the two have pushed and supported each other on their pathway to success.

"We've been on two separate paths over the years yet in so many ways they intersect. The exciting thing about our collaboration with Sporti and SwimOutlet is it’s something we're doing together, just as we’ve been on this swim journey together our entire lives," says Alex and Gretchen.

Featuring a metallic gold design fittingly named Dynasty, to XOXO, a suit that screams sisterhood and reflects the bonds you form with people and their love of the sport, the Sister Duo collection captures the champion essence of this remarkable twosome.

"We're super proud to have this collection that we worked so hard for. It’s a dream come true," says Alex and Gretchen.

"Collaborating with Alex and Gretchen on this collection was fun, to say the least," says Daniela Bascuñán, Sporti's VP of Design. "The sisters are not only incredible swimmers but creative powerhouses in their own right. They always brought fresh ideas to the table, pushing us to create a collection that was as dynamic as they are."

A Moment in Time
As the sisters have swam their way to success, their wake has continued to make an impression on the industry. Founder of industry authority SwimSwam, Mel Stewart, says:

"The Walsh Sisters first appeared on SwimSwam when they were 12 years old - it was rare to report on athletes that young, but we did. Now ages 19 and 21, these two young women remind me of Tracy Caulkins (considered one of the greatest overall swimmers in four decades) - they’re invoking greatness in swimming on the female side of the sport.” says Mel. "I can’t remember when there were two sisters this talented."

"The Sporti x Alex + Gretchen Walsh collection is a creative collaboration that fits perfectly into the zeitgeist of what's happening right now in swim," says Mel. "It's great that you’re great, but the Walsh Sisters take it one step further; they make you want to be their friend. They’re very accessible, likable and have so much potential, and their designs in this collection reflect that. It’s just a matter of time before I see their suits on the 12 year old swimmers of today."

"I think this collection is going to be a moment in time - this is when their star took off. They're going to be a story in sports for the next 20 years."

Sporti, SwimOutlet's top performance swimwear brand has recently debuted a series of design collaborations featuring top athletes, industry tastemakers, artists and influencers, putting diversity, inclusion and mental health awareness at the forefront.

"Alex and Gretchen embody everything we stand for at Sporti," said Winnie So, President of Sporti. "As we've ventured into this world of collaborations, it was imperative that we found partners that resonated with our brand values - and the Walsh sisters do just that. It’s been such a pleasure to highlight their competitive spirit and elevate female empowerment within the sport."

The Sporti x Alex + Gretchen Walsh Collection ranges from $12.95 - $48.95 and is available in competitive swim sizing 22Y - 40 (accommodating approximately sizes Youth 6/7 to Adult XL), sold exclusively at