How to Care for a Swim Parka

Swim parkas see a lot of abuse. From getting soaked with chlorinated water, to baking in the sun, to getting dragged over rough pool decks, even the most durable parka will eventually start to show its age. A few simple steps are all it takes to keep your parka in top condition.

Dry Your Parka Out

Chlorinated water is the most common cause of parka deterioration. The harsh chemicals in pool water can, over time, break down and fade fabrics. Also, if parkas are not allowed to dry out completely, the fabric can become mildewed.

Hang or lay out your parka to dry after each use. You can put your parka in the dryer to remove moisture, but be sure to leave it on a low setting.

Wash Your Parka Off

Sometimes parkas get dirty, whether from a muddy poolside lawn, some spilled food, or a little too much sunscreen rubbing off on the inside. And although they don't require regular washing, the occasional scrub can help remove a buildup of chlorine and other chemicals.

If you need to wash your parka, you can either hand wash it with gentle cleanser in your sink, or use a washing machine. If you opt for a machine, wash the parka in cool water with mild soaps. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners, and do not soak the parka beforehand. Their bright colors are prone to bleeding.

Store Your Parka Safely

Before putting your parka away, make sure that it is completely dry. Hang or loosely fold your parka and leave it somewhere cool, dry, and out of the sun. This will best protect it from mildew and fading.

Swim Parkas Last a Long Time

The durable construction of modern swim parkas ensures that they will last for years. In fact, many swimmers only buy one or two parkas during their entire swimming career. Taking a little extra care can ensure that the parka you have today will last you through many a cold day on the pool deck.

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