The 14 Best Swim Goggles of 2024 for Adults & Kids

January 22, 2024

Do your swim goggles keep fogging up, leaking, or getting displaced?

If you want to be a better swimmer or just enjoy swimming more, getting a high-quality pair of goggles is a must!

After all, the best goggles have several benefits. These include preventing red eyes and irritation and improving underwater visibility.

If you're wondering which pair of goggles is for you, we have you covered!

With our years of experience, we're dedicated to recommending only the best swim gear to provide you with the best swimming experience.

Read on to learn about the 14 best swimming goggles you should consider in 2024.

The Top 14 Swim Goggles of 2024

We've tested multiple goggles in both pools and open water.

In the end, we've narrowed the options to these 14 best swimming goggles.

Best Overall - Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirror Goggle


  • Adjustable nose pieces: 3 different pieces

  • UV protection: Yes

  • Anti-fog: Yes

  • Build: Cushioned silicone seals, polycarbonate lens

  • Other notable features: Ultra-mirrored coating, ultra-low-profile design

Speedo goggles are some of the best in the industry — and with good reason!

The Vanquishers 2.0 Mirror, in particular, is one of their most popular swimming goggles. It's also our choice for best overall swim goggles.

It comes with all the pros of the non-mirrored version — with the addition of an ultra-mirrored coating that can drastically reduce glare when swimming outdoors.

You can speed through the water with these swimming goggles without worrying about being blinded by the sun. It offers more peripheral vision than other outdoor goggles too.

The Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 mirrored goggles are easily one of the most universally fitted and comfortable high-performance goggles you can get on the market.

What Makes It Great

  • Most universally-fitted high-performance goggles

  • Very comfortable

  • Offers more peripheral vision

  • Drastically reduces glare

Something To Consider

  • Gaskets could be a bit more watertight

Best for Competitive Swimmers - Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe Antifog Mirror Goggle


  • Adjustable nose pieces: 5 different pieces

  • UV protection: Yes

  • Anti-fog: Yes

  • Build: Polycarbonate lens, Japanese TPE gasket, silicone dual strap

  • Other notable features: Swipe anti-fog technology, stabilizing temple design, low profile lens

The Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe Mirror pulls no punches for competitive swimmers.

Our favorite thing about this pair of goggles is the advanced anti-fog technology.

You see, we'd normally warn you against rubbing the inside of your swim goggles. But with this kind of swimming goggles, you have to swipe your finger across the lens to reset the anti-fog feature.

We noticed how the goggle lenses held crystal-clear clarity for much longer than other goggles.

Another feature we liked is the arms on the side that make the strap more stable.

What Makes It Great

  • No leaks, no fog

  • Great fit

  • Hydrodynamic

  • Lots of color options

Something To Consider

  • May not be good for those with long lashes

Best for Kids - TYR Kids' Swimple Tie Dye Goggle


  • Adjustable nose pieces: Unibody design

  • UV protection: Yes

  • Anti-fog: Yes

  • Build: Hypoallergenic silicone gaskets, polycarbonate lens

  • Other notable features: Secure release button, anti-fog coating

Want to introduce your little one to swimming? Try the TYR Swimple Tie Dye, the best goggles for kids ages 3 to 10! These goggles have colorful options that kids are sure to love.

We appreciated the quick and easy strap adjustment made possible by a secure release button. The unibody design also accommodates various face shapes.

This product has also been tested and approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission's guidelines, so you're sure you're getting only the best for your child.

Like adult goggles, they have anti-fog technology and soft silicone gaskets so kids can enjoy the water — whether they're starting as competitive or casual swimmers.

What Makes It Great

  • Doesn't fog up

  • Lots of color options

  • Quick and easy strap adjustment

  • Tested and approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission's guidelines

Something To Consider

  • No interchangeable nose bridges

Best Optical Goggles - Sporti Antifog S2 Optical Mirrored Goggle


  • Available in diopters: -1.5 through -8.0
  • Interchangeable lenses: Yes
  • Adjustable nose pieces: 3 different pieces
  • Anti-fog: Yes
  • UV Protection: Yes
  • Build: Polycarbonate lenses, silicone gasket, low profile design
  • Other notable features: Mirrored outer coating

Take your glasses into the pool with the Sporti Antifog S2 Optical Mirrored Goggle! 

Featuring the same sleek design and fit as the popular Sporti S2 goggle, these S2 Optical Goggles give high-performance design you want available in diopters -1.5 through -8.0. Goggle lenses are easily interchangeable to customize the perfect vision for your swim.

Includes three sizes of interchangeable nose pieces for a custom fit and double silicone thin straps for proper security. 

Additionally, these goggles have a great anti-fog coating coupled with UV protection to shield your eyes on sunny days.

What Makes it Great

  • Available in diopters -1.5 through -8.0
  • Interchangeable goggle lenses
  • 3 Interchangeable nose bridges
  • Low profile design

Something to note

  • These are optical goggles
  • Watch this video if you have two different eye strengths:  

Arena Cobra Core Swipe Antifog Mirror Goggle


  • Adjustable nose pieces: 5 different pieces

  • UV protection: Yes

  • Anti-fog: Yes

  • Build: Polycarbonate lens, Japanese TPE gasket, silicone dual strap

  • Other notable features: Swipe anti-fog technology, low profile lens

If you're a fan of Arena goggles, we're sure you'll love this. The Arena Cobra Core Swipe Anti-fog Mirror Goggles is another premium pair of goggles for competitive swimmers.

Despite being expensive goggles, they're certainly worth the price. For one, we noticed it has impressive "upwards" peripheral vision.

It has Arena's special advanced anti-fog protection that lasts longer than other goggles. This can be reactivated every swim to extend the protection.

It's recommended to gently wipe the inside of such goggles five times to "reset" the anti-fog. However, we've noticed it also works well enough with just one swipe!

We especially loved how these swim goggles don't distort vision, thanks to the lens's flat curve.

What Makes It Great

  • No leak, no fog

  • Good fit for those with long eyelashes

  • Doesn't distort the vision

  • Has great "upwards" peripheral vision

Something To Consider

  • Depending on your face shape, you might need a very tight fit for it to be leak proof

TYR Black Ops 140 EV Racing Goggle


  • Adjustable nose pieces: 4 different pieces

  • UV protection: Yes

  • Anti-fog: Yes

  • Build: Durafit silicone gaskets, polycarbonate lenses

  • Other notable features: Wide peripheral range, lightweight and streamlined design

If you want a pair of goggles tested and approved by a third-party organization, look no further than the TYR Black Ops 140 EV Racing goggles.

This pair is World Aquatics-approved. Formerly known as FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation), World Aquatics is the world's governing body for aquatic sports.

We love how the TYR Black Ops 140 EVs are so comfortable and lightweight that it felt like we didn't have them on! The clear lens version even made us daring enough to use them to swim laps at night.

We also highly recommend them for people with deep-set eyes — we assure you these swim goggles will stay in place.

What Makes It Great

  • Lightweight

  • Wide peripheral view

  • Provides close fit with minimal drag

  • Good for people with deep-set eyes

Something To Consider

  • Gaskets might feel painful after a while

TYR Stealth-X Mirrored Racing Goggle


  • Adjustable nose pieces: 4 different pieces

  • UV protection: Yes

  • Anti-fog: Yes

  • Build: Liquafit gaskets, polycarbonate lens

  • Other notable features: Panoramix High-Definition Lenses, deep inner eye fit, flexible nose bridge

The TYR Stealth X Racing goggles are great for racing. It has a low-profile design for minimal drag, making you faster in the water. A flexible nose bridge makes for a comfortable fit.

This pair of swim goggles sports the Panoramix High-Definition Lenses, giving it heightened contrast and reduced glare.

The Liquafit gaskets allow for a deep inner-eye fit. This makes for maximum comfort, fluidity, and durability. Despite the super tight seal, we really liked how it didn't leave any goggle marks!

The deep inner-eye fit also provides a secure, streamlined fit that helps reduce drag.

What Makes It Great

  • Low-profile design for minimal drag

  • Heightened contrast and reduced glare

  • Flexible nose bridge

Something To Consider

  • Nose bridge might press too hard on the nose

Speedo Speed Socket 2.0 Mirrored Goggle


  • Adjustable nose pieces: 3 levels

  • UV protection: Yes

  • Anti-fog: Yes

  • Build: Cushioned silicone seals, polycarbonate lens

  • Other notable features: Ultra low-profile design, curved panoramic lenses

Here's another great entry from Speedo - the Speed Socket 2.0 mirrored goggles.

We found that they're excellent hybrid goggles — meaning they're great for both practice and racing. They're also relatively cheaper than other swim goggles for racing!

This pair was designed and developed in Aqualab, Speedo's own high-performance research and development facility.

This means you can be confident that the Speed Socket 2.0 is not only durable and comfortable but also hydrodynamic and fast.

We're also impressed because these goggles offer great visibility underwater. After all, we can see two (or even three) lanes on either side of us, even if we're looking straight ahead.

What Makes It Great

  • Great for practice and racing

  • Designed for high-performance

  • Relatively cheaper than other premium race goggles

  • Great panoramic vision

Something To Consider

  • Might not be good for bigger heads, even with adjustments

Speedo Biofuse Re-Flex 2.0 Goggle


  • Adjustable nose pieces: Unibody design

  • UV protection: Yes

  • Anti-fog: Yes

  • Build: Polycarbonate lens, biosynthetic materials

  • Other notable features: Patented push button, Speedo Biofuse technology

Another of the best swim goggles we love is the Speedo Biofuse 2.0.

This pair of goggles features Speedo Biofuse technology for flexible comfort. There are also super soft seals and a new groove design.

On top of that, a flexible and strong internal frame design allows for a really snug fit.

The strap has traction gears that also ensure a secure but comfortable fit. Meanwhile, the patented push button allows for fast and secure fitting.

Despite having a unibody design, we're impressed by how well it can shape itself onto our faces!

What Makes It Great

  • Flexible and comfortable

  • Great stability

  • Fast and secure fitting

Something To Consider

  • "Upwards" peripheral vision is a bit restricted

Arena Python Mirrored Goggle


  • Adjustable nose pieces: 3 different pieces

  • UV protection: Yes

  • Anti-fog: Yes

  • Build: Polycarbonate lens, silicone gasket, silicone dual strap

  • Other notable features: Wide vision, sleek snake-eye-shaped light lens

This pair of goggles is another great pick for competitive swimmers.

We imagined them to be smaller and more race-y looking — but you obviously shouldn't judge based on looks alone!

The Arena Python Mirrored is one of the most comfortable goggles we've tried. The sleek, snake-eye-shaped, curved lens vastly improves hydrodynamic performance and panoramic vision.

We also noticed that the nose pieces are high enough that they don't touch your nose. This is a relief since they shouldn't leave marks on your face when you take them off!

However, that ultimately depends on your facial structure.

What Makes It Great

  • Comfortable

  • Great peripheral vision

  • Improves hydrodynamic performance

  • Lots of color options

Something To Consider

  • Has more surface area than other racing goggles

Arena Air-Speed Mirrored Goggle



  • Adjustable nose pieces: 3 different pieces

  • UV protection: Yes

  • Anti-fog: Yes

  • Build: Polycarbonate lens, TPR gasket, silicone strap

  • Other notable features: Honeycomb air seal gaskets, wide lens

The Arena Air-Speed Mirror is a great pair of training goggles. We especially loved the honeycomb air seal gaskets that compress and adapt to the face.

These were also designed to reduce pressure on certain parts by distributing the pressure around the eye sockets. Thanks to that, it felt really light and comfortable on our faces.

We didn't feel any pain from the suction, and it was stable during our lap swimming. Similar to the TYR Black Ops, this is such a pair of lightweight goggles that it felt like we didn't have them on.

What Makes It Great

  • Lightweight

  • Comfortable

  • Great lateral vision

  • Innovative honeycomb air seals

Something To Consider

  • Might not be a good fit for people with protruding eye bones

TYR Vesi Mirrored Adult Goggle


  • Adjustable nose pieces: Unibody design

  • UV protection: Yes

  • Anti-fog: Yes

  • Build: Durafit silicone gaskets, polycarbonate lens

  • Other notable features: Unibody and unisex design, speed adjustment technology

For those teens and adults who are just getting started with their swimming or are just into recreational swimming, the TYR Vesi is a good entry-level pair.

The unibody design allows it to fit different face shapes.

We also appreciated that it was specifically made to accommodate female swimmers (who tend to have smaller facial contours), so they're very comfortable to swim in.

It also has speed adjustment technology that ensures easy on and off wear.

Another thing we liked is the flat lenses, which don't distort your vision!

What Makes It Great

  • Great for both male and female swimmers

  • Speed adjust technology

  • Don't fog up

Something To Consider

  • Not low profile

  • No interchangeable nose bridges

Arena Spider Jr. Goggle


  • Adjustable nose pieces: Unibody design

  • UV protection: Yes

  • Anti-fog: Yes

  • Build: Hypoallergenic silicone gaskets, polycarbonate lens

  • Other notable features: Single-strap and single button easy adjustment

The best swim goggles for kids and youth would be the Arena Spider Jr. — the kids version is especially great for 6- to 12-year-olds.

It has a single strap and button that makes it easy for even kids to adjust it themselves. Another great thing is that the adjustable head strap doesn't get tangled too badly in long hair.

These goggles feature a self-adjusting nose bridge that adapts its shape to the wearer's face. This makes for a snug and comfortable fit.

What Makes It Great

  • Goggle strap adjustment is a breeze

  • Kids can adjust it themselves

  • Self-adjusting nose bridge

Something To Consider

  • May scratch easily

Speedo Kids Sunny G Seasiders Goggle


  • Adjustable nose pieces: Unibody design

  • UV protection: Yes

  • Anti-fog: Yes

  • Build: Polycarbonate lens

  • Other notable features: Fun designs, bungee strap, no-leak gasket

Our last (but not least) pair of children's goggles is the Speedo Kids Sunny Gs.

We absolutely loved the many fun designs that kids will definitely be attracted to. It combines the cool look of sunglasses with the functionality of goggles.

These Speedo goggles are very easy to use too! The bungee strap allows for quick adjustment, so your little one doesn't have to sit still for too long.

It has a no-leak gasket, and the soft, flexible one-piece frame makes for a comfortable fit for kids throughout the day.

What Makes It Great

  • Bungee strap for easy adjusting

  • No-leak gasket

  • Multiple eye-catching designs

Something To Consider

  • May scratch easily


How to Choose the Best Goggles

There are hundreds of swimming goggles on the market, each with its own set of features.

So, how do you know you're getting the right pair?

Below, we've listed several factors we paid special attention to when reviewing some of the best goggles on the market.

1. Lens Size

Lens size mostly depends on comfort and what doesn't leak when swimming.

Those in competitive swimming may prefer smaller, low-profile swimming goggles that let them cut into the water more easily.

Meanwhile, open-water and more casual swimmers tend to be more comfortable with a larger (even oversized) lens. That's because larger swimming goggles tend to offer a wider peripheral vision.

For open-water swimmers, in particular, wide panoramic vision is important so they can easily spot the orange and red buoys out on the water.

2. Lens Tint

There are so many levels to talking about lens color. We've summarized the basic points you should know here.

  • Clear lenses - These give great visibility. Unfortunately, they have the least UVA and UVB protection among other lens colors. A clear lens is also best for cloudy days or indoor pools, so the sun's glare isn't a problem.

  • Mirrored lenses - These have good UV resistance, making them good for sunny days. That's because mirrored lenses reflect light, so you're not bothered by the sun's glare.

  • Tinted lenses - Tinted lenses are a good middle ground since they can work in any lighting condition. That's because any lens tint will give mild sun protection. Of course, a lighter tint maximizes sights, while darker tints and smoke lenses prioritize sun protection from glare.

  • Polarized lenses - These are upgraded versions of tinted lenses. Polarized goggles can give you better sun protection but are also more expensive.

  • Transition lenses - These are great if you often do outdoor water-based activities when lighting conditions tend to change frequently.

3. Goggle Brand

There are hundreds of swimming goggles on the market.

Admittedly, off-brands are normally a lot cheaper. However, you're not sure of their features, and they might break faster than branded ones — especially if you frequently swim.

As such, we recommend getting swim goggles from well-known brands.

Speedo is arguably the most well-known swimming brand. After all, they have durable goggles for everything — from open water to elite competitions.

Aside from a wide range of tints and sizes to suit toddlers to adults, they even make prescription and mask goggles!

But other big names like Arena, Sporti, and TYR also offer excellent swim goggles that we and many others swear by.

4. Silicone vs. Latex Rubber

This should be no contest. We highly recommend that you get goggles that use silicone rubber.

That's because silicone is hypoallergenic — but also soft and very durable. On top of that, they don't degrade and fade despite consistent exposure to the sun and chlorine.

Fortunately, most swim goggles nowadays are made of silicone. However, some, like the old-school Swedes, still use latex.

5. Gasket vs. No Gasket

Gaskets are what allow the goggles to "seal" to your face. These are found on the ocular lens.

Silicone or rubber gaskets are comfortable on the face. They slightly compress into your skin to create a suction that keeps water out.

Swim goggles that are said to have "no gasket" actually still have one — but they're made of hard plastic. These gaskets sink into the skin to create a light suction.

Swimmers who aren't used to this might have difficulty keeping the water out. However, we promise that they work!

6. Head Strap

The comfort of your head straps is just as important as how comfortable your nose bridge and gaskets are.

We recommend getting a dual-strap or split strap over regular straps. Both those straps can go over and under a bun if you have long hair.

Dual head straps are even more convenient since you can adjust each strap to your preferred height and angle. This will keep your goggles comfortably in place!

Another good feature is an easily adjustable strap to make adjustments quick and simple.

7. Nose Pieces

Nose pieces add to your goggles' adjustability! They help you make your swim goggles fit your face better.

Most goggles come with five or three levels of adjustability.

Some even have swivel nose pieces to accommodate your nose's contour.

Remember that swim masks and some open-water swim goggles tend to only have a one-piece goggle frame, so they don't have adjustable nose bridge pieces.

8. TPR vs. Cushioned Seals

Having cushioned seals is the standard. However, TPR seals tend to be softer, more comfortable, and form a tighter seal.

But regardless of which seal you get, we assure you that the right adjustments can keep the swim goggles comfortable on your face.

9. Budget

This should be one of the first things to consider before setting off to find your swimming goggles.

If you don't set a spending limit, you might overspend for transition or polarized lenses, for instance — which are more expensive than simply tinted or mirrored lenses.

However, you should also set a reasonable budget that will get you something that answers your needs.

For instance, if you're a serious racer, you should know that the best racing goggles cost around $60.

Also, keep in mind that prescription swim goggles can be trickier than regular goggles.

It won't be a problem if you're getting pre-made options. You can get these for $10 to $150.

But if you have a complex prescription, you might need custom-made lenses so you can swim more comfortably. This can cost anywhere from $200 to $600.


Frequently Asked Questions

To further help you find the best swim goggles for yourself (and learn how to maintain them), we've answered some questions below.

How Do I Clean My Swim Goggles?

Rinse the lenses with lukewarm water and gently dry them with a microfiber cloth.

You can clean the head straps with soapy water and then rinse them. However, make sure that soap doesn't get on the lens or gaskets since this can remove the anti-fog coating.

Air-dry your goggles before putting them back into the goggle case and bag. If you put them away in your swim bag with wet bathing suits and towels, they'll breed bacteria and mold.

Don't leave them out in the sun, either.

You can even treat swim goggle scratches using an abrasive paste of very fine grit sandpaper. Toothpaste can work for very light scratches too.

However, you should know that trying to remove the scratches can further damage the swimming goggles too. As such, it's better to just protect them from scratches in the first place.

How Do I Keep My Swim Goggles From Fogging?

If your goggles still have their anti-fog properties, you can simply follow these steps.

  1. Wet your face to minimize the temperature difference between the goggles and your skin. This lowers condensation buildup.

  2. Dunk the goggles in the water so it's the same temperature as where you'll be swimming.

But if your goggles are losing their anti-fog coating, you can prolong the lifespan by doing the following.

  1. Buy an anti-fog spray.

  2. Add a thin layer of shampoo (ideally baby shampoo to lower the risk of eye irritation).

  3. Spread saliva inside the lenses (pretty disgusting, but it works).

Some would also recommend toothpaste. But while it does work, we wouldn't use it ourselves. After all, accidentally getting toothpaste in your eye is painful.

Are There Truly Anti-Fog Goggles?

No matter how advanced anti-fog protection gets, there's no such thing as goggles that are completely anti-fog.

A goggle's anti-fog coating will eventually wear off, and you'll have to keep reapplying substances for the lenses to stay anti-fog.

Of course, you can get the best swimming goggles with excellent anti-fog coating that will last long. However, remember not to rub the inside of the lens so you don't wipe away the delicate coating.

How Should Swim Goggles Fit?

Without putting the head strap on, put the goggles to your eyes and press down lightly. They should stay on with a bit of suction. You should feel gentle, even pressure around the edges.

Then, adjust the head strap to a length that will keep that suction.

Your goggles shouldn't be tight enough that you feel raccoon eyes forming or your eye feels like it's being sucked from your eye socket.

What Are the Different Types of Swim Goggles?

There are two main types of swimming goggles, differentiated according to whether you use them in or out of swim races.

Recreational Goggles

The goggle lens is larger, and it features gaskets around the eyepiece.

It's more comfortable than professional goggles but not the best option for races.

Professional Goggles

Professional goggles are for competitive swimmers who regularly train for and participate in races.

The goggle lens is smaller and admittedly a bit more uncomfortable, but it's great at keeping water from your eyes and fog at bay.

Can Swimming Goggles Damage Your Eyes?

Swimming goggles will slightly increase the intraocular pressure in your eye. However, this won't cause any serious damage.

In fact, the seal the suction creates can protect your eyes against pool pathogens and chlorine.

However, it shouldn't feel like the goggles are sucking at your eye sockets. If it does, then you should find something with less suction.

That's because too much fluid pressure in the eye socket can cause retinal detachment, uveitis, and glaucoma. People with those pre-existing conditions should avoid wearing goggles in the first place, too.

Can I Swim Without Goggles?

Keeping your eyes open without goggles isn't bad for the short term. However, overexposure to pool chemicals like chlorine can cause eye problems, such as red eyes and conjunctivitis.

Admittedly, you can learn to swim without goggles. However, you'll need to strictly follow certain steps to learn how to do so safely.

Should I Wear Goggles Over or Under My Swim Cap?

If you're participating in a swim meet, wearing your goggles under your swim cap is more aerodynamic.

This also makes your goggles less likely to get pulled off by the force of the water.

But putting it over the cap is fine if you're just casually swimming laps or training for a race. This makes the goggles easy to adjust and take on and off.

Why Do My Swim Goggles Keep Leaking?

Your goggles may be leaking because the straps are too loose or the nose piece isn't firmly in place.

Remember that the faster and more aggressively you swim, the harder it can be for your goggles to stay in place.

If you're still experiencing leaks after you've tightened the straps and tried to adjust the nose pieces, then you should find another pair of swimming goggles.

Can You Get Prescription Swim Goggles?

Yes, you can get prescription goggles — but you'll have more limited options.

Pre-made options range from $10 to $150. However, they might be hard for people with a complex prescription, astigmatism, or a different-strength prescription for each eye.

Fortunately, you can get custom-made lenses, although they can cost anywhere from $200 to $600 and take longer to make.

Despite that, you can customize other aspects of it — so you can end up with polarized anti-fog goggles.

Can I Swim with Just Contact Lenses?

No, swimming with just contacts can damage eye health.

You should remove your contacts before swimming since they shouldn't be exposed to any type of water. Doing so can lead to eye infections like pink eye and acanthamoeba keratitis.

Can I Swim With Contact Lenses Under Goggles?

Yes, you can swim with contact lenses under non-prescription goggles.

However, your goggles must have a good seal to prevent water from getting near your eyes.

On top of that, you shouldn't go underwater or be splashed above water while you're not wearing goggles.

We suggest using daily disposable contact lenses if you want to wear contacts under goggles.

That's because you can toss them away after you're done with your swimming session and just wear a fresh pair next time. This lowers your chances of getting an eye infection.

When Should I Buy New Swimming Goggles?

This depends on various factors — like how often you swim and whether you swim indoors or outdoors. After all, chlorine and the sun can degrade your goggles' materials.

Of course, the best swimming goggles with high-quality materials and features can last longer than cheaper ones.

There's no hard timeline as to when you should change your goggles. But here are some signs that it's time to buy a new pair.

  • The head strap is too stretched out or snaps

  • The lenses are scratched

  • You usually experience fogging

  • The silicone gaskets don't seal well anymore

Can Swimming Goggles Replace Snorkel and Scuba Masks?

No, swimming goggles can't replace snorkel and scuba masks because they aren't designed to be worn much deeper than six feet.

Goggles only seal against the inner or outer areas of your eye sockets. Meanwhile, masks include the nose too.

Remember that the deeper you swim, the greater the pressure is.

Attempting to dive with goggles can cause mild discomfort and extreme pain. You might feel like your eyes are being sucked from your sockets.

Having their noses covered lets divers equalize the pressure in and out of the mask, too.

Snorkelers stay near the surface, but having their noses covered reminds them to breathe through their mouth rather than their nose.

Mask-style goggles are also considered goggles, so don't use them for diving. Instead, these are good for kids or those who want a wide field of vision when swimming in open water.


The best goggles for you should be comfortable and functional for your needs.

You can choose from our tested goggles, but you should still try to research, compare and contrast other options.

Consider factors such as whether you need a polarized lens or just a tinted lens for your outdoor swimming.

Plus if you take good care of your goggles, it might be a long time before you'll have to buy a new pair again!

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