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  • Mar

    TomTom GPS Watch Giveaway!

    Hey Fans,

    Spring is just around the corner and to celebrate warmer weather ahead (we hope!), we are giving away this awesome women’s TomTom Runner GPS Watch with extra large, high-resolution display.

    Keep track of your distance, pace and set running goals!

    To enter, simply tell us your dryland training goals for this spring by leaving a comment below. All comments must be entered by 11:59pm PT on March 20. We’ll pick a random winner on March 21, the first day of spring!

    (NOTE: Only one entry per person per email. Multiple comments from the same email or person will not be included in the drawing) 

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    4 years ago.
    I want to do heart rate training with speed walking.
    5 years ago.
    What won't I do with it? I would wear it for all my runs. It'll be my best friend when training for 5k's, a half marathon, and hopefully get me ready in time for the Chicago marathon. I'm always running, and usually taking trails and different routes. I love exploring, but at the end of the day, I just can't figure out how far I went. I'm usually left with having to google map it, but with a gps watch, I can get to run anywhere.
    Alyssa Verkuilen
    6 years ago.
    My dryland goal for spring is to train for my first half marathon in 2015!
    Cheryl Davis
    6 years ago.
    I want it to train for a marathon!
    6 years ago.
    I want to run a 5K with my best friend, Ezekiel.
    6 years ago.
    I want to run my first 5K!
    6 years ago.
    I want to finally run an 8-minute mile! That was the goal in High School, and I have never been able to do that.
    6 years ago.
    Training to increase my ability to complete a 5150 triathlon by August
    6 years ago.
    I am training currently to run a 5 k after years of back surgeries and being told i wont walk. I would love to take this watch with me for a the start of the new me!
    6 years ago.
    To run 2 miles without stopping.
    Nichole N
    6 years ago.
    I would like to be able to run 20K by this summer!
    6 years ago.
    I am working to run a faster mile this spring!
    6 years ago.
    To do more running!
    Kaleigh O'Connor
    6 years ago.
    I wish to be able to do 30 proper millitary style pushups for my JROTC PT test!
    6 years ago.
    With low back pain. I'm slowly working on increasing walking distance each week for possible 1/2 marathon in Dec 2014.
    Tricia Seiter
    6 years ago.
    Ready for spring, horses to train. Miles of walking, running, and riding to do!
    6 years ago.
    Train for my first half marathon in June! Also continue doing and teaching yoga every day!
    Shelley Thomas
    6 years ago.
    Continue to do my cardio workout 5 days a week and add more strength training
    Rebecca Thomas
    6 years ago.
    Run my first half marathon in June.
    Martin Wildgoose
    6 years ago.
    I'm 61 years old and training for my third Vineman Ironman in July this year. My girlfriend needs a watch to keep her training history while she tries to keep up with me! Her dryland training routine includes morning runs at 6:00am on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays. Mondays and Fridays are swimming with a masters group who do a dryland warm up for ten minutes before each work out. Then the week is wrapped up with a bike ride on weekends, sometimes with a group in OC, other times with a group in Murietta. She has entered the May Wildflower Olympic distance race and besides working as a self employed CPA during the day, she has six kids to mother! Wish her luck, she needs and deserves all she can get.
    Aaron Thompson
    6 years ago.
    Get back to running a 5K
    Madison McGinnis
    6 years ago.
    It would be awesome if I won this as an early birthday present :) . Turning 17 in 18 days!!! ...feelin old :/
    6 years ago.
    more hiking, less sitting ;)
    Tabatha Goughneour
    6 years ago.
    I used to weigh 295 pounds before the Navy and got down to 174 to go to bootcamp, since then it is always a new fitness goal looming around in my head and I plan on losing more weight, running on some trails and biking as well as lifting some weights and possibly finding new trails to hike.
    Amie B.C.
    6 years ago.
    I've assembled a crack team to participate (and kick butt) in the Keys 100 relay race from Key Largo to Key West in May... which while technically spring, is Florida summer. I've also rejoined my womens' triathlon team, and I am training for the NYC Marathon in November... downtime, what's that?!
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