Caring for Your Tech Suit

Your tech suit is a fine piece of equipment, and perhaps one of the most important investments you can make in your swimming future. After all, buying a tech suit shows that you are taking your swimming seriously, and that you truly want to compete in the big leagues. Because of that, it is important that you take good care of your tech suit, both in and out of the water, so that you get the most out of it.

Tech suits generally do not last more than 11 swim meets at the most, but that number will be significantly lower if you do not take good care of your suit. Fortunately,  we have had lots of experience caring for tech suits here at and we have compiled the following tips to ensure that you get the most out of your gear!

Don’t Wear the Suit Longer Than Necessary

Your tech suit is not a casual piece of swim gear and should not be treated as such. Instead, you treat it like a piece of equipment that is only used for as long as necessary. You should not train in a tech suit, nor wear it around when not actively swimming. The longer you wear it, the more the material will stretch and lose its ability to compress your muscles.

While you should not take the tech suit off and on between swims, as the process of removing it can also lead to stretching the material, when you are done with the meet, you should definitely remove it as soon as you can.

Cover the Suit Up

When you are waiting for your meet to start, or coming off of one, you should not wear only the tech suit. You do not want the material to snag on something as you walk and tear! A torn tech suit is no good! Wear a t-shirt and pants for the ladies, or something to cover both the top and bottom, and guys who wear some kind of shorts or pants over the suit. Anything to get between the suit and something that can rip it.

Put the Suit on, and Take it Off, Slowly

Because of the compression involved in the tech suit, it is not uncommon for a swimmer to spend fifteen minutes to a half hour just putting the suit on. Rather than rush through this process, you should factor it into your preparations for the swim meet. Rushing and putting the suit on too quickly can lead to stretching the material, which can result in the opposite effect from what you want.

Similarly, when you take the suit off, it can be tempting to just pull it off as quick as possible. Again, fight that urge and take your time. The gentler you are with the suit now, the longer it will retain its shape and serve your needs in swim meets.

Rinse it With Cold Water After Use

When you are done with your meet, you want to remove as much chlorine from the tech suit as you can, and the best way to do that is to rinse the suit with cold water. You should not use soap or shampoo, as these can damage the suit material and affect the compression.

You should never use a washing machine! Instead, we recommend filling a sink with cool water and dipping the suit in that, swishing the water around to remove the residue. You should not scrub the suit or anything that might damage the material.

Move the Suit in a Towel

If you are taking the suit home from a meet before it can air dry, wrap the suit in a towel and transport it that way. This will keep the water from dripping out. Do not wring the suit out or anything similar to try and get it to dry faster.

Air Dry

When you have rinsed the suit clean of chlorine and other dangerous materials, you should let the suit air dry. Do not hang the suit as you might a more typical type of suit, as the weight can pull down the suit and stretch it. Instead, lie the suit flat until it is dry to the touch.

Wear Only Your Best at Meets

At the big swim competitions, do not wear an old tech suit, since the lack of compression can adversely affect you. Similarly, keep your best and newest tech suits for those events, and wear your older ones for less important meets or heats. By cycling through your tech suits, new and old, you can keep them all in decent shape longer.

If you follow these guidelines, you should get the most out of your tech suit. But keep in mind that the compression will not last forever, and that if you can get ten good meets out of your tech suit, you are doing very well. Good luck!

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