Understanding Bikini Tops

When the sun starts shining, it's only natural that you begin to notice swimsuits on the racks of your favorite retailer. Among the swimwear, there are varying shapes, sizes and styles. Today, there are so many types of bikini tops that it can be difficult to distinguish which trend is which. It is important to understand the different bikini tops and the coverage they offer before you start shopping for your summer essentials. Below are some of the most popular types that we carry at SwimOutlet.

    Bold Bustiers

    These blast-from-the-past tops are making a huge comeback. The cropped design and molded cups give anyone's bust a boost and creates flattering lines. And, with the supportive underwire cups, even bigger busted babes can feel comfortable in this sassy swim style. With strapped, halter and strapless styles to choose from, bustiers prove to be a versatile top that compliment any and every body type.

    Bust-Friendly Bra Tops

    Bra tops live up to their name. With supportive underwire, adjustable straps, and secure back closures, these tops emulate the feminine undergarments we wear daily. Those worried about their girls going places or needing a stay-put fit love bra tops for the support they give and for the edgy and fun styles they come in. Comfort doesn't have to mean wearing high coverage suits or missing out on the youthful prints and styles.

    Tummy-Covering Tankinis

    A tankini is a swimsuit top that drops the hemline down to the hips to provide full stomach coverage. Designed to deliver a flattering fit to women of all sizes, the tankini is one of the more modest fitting bikini tops. The original tankini was a hybrid between a bikini top and a tank top and paired with a basic bikini bottom. However, as the tankini trend sailed, more and more styles took to the idea of the tankini. Today you will see strapless tankinis, halter tankinis, and deep v-neckline tankinis. Through the evolution of the tankini, one thing remains; a modest, flattering coverage to allow women to feel comfortable and confident.

    Haute Halters

    One of the more well-known bikini tops is the halter. A halter is a fixed triangle on each side of the top that comes together around the neck. Created with thicker straps and moderate bust coverage, the halter is a comfortable option for women spending their days in the sun. Unlike other bikini tops, halter tops generally offer a banded design below the bust for additional support. These tops give women the best of both worlds: an appealing yet appropriate swimwear style.

    Triangle Tops

    The triangle top is the most common bikini top among women's swimwear. A triangle top is typically known for its sliding triangles that are strung on very thin spaghetti straps. Different from the classic halter bikini, triangle tops offer less support and generally less coverage. These basic tops can be manipulated to provide either a flattering boost, or looser comfort. This timeless triangle bikini style delivers what most young women want in a swimsuit -- minimal tan-lines and a traditional trending style.

    Bust Enhancing Bandeaus

    Blowing all other tops out of the water are the bandeaus. The bandeau top accentuates the bust, as they twist and cinch in the middle. The usual strapless style of these tops provides a natural and even tan-line making it functional and fashionable. However, due to the lack of strap support that most bandeaus have, these tops are more commonly worn by women with a smaller cup size. The slimmer design and eye-catching details enhance the bust for smaller chested women, creating a sizzling swimwear style.

    Sizzling Sport Tops

    Staying active in a bathing suit can prove to be difficult when you're in a top aimed toward tanning. With minimal bust coverage, tie closures, and simple support, many bra tops don't offer the support needed to keep things in place when running, swimming, diving or surfing. Sport tops are a great option for those sporty ladies who don't want to worry about a surprise slip. With higher bust coverage, comfortable and secure back styles and stay-put fits, these tops keep your bust reinforced and concealed and your bikini top in place so you can participate in any and all beach and pool activities in total comfort.

No matter what style floats your boat, there are many options and a wide array of selections in fashion swimwear. Whether you prefer full upper body coverage in a tankini, or a bustier silhouette in a bandeau, there is something for everyone to splash around in. Depending on what end of the spectrum your favorite style falls on, there are endless possibilities and combinations for stylish swimwear.

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