Understanding Latest Trends in Apres Yoga


Women rejoice – workout clothing has become a fashion trend and not just comfortable apparel to wear to the gym or studio. This new trend, which has been dubbed Aprés Yoga -- literally translated to “after yoga”-- has become a staple for women-on-the-go. Ladies want to enjoy their yoga sessions, gym time or fitness classes and go straight to the grocery store or to lunch with their friends and not worry about their appearance. The latest trends in yoga make clothing fashionable as well as functional with soft leggings, breathable, loose-fitting tops and warm sweater wraps. With Aprés Yoga becoming more of a fashion statement than a studio-only style, knowing what the current trends are can be confusing. The following is a guide to help you navigate through these current trends and to help you pick the pieces that work best for you.

Trendy Tops

While we’ve seen snug fitting tops become the trend in active wear, loose fitting tops are making a comeback. Aprés yoga sees a lot of slouchy tanks, tees and tunic style tops, either with a colorful or printed sports bra or a solid colored cami or tank underneath. These breathable, comfortable tops allow the wearer to move freely while in their classes and to also be able to stay more covered while she runs her errands or meets girlfriends for lunch. Pair with some leggings and you’re ready to go!

Luscious Leggings

Leggings have become a fashion trend, not just in Aprés Yoga, but also in everyday women’s wear. Compression leggings have been a runner favorite, but now other athletes and fit females are leaning towards leggings to keep their legs covered. Many yoga leggings come in bright colors, bold prints, and trendy tie-dyed patterns. Put on a pair of these comfortable leggings and pair it with a slouchy top, making a quick and easy fashion choice that goes immediately from studio to street.

Sassy Cover-Ups

Whether it’s a sweater or a pullover, many yogis have been craving cover-ups for their Aprés Yoga looks. These oversized wraps and billowy capes allow you to cover up your sweat-soaked clothes or to keep warm against the wind. These cover-ups not only look stylish but they easily hide your workout wear while you’re out running errands and help keep you cozy when the weather gets windy.

Accent with Accessories

Accessorizing isn’t just for dressing up anymore. Many Yoga companies have been creating chic jewelry pieces and sassy scarves to top off the Aprés Yoga look. With yoga-inspired jewelry, made by using gemstones, Buddha pendants, and casual materials, adding flair to you fashion is made simple. Large, versatile scarves also help you looking your best during and after a studio session. Staying stylish is made easy, allowing any busy babe to be ready for whatever her day brings next.

With so many colors, fabrics, prints and styles to choose from, yoga wear has become a casual way to stay trendy and stylish and to also be ready to workout at any point in your day. With these comfortable trends on the rise, everyday fashion has never been more fun.

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