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    by Loretta Race, Swim Writer & Masters Swimmer

    As an avid Masters swimmer, I am always looking for ways to battle the havoc chlorine can wreak on my hair. Combine the chemicals in the pool with my color treatments and frequent blow-drying, and it’s a recipe for perpetually damaged locks.

    Using swimmer-specific shampoos and products is one major way to help reduce the stress swimming can have on your hair for both men and women. There are a variety of products on the market today, each with its own benefits, aimed at making the swim life a happy one -- at least for your hair.

    Here are six products I tested out for recently, in no particular order.

    UltraSwim Chlorine Removal Shampoo - 7 fl oz. ($6.50)

    UltraSwim has nostalgic value for me, since it’s the brand my Swim Mom bought all through my age group days. Its formula is respected and has found its place in the swim bags of both amateur and elite athletes alike for years.

    The shampoo’s formula contains moisturizers, Vitamin E and aloe and is designed to remove chlorine buildup by releasing the chemical bond with hair.

    The product comes out of the bottle as a thin, clear liquid that has a neutral scent appropriate for both men and women. My hair sudsed up nicely and rinsed cleanly and I was able to comb it quickly after exiting the shower.

    The company recommends using UltraSwim Ultra Repair Conditioner for even more moisture and extra healthy looking hair. I like this product, especially because it reminds me of your age group swimming days!

    TRISWIM Shampoo - 8.5 fl oz. ($12.99)

    TRISWIM carries some clout as one of the top-rated Hair & Skin Care products for the U.S. Masters Swimming organization and is also endorsed by the Women’s Olympic U.S. Water Polo Team.

    The ingredients include aloe vera, vitamin A and pro vitamin B5, which combine to moisture, soothe and calm chlorine-ridden hair.

    The product has a gel-like texture and carries an invigorating, citrus-y scent that pleasantly woke me up a bit in the shower. I appreciate how it’s safe to use on my chemically-treated hair and is aimed at eliminating the green tint that can sometimes find its way into blonde-headed swimmers like me.

    A little goes a long way with this product, as just a nickel-sized amount developed into a rich lather on my long hair. My scalp felt nourished after use and I was able to style my hair as usual with nice manageability.

    TRISWIM recommends repeating the shampoo as desired and to follow with TRISWIM conditioner. It’s worth noting that this is among the pricier shampoos of the ones I tested.

    Malibu C Swim Care Team Shampoo - 9 fl oz ($12.00)

    Malibu C features an exclusive sulfate-free, multifunctional surfactant technology that helps protect hair against discoloration and damage from the buildup of pool and spa chemicals, as well as ocean salts. Safe for all hair types, natural UV-inhibitors protect and preserve shine and color.

    The product is clear and its fragrance is in the citrus family, appealing to both males and females. The shampoo worked into a creamy lather and was easy to rinse and I didn’t feel the need to repeat.

    I did have to work my comb through my hair a little more thoroughly on the days I used this shampoo, therefore, I would recommend using the Malibu C Team Conditioner.

    The company also recommends undergoing a monthly, in-salon Malibu MakeOver for severely damaged hair. The brand is also a partner with U.S. Masters Swimming so it’s well known among the Masters Swimming scene.

    Summer Solutions One Step Shampoo/Conditioner - 8 fl oz. ($7.99)

    An affordable option, Summer Solutions One Step combines a chlorine-removal shampoo and moisturizing conditioner in the same bottle. Paraben-free, the formula contains aloe vera, vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5.

    I personally love products that save me time, so combining a shampoo and conditioner into one product is a nice consolidation of steps for me -- especially with my hair! This product smelled more like traditional shampoo, but comes out of the bottle in a mermaid-green color. Kids would especially like the green color just for fun.

    My hair felt soft and smooth once styled after using this shampoo and it’s so helpful having just the one bottle of combined shampoo/conditioner take up less space in my gym locker.

    Reflect H20 Swim Shampoo - 8 fl oz. ($12.99)

    Reflect H20 is another multi-use product, but this one can be used as both a shampoo and body wash. It’s sulfate-free formulation gently removes chlorine, salt and other impurities from your hair, but it can also be used as an invigorated skin wash, courtesy of its flower extract, rice protein and rosemary ingredients.

    The formula itself is very thick, luxuriously creamy that had to really be squeezed out of its tube opening. The little extra effort was worth it, however, as the shampoo smells fresh and clean and coated my hair like a big drink of water.

    I noticed my hair was bouncier and shinier after styling.  also enjoyed this as a body wash, with the Reflect H20 sudsing up nicely in my shower pouf and not drying out my skin, but instead leaving it nicely scented. Might be one to consider for travel due to the combo shampoo/body wash in one bottle. You never know when your accommodations are missing a bar of soap!

    Think Sport Shampoo - 16 fl oz. ($9.99)  *Back In Stock May 2019

    This was my favorite smelling shampoo of the bunch, with the currant grapefruit fragrance coming out as soon as I opened the bottle. This is billed as a general sport shampoo, formulated free of biologically harmful chemicals and touting easy-to-read ingredients.

    Great for everyday use, I found this product lathered up nicely and was thrilled once again to know it could be used as a body wash. That’s one less bottle I have to take to the shower with me at the gym or on the road to a swim meet or for my swim training while traveling. But note that the bottle is a bulky (and generous) size at 16 ounces.

    Although this product does not specifically say it is a chlorine removal shampoo, my hair felt healthy and moisturized after use and I was able to style it with ease.

    Editor’s Note: The Expert Review is a completely independent review of products sold on by outside swim experts to help customers in their purchasing decisions. The opinions are entirely and solely those of the author. Many factors go into the purchase of a product and an expert review should be just one of many.

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    Rob Henson
    1 year ago.
    I used to use UltraSwim, but on more than one occasion the bottle opened in my swim bag covering everything in shampoo. I switched brands to one with a more secure lid.
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