What to Look for When Visiting a Swim School

November 05, 2021

Studies have shown that formal swimming lessons between ages 1 – 4 can reduce the risk of drowning by 88%*. Learning how to swim can also improve sleep quality, increase cognitive skills development, and offer a healthy activity for growing bodies.

Swim lessons sound great, but where do you start? It is important to look for a swim school that fits the needs of the student and your family. Here are some things to consider as you search to find the perfect swim program.

Before enrolling in group lessons or private lessons, here are a few things to make a note of:

  • Developmentally and age-appropriate activities and learning
  • positive and fun environment that focuses on the needs of the learner
  • Small class sizes for young children and beginners
    • The typical swimming class has a 1:6 ratio (1 instructor to 6 students)
  • Shorter swim classes in warm water for young children
    • For children ages 3 to 5, a typical group lesson is 30 minutes, while children over 6 will typically be in a 45-minute group lesson
  • Progressive development with rewards along the way to keep your swimmer motivated and excited to learn, remember learning to swim is a process and requires ongoing practice
  • Friendly and helpful pool staff and swim instructors that are inclusive and strive to meet your family’s needs
  • safe environment with well-qualified staff 
  • Vigilant lifeguards and certified instructors with completed background checks, first aid training, proper water safety techniques, and life-saving skills
  • A clean facility that includes clear, treated and maintained water
  • Professionalism, including participation in a national association such as the U.S. Swim School Association

You can find swim schools in your area at: https://www.usswimschools.org/find-a-school/

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