How to Use Water Aerobic Resistance Training Tools

Resistance training plays a huge role in water aerobics, and depending on the tools you're using-- can greatly change your workout. If you decide to start pursuing water aerobics then making sure that you're equipped with all of the right equipment is a must. This guide will go over the benefits of resistance training and what you can use when you're in the water. Once you're armed with knowledge and what tools you need, you'll be able to handle any workout your instructor will throw at you.

    Benefits of Resistance Training in the Water

    One of the many benefits of resistance training is the reduced stress on your joints. If you have injuries in the past or you're in an older demographic, any type of training is going to be much better for your overall well-being. Water training is recommended first because of its low-impact physicality. Exercising in a pool also greatly reduces the risk of getting an injury which helps build and balance muscle strength. You'll be able to achieve muscle tone faster through the ability to work two opposing muscle groups. Resistance training is also a fun way of adding variety to your workouts to prevent plateaus. It keeps your body on its toes and is a great way to get a great workout while on vacation too!

    Exercises for Ideal Resistance

    If you're curious about what exercise you should be doing in the pool or if you're undertaking your aerobic alone, then we've got you covered. Here are a few sets of exercises. As a helpful tip, we recommend that you perform one set of each exercise and then repeat the full circuit 3 times for a complete workout.

    Water Running

    Water running is a simple exercise and can be completed in the shallow end. While in water that's about waist deep, run on the spot or back and forth for 3 minutes without stopping while pumping your arms at the same time. If you want to ramp up the difficulty, then try running with your water dumbbells or strap on ankle weights.

    Jumping Jacks

    Starting in a standing position, bring your arms up in a quick motion up above your head as you bring your legs out next to you. Bring your arms and legs back to your sides and in the standing position to finish and repeat this move 20 times. To make this move an expert move, try completing it with water dumbbells or ankle weights.

    Noodle Push and Pull

    Begin this by holding a pool noodle with your arms straight out in front of you. Pull the noddle in towards your body at chest height and repeat for 20 reps. Make sure to keep your core squeezed tight during this and have your feet be shoulder width apart.

    Noodle Pull Down

    Start off this exercise by holding a pool noodle with your arms straight out in front of you again. From there, pull the noodle down to your waist in the water while keeping your arms straight. Repeat this step 20 times and you'll have completed your first set!

    Easy ways to boost your workout in the pool

    Taking in these tips will help boost your calorie burning up a significant margin, all while still getting in a good workout. You'll be able to rev up the exercises you do in the water so you can multi-task to a better you.

  • Contract Your Core: Before you start each move, contract your ab muscles while you're in the water. This will help keep you more balanced. Be sure to maintain this contraction through the entire exercise and continue to breathe normally.
  • Better and Faster: As you are doing your exercise, try completing the exercises a little faster and doing everything a little quicker. The more reps you do in a set, the more overall calories you will burn. However, don't overdo it because you don’t want to lose control of the movement.
  • Get Slim with Slammin' Jams: One easy way to make sure that you get the most of your workout is by wearing and listening to music while you're in the water. You can push harder and faster when there are great beats pumping through your blood so you can be motivated for longer. Picking up some waterproof MP3 players or speakers is a great way to hear great music while you're in the pool.

No matter how you choose to spice up your aerobics workout, you'll be doing it with fun exercises that are sure to fire up your normal workout routine. Water resistance training is one of the best ways that you can burn calories without ever having to worry about injuries or putting too much stress on your sensitive knees or shoulders. Bring your noodles and your dumbbells and you'll be ready for a full-body workout.

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